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  2. Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea

    II Timothy 2:1-13

    Father, let this be the hour when the life of the original nature that man possessed before the fall is thrust into us. Please allow us to become the altar of life where Your love overflows. Allow us now to feel this wall of death with our minds and bodies. Father, I pray from the depth of my heart that we can receive the grace of resurrection in this way and by building the glorious altar, go before all the dispersed altars with a new candle lit in our hands.

    Is there anyone who was inflicted with wounds in his or her heart? Please show them compassion. Is there some trace in one's body where Satan used to clutch? Please cleanse them. Father of love, I wish and hope earnestly that on account of that cleansing and/or compassion, they can restore their original hyung-sang from before the fall. (Note: Hyung Sang - A Korean term that can be translated roughly as "external form or shape." This term is explained in the first chapter of the Divine Principle, "The Principles of Creation.")

    Father, please appear before us with the words of power. Please reshape our whole being. Beloved Father, we desire from the bottom of our hearts that You will allow the miracle of recreation. You have called upon each of us in this difficult environment, so we will now cross over this path of ordeals and tribulations. The time has come when we must offer the song of victory on the actual battle ground. Father, please increase our strengths, multiply our power, and come before us with the power of resurrection.

    Grant liberation to the souls who have been imprisoned in the darkness. Please resurrect them with the fire of hope. My Father, I pray with utmost sincerity that You may bestow Your fire of life, which can light up the garden of truth, the path of which is blocked. Light up this world where evil governs and the grounds of the bitterness of the Father have existed for over 6,000 years.

    We understand that the new history begins with the Father as the center. We also know the historical fact that if humankind does not set the standard of history in Heaven, then it cannot be a comprehensive standard of history

    Father! Since You have put us in this position, please allow us to build a new history and please groom us as the Heavenly soldiers of the new era. Bestow upon us the grace to construct a new garden and return the glory of bliss to the Father. Beloved Father, I offer this wish from the depth of my heart.

    We have broken through the walls of conflict and have come seeking the same path that the prophets and sages once walked. We have embarked upon a path from which we can never return. We know that the time has come when we must fight with independence and audacity and head toward a single goal. Please guide us to pour out the last drop of our energy, to make a resolute decision and stand on the front line facing Satan. Let us become the soldiers of Heaven who can raise the flag before anyone else and march against Satan. Father, please take in the current altar of conflict as a triumphant altar. Until You can control it as Your altar of peace and glory Father, please protect our path and sanctify our dwelling place. Father, please lead us to erect the white flag of joyful victory before this Korean people and the 2.4 billion people comprising humanity Father, although we are small in number, these members have united our hearts and gathered here to he intoxicated in Your love. Hence, even for this hour, please allow us to be immersed in Your concealed love.

    Divulge the work of Heaven's love and truth, which has been hidden for 6,000 years, and unfold the miracle of resurrection. Please allow us to become liberated from our minds and bodies and become the Father's true sons and daughters. Father, we desire from our deepest hearts that You will raise us as children who can reciprocate with You and serve You with the honor of victory This day is a glorious day Please manifest Your powers before these altars, those who have gathered here representing the thirty million Korean people. Please let Your works be manifested. If there are altars without life, then please manifest the miracle of life. Regardless of time, environment and place, Father, please let Your work unfold.

    Give rise to the beacon of life that has been fast asleep. Please allow it to step forward holding a banner of new life on the grounds of conscientious children, children who follow the Father. Beloved Father, I pray earnestly that there will come forth many children who can safeguard hidden altars.

    We have gathered here so, Father, please sanctify our souls. If there is any self-centered concept or sinful element, the dark root that impedes chastity then please appear before us as the work of the Holy Spirit that resembles the flame of the Father, and guide us forward. Father, this is our most sincere wish.

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  3. Jesus Christ the Pride of God May 16 1956

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  4. Song of the Garden

    The Lord into His garden comes;
    The spices yield a rich perfume;
    The lilies grow and thrive, the lilies grow and thrive.
    Refreshing showers of grace divine,
    From the Father flow to every vine,
    And make the dead revive, and make the dead revive.

    Oh that this dry and barren ground
    In springs of water may abound;
    A fruitful soil become, a fruitful soil become.
    The desert blossoms as the rose,
    When the Saviour conquers all his foes,
    And makes His people one, and makes His people one.

    Come brethren you that love the Lord,
    And taste the sweetness of His word;
    In Father's ways go on, in Father's ways go on,
    Our trouble and our trials here,
    Will only make us richer there,
    When we arrive at home, when we arrive at home.

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  5. ☆ 절대사랑
    God's day .85
    .midnight prayer

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