1. Since my first Trogear rigging video in 2017 there have been a few changes. This video updates those changes, and shows what I found worked well.

    With a new boat on the way I will be back solving this problem again, and have a few additional ideas. So keep checking back.

    Enjoy the video and see you soon.

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  2. This episode is two parts in one video. Trekking is something John and I have been doing for years, so I thought I would bring it a bit to light. A great way to get back to the love of sailing.

    Also there is a basic, but worth going over spinnaker peel. Not the best time I did it, but the time I had the camera on. Most of them seem to be at night. I hope walking through the steps would be worthwhile.

    Hunt for next boat has been taking up time each week. Know what we want just need to find it. More once the deal is sealed. I don't like to jinxing it before it is done. In addition I have Kincora back for two weeks as the final part of the sale to Rand.

    Hope you enjoy how we get back to basics of shorthanded sailing, and how I a do a simple peel.

    See you soon, Paul

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  3. With the crazy fast pace, out of control world we live in, the Holiday Season is a time to reflect, enjoy family, and celebrate all that we can be thankful for in our lives.

    So I updated my Christmas Video to take you on a fun 90 second holiday ride.

    Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    See you soon, Paul

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  4. This is a question I get often: “how can I depower quickly and safely?”  Let me go through though the method I have successfully used with many types of boats.

    A few items you will need for this method.

    A good pilot
    All mainsheet controls easy to use from the steering position.
    Mainsail slide system (this will not work with just bolt rope). 
    Continuous reefing lines Jammers for halyard and reef lines,

    Biggest problem I see shorthanded is we don’t reef early, or often enough. I tell my self this all
    the time. An analogy I use is riding bikes. I love road and mountain biking. When you approach a hill, do you push the big gear hard, downshift late, and find you having to catch up the next few rotations. The most efficient way is to stay at the same cadence, shift often, shift early, and use all your gears to stay efficient. This is the
    same with reefing.

    As soon as I feel the main luff going light, when I am maxed on backstay, cunningham, and traveler is down. I need to reef, and in a lot of circumstance it should be sooner.

    Even though I practice this all the time, I still go through all the steps in my head before I start.

    1. Main off to remove all the load

    2. Vang off

    3. Halyard down to the mark as I pull reef line slack in other hand.

    4. Jam halyard

    5. Reef line on winch, and crank to mark keeping an eye of foot so it lays properly on boom.

    6. Main on

    7. Vang on

    8. Clean up

    With practice using continues reef lines, I can reef in less then a minute each time.  To pullout the reef is the same sequence in reverse.  You can still do this in less then a minute, if you have great position over the winch when cranking the main halyard back up to the mark.  When reefing the load is easier, since the load is so light I do 95% of it by hand.  Remember the tack and clew are each 2:1.  Even if you have a 2:1 main halyard which I always like, you are still pulling the luffing sail up.

    Hope this helps you set up your boat for fast reefing, and makes your shorthanded sailing more enjoyable.

    If you have any questions or comment, please contact me. 

    Thank you for being a valued subscriber, and happy December.

    See you soon, Paul

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  5. Hard to believe this is the 48th episode, and third year of, In and Out of the Boat Shop. It has been a fun ride, and I plan on going on for years. Thanks to all of you for viewing, and contacting me about shorthanded sailing.

    Episode 48 is a fun show, going over what I learned foiling this year, with some nice POV b-roll. I also discuss new projects, future shorthanded sailing, and specials.

    I hope you enjoy the show, and as always contact me through the site, or send me an email if you have any questions.

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In and OUT of The Boat Shop Series

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In The Boat Shop Series is a show on how to sail singlehanded, install gear, repair and fix parts, build custom parts, designing custom parts, tips & tricks, and routine maintenance for shorthanded sailing.

All videos are scripted, filmed, edited,…

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In The Boat Shop Series is a show on how to sail singlehanded, install gear, repair and fix parts, build custom parts, designing custom parts, tips & tricks, and routine maintenance for shorthanded sailing.

All videos are scripted, filmed, edited, and produced by Paul Cronin.

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