1. 89,357 Views - The hillarious but highly Rocking Greenhouse Effect Videos from their "Final band meeting" Of November 1992 at El Segundo California's Jet City Sound Studio have been spliced into other G.e clips. Four Songs were shot that night; Three Versions of "White Black Thang', Search and Destroy, Two Versions (Or more) of the Beatles cover version of "Please Please me", ...and ofcourse several for the somewhat uptemp G.e. Rocker "Manipulation". Clark Hagins calls the Video for "Manipulation" his favourite; "We look like we're havin' fun there,..we look silly but one can tell that when we played live - We Rocked,..and we rocked hard,...we were a weird unusual band,..to say the least." Greenhouse Effect exploded in notoriety in 2007 with some of Google Videos Most watched clips World Wide; "Our drummer died in 1999 in a bizarre Gardening accident (Laughs)" says Clark Haggins. Ofcourse Hagins is only kidding as he is referring to hillarious Danish Drummer Palle Carlson , the Denmark Drummer who resembles Spinal Tap's first percussionist in old 1965 black and white clips. "Greenhouse Effect was a World sensation for quite a long time,..we attracted alot of attention and 50,000 Twitter Followers,...I never wanted all the internet fun to end,...but I do see things now finally slowing down in 2010" says Clark Hagins. "We only get about two Million looks a day now,...thats pathetic compared to the kind of business we used to do in 2008." - There are ofcourse no plans for Rock's most watched band to reassemble any time soon and Hagins sees the 1992 demise of the band as just another bizarre mistake from his life's journey; "We were around for like 7 years,...Me and Flipper (Phil Keegan Guitarist) had planned to be the biggest Rock Stars in the musical universe - but it never happened,... ,...until I was like 50 years old (Laughs) " says Haggins. "We watched all those music industry bands like Nirvana and Green Day hit it big while we did things like work in cubes and clean Pools,..its just a damn shame" says Higgins. Hagins says that the tired band eventually grew 'into futility' by late 92' ; "We had all these Great songs and a great live show but we made enemies with all of the biggest wigs in Hollyweird ...there was no way I was ever gonna kiss their arsses - I would clean Swimming Pools before I would do that (Laughs)." Hagins calls the Video for "Manipulation" the absolute Last Hurrah for G.E. ; "The End of the video is hella fucking cool - it looks like Ted is trying to fuck me in the ass and then Palle just picks his nose,.. its pure Lame Rock n roll the way you love it,..it's fuckin' hella cool " ================== 148,037 Views - "Ripping Reason" Comes roaring Out of the speakers with sheer Psychedelic Power !! This Track Sounds so Great in this 'other' version - A 1992 "Remix" by sound studio engineer Bill Krodel in El Segundo California with Clark Hagins. "Ripping Reason" is a personal favorite of mine" says Higgins. "I was trying to make it a 'hit' I remember,...sorta like "Brandy" but it is so much 'more' !! It's not really a hit so-to-speak ,...its just a flat out Good solid song - A Great piece of Songwriting,...and it sounds Great At Jango Radio !! 'Ripping' was recorded in the frantic final days of G.e. and it doesn't rely on gimmicks like punk speed or guitar solos to get by,...it drudges along in pure melody to near abstract rock perfection and brilliance !!! The confused and tortured lyrics make this track a real winner in cyberspace - and a somewhat 'unusual' song for the always quirky G.e. !!!!!!!!! =============== Irie Bob. This 1992 Track is a real Winner for Greenhouse Effect Music Online and in particular at Youtube and GoogleVideo.Com "I started SuperNetCelebrities.Com with Homestead Web hosting who I found through Michael Savage's Website -...to help bands get exposure" says Clark Hagins in 2008. "Its my goal to make sure that Great bands like Los Angeles's Batlord get seen more,....and man, do I ever get them seen - ALOT". IRIE BOB IS THE Pixies-Like 60's Stooges Like track that appears as the second song on the 1995 "Fountain Weird CD" available at itunes and CD Baby. "The Song was originally entitled 'Yuri-Bawb' says Clark Higgins; "But when I suddenly saw the Red CD out of the boxes that day - In October of 1994 from Rainbow Records in Los Angeles - ,...I was horrified to see that they called the Song "Irie Bob",..I just laughed in horror because the CD was all printed and all done !! And it seemed to be promoting all that 420 Marijuana culture cliche crap,....'Something I personally never wanted any part of in my life,....but now after 17 years,..the name has stuck,...and sometimes people email me,..thinking that I am this pot-head,..because I wrote Irie Bob by G.e. !!! (Laughs) - IRIE BOB Has become a cult classic of G.e. lore what with it's annoying repetition, distorted bassline, fuzzy guitars (Which Haggins feel need to be turned up more in the final mix), and meandering lyrics and singing which yappily tell the story of a guy who "has been too apathetic,...and thus finally 'approached Gold thats gleaming"....all in a 4/4 beat of some of Hagins' best dance beat drumming. This 1992 pop emo song would certainly influence the likes of Beck, Weezer, and others; "When 'Irie' was all done and recorded, I just loved the whole 'feel' of this little tune,..it was so built around it's beat and chorus,....Recording Engineer Bill Krodel did an incredible great job at Jet City Sound Studios in El Segundo,....I played all the instruments on this thing myself ,..except then, I got Billy to come in and add these keyboards,..which today - turn out to be the 'key' as to why this song is so killer !! I would direct Billy on which sound to implement on the synth,....all the keyboards were always my call with G.e. - though there are many in the South Bay today who try to say that Billy did everything for me,...thats NOT true at all,...Bill Krodel let bands do their own thang,...though he did put in alot of input,...I always had the final calls,...the silly 1960's keyboards here were entirely my doing,....I dreamed up all my songs,...my songs are good ,..not because of alcohol or drugs like many in the South Bay try to say,...they are good songs simply because I am creative,..and I have been since i was four years old when I drew all those 'paintings' at 251,..." Irie Bob, Like all G.e. material Would be rejected by the Program directors at KROQ back in it's day; "Well,..I would painstakenly try to set up appointments with KROQ Radio Fm programming way back then and they would just say that my songs suck,....I would give them all my tapes,...and nothing would happen,...I would follow up and call back but it was pointless,...thats just the way it is in music industry - even way back then in 1992 and 94',....you simply 'had' to have some kind of major label affiliation in order to achieve FM Airplay,...so thus, songs like IRIE BOB and BRANDY,....NEVER saw their potential back in their day,....I couldn't do it all alone,....nevermind the fact that I had all the shit goin' on with Bam Magazine and all. Today, IRIE BOB has racked up Great 'views' numbers at Google, Mefeedia, and other websites as it is simply one of cyberspace's catchyest little secrets. - Originally Recorded September - November 1992 and Appears as part of the 1992 "Big Teen Dollar$" album cd. Produced By Clark Hagins and Bill Krodel. Greenhouse Effect Photos - ?µe???? ???s??? Rock s?????t?µa "fa???µe?? t?? ?e?µ???p???" t?a???d?a.Description199,403 Views - ?µe???? ???s??? Rock s?????t?µa "fa???µe?? t?? ?e?µ???p???" t?a???d?a. - "Misogynistia" is the Great Song that is heard thousands of times a day in 2007 for G.e. - This August 1992 Song was recorded right around the same day as "Five Years" (Which sounds nothing like Miso) and the epic classic "Addicted". These Songs would compile the September 1992 "Big Teen Dollar$" CD that Clark Hagins Would issue through Massachusett's Label "Rock City Records' as well as on sale locally in Redondo Beach at Goboy Records and Mark Theodore's Alternative Groove Store in Hermosa Beach. "BIG TEEN DOLLAR$" Would be recorded in Early September 92' with Sound Recording Engineer Of the South Bay Bill Krodel at Jet City Sound Studio in El Segundo Ca. "BTD" Would be a cultural and Lyrical triumph for Haggins as he belittled and attacked Music industry Standard Barers from Kurt Cobain to Henry Rollins to Sammy Hagar to Def Leppard and Bon Jovi too; "BTD" is definitely one of my favorite songs ,..just for how silly and retardedly angry and ironic it is" says Hagins. "Misogynistia is like the anti-dote to BTD,...IT IS just like such a cheesey confused song from 1973 by the Who or Chicago ,..or maybe 80's-like Duran,...the Song is so serious where-as BTD is absolutely toungue n cheek and DEFINITELY 'NOT' !!"......"Writing Sarcastic funny songs from "Star" to "Ben is dead" to "Hey Negrita" in early 91' had prepared me for some of my ultimate Songwriter moments,...and these would be among my final recordings as I had run out of money by late 92" Says Higgins - "Waiting 4 Your Love 2 Fail!" explodes with brutal anger, punk speed, angry passion, technical guitar and drumming and plenty of Angst from the World's Most watched band; Redondo Beach California's Powerful Greenhouse Efect !!!!! Guitarist Phil Keegan (Dr. Phil) blazes a revolutionary hard rock guitar path here that no other band after the Mighty G.e. could quite copy or capture (Nevermind keep up with !!) .... Clark Hagins pours every ounce of his tortured angry soul into the chilling lyrics and bassist Rick Carmody hangs on for the ride !! - "So Much Better" or Simply "Better" is an 'ahead of it's time' G.e. Song From November 1992 that would also effectively function as quite possibly the last ever idea that Greenhouse Effect and Clark Hagins would ever record. "The Bam Magazine Scandal devestated our band, ruined my concerts, and shook our group's confidence to the core,...Our bassist Rick Carmody left and soon joined up with the South Bay Redondo Beach Punk band 'The One Handed Readers' says Clark Higgins in January 2010 from his offices in San Diego's "North County' where today he is a full-time Swimming Pool cleaner,...a job that Hagins says 'pays the bills' in the household with just him and his wife; "My life is nothing today,...People say that back in the 90's I shoulda been a huge Star,...after G.e. flamed out,...I turned more and more to alcohol and by 95',...I felt my life was technically "Over" up there in Bel Air ,..where I was a Professional Landscaper,...people and other organized bands would still call me, wondering if G.e. was ever coming back,..or if I was ever gonna start throwing concerts again,...but I couldn't get my psyche into it,...in 96'..i took my Swimming Pool cleaning job with A To Z Pool and Spa in Torrance Ca,..when I moved back down there to the South Bay, ..thats when I knew music for me was over,...I tried to get some people into my shit or to help me but no one would,..nobody cared,...I financed the Rock Opera "White Suburban Liar$" all by myself in 95',...'put it on sale at GoBoy in Redondo,...but I was 30 years old and not in an active playing band,..man, ..it was over,...I couldn't do it without Carmody,..atleast I knew I had to have him there". - Today, Greenhouse Effect explode on the internet (and at itunes) with their old tracks like 1991's "Brandy" but Hagins calls the scene of music today "almost pointless". "You got bands like Green Day and Foo Fighters and all their songs sound the same,..they are completely boring people who have never suffered or been picked on in their lives,...they are robotic and their music reflects this,...Dave Grohl is like some jock on a football team,...that guy is 'NOT' Rock n roll at all,..yet today, he passes for like as if he is Great like Pete Townshend and the Who or Zeppelin or something,...its disgusting,..People today are so fucking stupid and addicted to drugs and video games,...they don't know shit about fucking piss ass nothing !! Music sucks now,..and thats all there is to it,..I think Rap music is pathetic....People hear my music,..and suddenly, they hear a trully fucked up person who is 'really authentically' fucked up,...thats why I work with a large World audience,...people will never understand what i went through as a child,....but when you hear Greenhouse Effect music,...you suddenly hear it all crystal clear !! I'm a Great drummer and a great guitarist who 'got that way' because I had no friends,...I had nothing else to do,...I didn't fucking learn shit in a book like Dave Grohl,....that guy is not the last of 8 kids,...fuck that guy,..he doesn't know shit about shit !!" Hagins says that his number one goal and desire would be to see Barack Obama impeached from Office; "If me and my music can play a small part in getting Democrats un-elected,..and getting people out there to 'learn' about rightwing politics,..and to stop voting for these assholes,..then that is Great and more power to 'THAT',...DEMOCRATS ARE ELITEST TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO RAISE TAXES AND STEAL YER MONEY,...I'm not saying Republicans are all that much better or different,...but they are definitely the lesser of two evils,.....I think that drugs are one of the most serious evils of our Western culture,...We need tougher laws to stop people from using them,...People get high on weed and then they simply naturally are gonna vote for evils and snobs like Your typical Democrat type person,...'when I hear some fucker in a suit and tie say that he wants to 'help' people out there,...well, to me,...that is an immediate code RED FLAG word for he wants to 'rule' and be bigger, more important, and better - 'OVER' the people,...!! Because he is an insecure piece of shit !! Used car salesman,..and ,..like some Leo mother-fucker,...he naturally knows how to get over on people,....I DON'T WANT ANYONE FUCKING HELPING ME,....I HELP MYSELF THANK YOU !!" Hagins says that people need to get 'properly educated' and learn to stop voting for socialist minded individuals at all cost. "I practically virtually feel that we need to "Outlaw" people from saying that they are running for office because 'they want to help people - FUCK THAT,...THEY TAKE THE POWER AND CREATIVITY 'AWAY' from the individual - thats what they are really trying to do - period - THEY ARE TYRANTS IN SUITS !!" ============================ In September 2009, Greenhouse Effect achieved a very important personal goal for Los Angeles Top Musician Clark Hagins. The Goal you ask ?? 10,000 Twitter Followers. "We got our 10,000th Twitter follower at One of our many Twitter accounts, but in reality, We really have over 63,000 Followers because we have like 33 different accounts,...its hard work" says Hagins. The pressure is always on Haggins because he is probobly Los Angeles's "Most seen" musician along with his other bandmates Bassist Rick Carmody and others as his band is always loaded at the very tops of all search engines with the Net's Top tracks of indie music from "Brandy" to the classic "22nd Street" and "Coke Snortin' Love Boyz". "We get seen alot - way more than any other band,...its attracted the attention of several Cable TV Networks,..among them Halogen and others,...People want us to go do a brand new album but I am now nearly 50 years old and I am a swimming Pool cleaner kinda stuck in 'that' life,..I doubt seriously today that I could pull off another song like "Brandy" in the studio although I am very intrigued by this new idea for "The Famous on TV",...thats this new track I've been fuckin' around with..." Hagins says that the Potential for the Halogen Tv Show could produce a windfall of itunes mp3 music sales for G.e. that the band badly needs; "Well,..My wife and I ,..we watch alot of Halogen Tv here with our new Cable Company Time Warner Cable in San Diego's North County,..I could really improve their Tv network,..it needs to be more gritty and hip and there is nothing more hip online with people than G.e." 10,000 Twitter Followers isn't a small thing in an era where some of Mtv's biggest Hip Hop artists only have 900 or so; "We are a big band online,...we are like this huge phenomenon where websites and businesses fight to link and exchange with us or just be word associated with us,...you know yer big when even porn wants to be near you" says Hagins. "I've been tryin' to convince Halogen Tv to let me do it all my way and let me be 100% completely in charge of my project,...They will get big ratings if they listen to me" says Higgins. - Guitarist Clark Haggins Blogs about his band's ability to get 'heard' on the Web and the importance of Jango Internet Radio and other Web Radios such as Pandora. "The key to something Like Jango.Radio or Last.Fm, Pandora, and all these is ya gotta have good songs first and foremost,.....if yer Songs suck, then its really not gonna matter what you do. You gotta have a good recording too. If you have a song or a demo that sounds like a piece of shit,...then Jango and alot of these are probobly not gonna wanna play it,...and even if they did,...a potential new "Fan" or Twitter follower is probobly gonna wanna change the channel,..just like a TV...." - For many consecutive years, the Greenhouse Effect Song "Brandy" (and other songs of theirs) have been able to fight their way to the tops of search engines and into constant rotation at Jango and Pandora. "Our Song sells itself,...because it's a great song,..we got lucky there when we wrote that one,...alot of people say that it doesn't even sound like a typical Greenhouse Effect Song,...but then again,..what does ??" says Hagins. "I would recommend at Jango, if yer an artist there,...don't let people just 'play' yer song at yer profile,..instead rather,..let them "add" it,...that way , you will get into more playlists and stations,..you will become 'preferred' more,...it will add up to ALOT of Airplay" Hagins and the band's Management Team say that "Brandy" is responsible for "about 75%" of G.e's success in cyberspace. "We are known primarily for one song,...but we got other good tunes,..its not like we're a complete one hit wonder on here,...When people see me in the street, they always comment on Brandy but some have said it's really not our best Song in reality,..but it 'is' the one that the web seems to like and that Jango and Pandora seem to 'use' to get listeners to their network sites,....I would advise bands to stick firmly with just one indie radio site,...Jango is the biggest and the best,..it is sorta like a version of Myspace or Youtube in it's own rite,...Pandora forces you to 'mail them' a cd and as we all in bands know - 'that' is a big hassel,....at Jango,...you just upload songs,..its easy,...its sorta like i-sound or Sound.cloud ,..or one of those,...all of those millions of little 'indie' so called web radio sites are sorta a waste of time,....yer better off just sticking at Jango,...if you get into a zillion different little sites - and i mean places like Echoboost,..well,..if you got alot'a money sittin' around to burn ,...then maybe,...but i think it's more likely that you'll just go insane at night,....just get yer band onto Jango Radio,...and stick with one -'that' one !!" Haggins says that Last.FM has in recent years become kind of a hassel. "I used to love LAST.FM but they mix bands profiles together and they do some weird shit,..i admit that i rarely go there really anymore,...there and Pandora"... - Hagins says that if You are an indie band that the odds of getting on to a Real Fm dial Radio Station like KROQ FM or KLOS FM In Los Angeles are at best slim to none. "Alot of those so called 'real' radio stations are just shills for the Record Labels , lawyers, and Hollywood,..theres alot of shady shit goin' on where there are back room 'pay offs and payola' no better than back in the 60's,...I'm sorry but thats just the way it is and reality.....it would be great if you can manage to get your band played on them,...but you probobly gotta be on some major label or lndie label that gets big cred and respect,...but i would say that a good band that likes it's own independent sound and image would have to adapt and change too much,....and that can be a bad thing,...all in the name of airplay,..its not worth it ,...but....theres really Great good news though now !! - These days in 2009 and 2010, the ratings for real FM Dial Radios have really fallen,...infact many of them are struggling to stay afloat and are going off the air too ... ,..EVERYDAY,.....THE REALITY IS now, more people listen to Jango Radio than they do listen to a station like say KROQ FM,....ALOT of new bands are really gettin' discovered and getting their sound 'out-there",....I would say that technically, its probobly more important to have a hit song at Jango than at KLOS, POWER 106, or Kroq FM,....because now, nobody is listening to those three anymore,...not nearly as much anyway,...the web has taken over,..as a vehicle,...plus things like Talk Radio on the AM DIAL in people's cars - Stuff Like Michael Savage and Hannity,....nevermind the fact that alot of today's pop music sucks,..I mean just watch the Grammys if ya don't believe me,...it all sounds the same and it's boring,...things like Rap music have been a God-send to guys like me,...people get sick of Rap and they listen to Songs like Brandy by Greenhouse Effect - So it all works out well" ---------- "22nd Street" is the Soaring classic from G.e's 1991 epic cd "Going Legit" which was an album Simply recorded by Haggins and Bassist Rick Carmody alone in the studio; "They Shoulda just signed me long ago" says Hagins "Now,..I'm one pissed off hombre,......I won't stop until i take over EVERYTHING,.....I see my Google Stats n shit at Webilizers,...I get big plays,...it gives me alotta fuckin' confidence,....I know I got good shit" - Rock City Productions Pro Management SuperNetCelebrities.Com ============== "Big TEEN Dollar$" is the Hillariously ironic Song and anthem from August 1992 that Clark Hagins wrote over the long hot 92' summer while mowing lawns "up in Bel Air" and "talking to himself" for inspiration and "coaching"; "Bel Air was a very beautiful place,...I worked for this wealthy Arab at Owlwood Estates - thats where Tony Curtis and Sony and Cher once lived,....and Jane Mansfield lived next door at the big "Pink House" on Carolwood,...at the time, Englebert Humperdink lived there next door,....and Marylin Monroe once lived in our Dog House,..where we kept the German sheperds,...Molly, Marko, and Midnight,....Some people suggested that her ghost was in there (Laughs),....I remember those beautiful hot Beverly Hills afternoons and drinking my 40 of beer....I don't drink now though,..i'm 45 years old,..." - Backing Vocals ; Jeff Crisfield, Bill Krodel, Mark Nathanson - Remainder; Clark Hagins. Idea for Song conceived in Redondo Beach at 251. Lyrics @ LyricsMode.Com - SuperNetCelebrities.Com ===================== Hagins admits that websites Like Blip Tv allow Over-self indulgent bloggers like himself to fully 'create' their own arenas and that unlimited blogging spaces are a Heaven ; "Vimeo and BlipTV are awesome incredible things,....I can really vent my spleen thoroughly,...and ofcourse many people read,..and thats the goal,...to get them reading,..then they go to my other sites, ..or Youtubes,...and then they go to itunes,..and they buy,....the bottom line is they get interested in me and my music,...and they get to read alot,...it gets them more intelligent,...its way MORE educational than a video game,....Video games are something that Democrats cooked up so you will just sit there and be a moron and smoke pot and be a fucking idiot,....and thats how people like Barack Obama and other Democrats get voters,...they create their own pool of morons THAT THEY CAN EASILY CONTROL,.....I would prefer to get the intelligent, more informed votes of hard working American people ,...People like electricians and or Swimming Pool People,...they tend to be way more informed and intelligent because alot of them listen to Dr. Michael Savage in their trucks during the day as they work - Him and Mark Levin talk radio too." - "Wilson Phillips" comes barrelling out of the Speakers as a heavy Black Sabbath like G.e. Anthem of hard rock. "Ted told me on the phone one day about 1995 that he thought that 'newer G.e.' wasn't as heavy and was too "Happy",...man,...I guess he was referring to stuff like "Addicted" and "Irie Bob"..., i just fuckin' laughed at that shit,...I think Ted just started to smoke too much pot and it fried his head !! Clark Hagins blogs that his 'ideas' for society and his ability to 'copy and re-paste entire blogs elsewhere' is as important as the music itself ; "Shit like Tubemogul can be awesome,....Everybody knows that I don't do all this writin' shit so much for the music,..infact, I really don't even give a rat's ass about the music so much as I care about getting my politics and society philosophies across to the general public,.....Greenhouse Effect was always about being political,....We were good irish boys who went to church and who had fears,....but then others in the world would come and try to corrupt us,...and try to make us be like everybody else - to conform,....I say ; fuck that,....I keep the same shit that I was at 16 and 23 today still at 44; I am an old fashioned conservative - what-ever that means,....I'm against abortion and Gay marriage and legalizing or promoting lame drugs that I know destroy great minds,...you can write better shit whilst sober !! I listen to Michael Savage,...and if people don't like it,..then what the fuck,...they can suck my cock" - Tags - tagcloud, asher roth, politics, lil wayne, eminem, asher roth, susan, mel gibson, brandy, wayne gretzky, kroq most played, paramore, muse, radiohead, tom delonge, weezer, pork, hole tour, hip hop, bmo, brandy, lmfao, sky blu fox, cnn, smokey robinson, michael savage radio ------------ ============ The exciting Greenhouse Effect are the New "Nirvana" of the internet for these times of the new millineum of 2008, 09, and 2010 !! Great Songs that evoke melody of the 1960's and bands like the Mersey Beats to the Sounds of the 70's and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer to Zeppelin !! High Melody is always G.e's aim !! This little Redondo Beach three piece band has spread their music all around the World like no other band in History !! They use a tight mix of Jango Radio constant Airplay, Pandora Radio attack with the classic "Brandy", and millions of constantly running Google Videos and Twitters !! Virtually every person you know HAS SEEN A G.E. VIDEO and probobly Downloaded it !! Clark Hagins considers himself every bit as much a "Politician" as a Great musician; "I can see why all these Arab Countries hate the west and the United States in a way sorta... - They don't want our shit in their countries !! We despicably take our freedoms for Granted and we abuse and take libertys wrongly,.....Hollywood is a buncha fucking Liberal scumbags,....But Thank God, Our Country is on the right track now,....We have won three key races in a row in Late 2009 and here in 2010,....We won in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts and even though this Scott Brown character just seems like another RINO,....I will still choose 'that' over the Obama-Liberal Martha WTF her name is !! Thank God Almighty that we won that Massachusetts one - that was critical !! I am certain that the angry things that I write definitely play a role with the TeaParty Protesters,...THEY READ MY SHIT - THEY'VE BEEN READING IT FOR YEARS !!,......NOT ALL MUSICIANS are Liberals,...Some of us listen to Dr. Michael Savage and Mark Leven Talk Radio,....We are informed,....but we already 'knew' from the beginning,....I've been a conservative from birth ,...probobly because I am a Taurus born April 27,.....people say that I am crazy - and I fucking AM !! BUT I know that music is the key,....it takes beautiful music to get people to the ballot booth and pull the lever !!! As the unofficial "Leader" of the Tea Party movement, Hagins blogs are often caustic, terrifying, angry reading - but effective. "People used to pick on me,..back in the South Bay and I figured it out,...it was 'Liberals' that WE'RE PICKING ON ME,.....tryin' to say how I'm so "close-minded" when all along it's THEM who is really that... Liberal Pot-heads and People who sit around listening to Rap and playing Video Games who DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING - 'THEY' ARE THE ONES who are always putting other people down,...and usually because they are insecure Gealous Motherfuckers who got no TALENT - ATLEAST NOT LIKE ME !! " ========= Tags ; tags, tagcloud, asher roth, politics, lil wayne, eminem, asher roth, susan, mel gibson, brandy, wayne gretzky, kroq most played, paramore, muse, radiohead, tom delonge, weezer, pork, hole tour, hip hop, bmo, brandy, lmfao, sky blu fox, cnn, smokey robinson, michael savage radio

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