Vimeo Weekend Challenge Winners

Co-directed by Mark Pulaski & Nick Vega

Cinematography/Colorist: Nick Vega

Additional Photography by Mark Pulaski

Audio Recording/Mixing by Marvin Aguado.

PA's: Ricardo Gutierrez & Graham Flatts

Song used from the Vimeo Music Store:
"Cerulean" by The Electric Amygdala (

Visualized from this account of a dream from one of my crew members. With some creative liberties taken, of course.

"I had this dream once. Such a peaceful and serene dream. I was just laying in a field, no, it was by a lake. Yeah, by a lake. And I was like skipping rocks or something. And I think I had my guitar. And I was with someone, not sure who. Maybe Rick. And we were by the lake, but then there was a forest we were going into. Or, I met him in the woods or something. Because then it was just me and there was something changing me. I don't remember what it was, or why it was after me. But right before it could get me, I woke up scared as shit. I think. "


Created for the Weekend Challenge: Vimeo Weekend Challenge

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Vimeo Weekend Challenge Winners

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To this channel go the victors. In other words, the winner of each Weekend Challenge!


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