GRANDER Water Revitalization

  1. German company “ISO-TECH Kunststoff GmbH” is producing thermal plastic parts in North Rhine-Westphalia.
    Jörg Bengfort in his function as vicarious factory manager tells us, that machines often had breakdowns caused by deposits in the cooling systems that even led to whole shutdowns of the entire production. The maintenance took up to 48 hours before they could start producing again.

    Then they heard about GRANDER Revitalization Devices and installed them. Now, after 8 years without any maintenance or service on the GRANDER unit, Mr. Bengfort is pleased about stabilized cooling water with about 99% less germs!

    Many industrial companies worldwide are using GRANDER water revitalizing devices to improve their production. Click here to read some references:

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  2. Signe Reisch is president of the toursim association of Kitzbühel and manager of “Hotel Rasmushof” next to world famous ski-racing track “Hahnenkamm” in Tyrol, Austria.

    In this short video she describes all the advantages of using a GRANDER Water Revitalisation Unit in her hotel. The cleaning staff could reduce the consumption of detergents and the lime in the machines and water pipes also decreased. Another positive aspect is that the indoor swimming pool does not need that much chemical additions anymore - guests like the soft feeling of the water on their skin and it also pays off financially.

    Visit our website to read more about many hotels worldwide offering GRANDER Water to their guests:

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  3. Sylvia and Hannes Brucker are running „Holiday House Brucker“ at Kochel am See, in Bavaria.

    About 8 years ago they had issues with dirty water pipes in their guest house. A plumber came and suggested installing a GRANDER device. At first, the couple was very doubtful but now the water pipes are free again and contain clear water – even after 8 years without any maintenance!

    Sylvia also noticed that she was able to reduce the washing powder to the half and she even quit using fabric softener. She also uses less fertilizer when caring her plants and herbs.

    Read more references and reviews about GRANDER devices being used in tourism branch:

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  4. Sigrune Essenpreis and Thomas A. Nickels are the managers of „Country Inn Paulus“ (german: Landgasthof Paulus) in german region Saarland.

    In their restaurant they want to serve best quality – that’s why they offer GRANDER Water. Mr. Nickels often does tastings with guests. All of the guests prefer the revitalized water – although they have their eyes covered. Additionally the managers noticed that the herbs last longer after picking them from the garden and washing them with GRANDER water.

    Visit our website to read more about international restaurants offering GRANDER Water:

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  5. Welcome to the household of Gronbach family from Munich, Germany. They installed a GRANDER device about 8 years ago into their main water pipe at home and it changed the drinking behaviour of the entire family! Even the kids prefer revitalised water instead of drinking juice – and they fill up bottles with GRANDER water for school.

    Mrs. Gronbach also reported that she quit using hand lotion after washing her hands at home and her daughters love taking a bath because the revitalised water feels much softer on their skins. Another pleasant benefit is, that the calcification from the electric kettle decreased. Now the lime does not have to be removed that often anymore.

    Click here to read more about other references by private and general users of GRANDER water revitalisation units:

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GRANDER Water Revitalization

GRANDER® Wasserbelebung

GRANDER® Water Revitalization has successfully been in use around the world for more than 30 years now in all areas, in which water flows, is consumed and used the benefits of this technology are clearly noticed.

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