1. Richard Lico
    Animation Director: Polyarc
    Former Principal Animator: Bungie

    Here's my latest animation show reel, including my latest work from Destiny. The majority of the animation is keyframe, but I'll clarify more in my breakdown listed below. Destiny represents the last 4 years of my career. It was a massive undertaking by all, and I'm extremely proud to have been, and still be a part of Bungie and the team we have. I'd like to send a special thanks for the animation team. An amazing group of people with passion, talent, and drive. It's been a pleasure working along side you all.

    I was the Animation lead for the player, vehicles, and animation technology. Along with creating a large portion of Destiny's player content, I had the pleasure of working closely with our sandbox design, and engineering teams to help make Destiny look and feel as solid as we could make it. Try it out and let me know what you think!


    1) Destiny prototype footage - the first two clips were made to help inspire and inform the team at Bungie to what Destiny could look like. This was made back in 2010. The fallen characters are all keyframe (no mocap) performances. The cape on the fallen was keyframe as well (no dynamic sim), because I wanted to control the silhouette. The cape needed to be a part of his performance. The humans are unaltered mocap of me in the spandex. My focus was on defining the fallen here, so that's where my time went.

    2) Destiny gameplay renders - the casual walks each use 5 different navigation samples, 2 of which are heavily edited mocap (walk & run slow). The dance is mocap captured from a professional dance studio, and keyframe edited. The rest of the animation in this section is keyframe work. The sword melee attacks were initially done by Chris Cox, but he unfortunately didn't have a chance to close them out, so I started fresh and made new ones, which you see here. Check out Chris's reel for his prototype melee anims.

    3) Destiny gameplay montage - I was the player, vehicles, and animation technology lead, which was an honor. We had/have a killer team who all did great work. Here, you can see my direct contribution in-game. I did the majority of the 3rd person player, including the supers, navigation, jumps, etc... I did some work on the 1st person player, including reloads for the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, as well as sprint slides. David Helsby and Matt Kelly were the other player animators, and did an amazing job! Go look them up.

    I also helped out combatants with system definition, and the occasional animation, such as the thrall navs, cabal navs, fallen nav polish, etc....

    4) Halo Reach - I was the animation lead. I helped define systems, direct the team, and purchased our mocap studio. Here's a sampling of some of my work. This is all keyframe animation.

    5) Body Mechanics Practice - This is all keyframe, no mocap. You can see my reference in the top left of the screen. After Reach, and before we started Destiny, I ran a 1 week-long body mechanics workshop for the team, which I participated in. Here are my results. We kept the mesh super basic so we could focus on only how the body moves.

    6) Condemned 1 & 2 - I was the animation lead for monolith making the Condemned games. This is a sampling of my keyframe and mocap work. If it was possible to capture mocap for a clip, we used it, so some of the physically possible clips are heavily edited mocap. Obviously, things like the tarman, bear, baby, & tv smash couldn't be. It was a pleasure working at Monolith. What a great studio who makes amazing games. The work here is still some of my favorite on my reel.

    7) iAnimate.net class demonstrations - on occasion, I teach a class at ianimate.net. It's not often, but when I do, part of how I teach is by animating in front of the class as they ask questions. The first two clips were made live in class. The girl running was made offline and dissected in class.

    8) Commercial work - I had the pleasure of working with a team of guys on the Scion Little Deviants spot. The headless guy is my work. On the goo-scene, the bottom right guy is mine.

    The red guy is from 'Devils and Angles Dating'.

    The last clip is Tofu the Vegan Zombie by William Vaughan. I did this keyframe animation for fun to help him market his character.

    9) That bucket came from the moon - Bungie was challenged by Warframe to the ALS ice bucket challenge. We turned this around in 1 day. I did the player animation and Pat Jandro did the ghost, as well as a look layer over my player work. The player is made up of 7 or 8 different mocap clips with heavy keyframe work.

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  2. Discover the art of finger Tutting, a new kind of dance performed by JayFunk, from LA.
    Commercial video for Samsung Galaxy SII phone.

    Agence : Heaven
    Director: Vincent Kherroubi
    Post-Production : MOTIONFANCLUB
    Music : La Rose & Vincent Drux

    # vimeo.com/25076865 Uploaded 253K Plays 238 Comments
  3. Just a quick demonstration of some dubstep wobble madness manipulated live using the Xbox Kinect.

    I'm using a MASSIVE patch I made controlling pitch (which is locked to a 3 note scale for ease of use), filter cutoff, resonance, LFO depth, LFO speed, as well as reverb. There's are mapped to the X Y and Z co-ordinates of my hands.

    Here's the setup and many thanks to the developers of the free software that effectively gave me an awesome toy to play with! =) ...

    - OpenNI (http://openkinect.org/wiki/Main_Page)
    - PrimeSense's NITE Middleware (http://www.primesense.com/?p=515)
    - OSCeleton (https://github.com/Sensebloom/OSCeleton)
    - Max/MSP to recieve the OSC data and convert it into MIDI (cheers for the help josh)
    - Ableton Live running NI MASSIVE and a simple drum loop

    Running on Windows 7

    # vimeo.com/22072790 Uploaded 1,137 Plays 2 Comments
  4. Inspired by our love of robots, double g studios won a competitive pitch to direct and animate 20 energetic idents for Channel 4's T4. The personality of each robot was enhanced through costume design, choreography and their relationship with the new 3d logos. Here's a mash up from the 20. ps this just won a BDA Europe Gold.

    # vimeo.com/18625012 Uploaded 141K Plays 124 Comments
  5. Short animation directed by Damian Nenow, produced by Platige Image.

    DIRECTOR Damian Nenow
    SCRIPT Damian Nenow
    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Piotr Sikora, Jarosław Sawko, Tomek Bagiński
    PRODUCER Marcin Kobylecki
    PRODUCTION MANAGER Marta Staniszewska
    3D GRAPHICS Jarosław Handrysik, Jakub Jabłoński, Rafał Kidziński, Bartłomiej Kik, Bartosz Opatowiecki, Kamil Pohl, Krzysztof Rusinek, Łukasz Skurczyńśki, Marcin Stępień, Piotr Suchodolski, Dominik Wawrzyniak
    EDITOR Damian Nenow
    IT Tomasz Kruszona, Piotr Getka, Łukasz Olewniczak
    MUSIC Jarosław Wójcik
    SOUND Genetix Studio, Maciej Tęgi
    SOUND PRODUCER Jarosław Wójcik
    MUSIC PERFORMED BY Jarosław Wójcik, Paweł Piechura, Ramez Nayyar
    VOCAL Radosław Zander
    MUSIC MIX Rafał Smoleń
    SOUND RECORDING IN DOLBY DIGITAL EX Tomasz Dukszta, C.A.S., Maciej Tęgi, Jarosław Wójcik
    MASTERING DOLBY Tomasz Dukszta, C.A.S.
    HEAD OF STUDIO 1 WFDiF Wojciech Hamer
    TECHNICAL SERVICE STUDIO 1 WFDiF Mieczysław Karwicki, Jan Kozłowski, Leszek Micewski
    HEAD OF FILM LABORATORY WFDiF Małgorzata Rogulska
    PRINT LABORATORY WFDiF Jarosław Migała, Jacek Cieśliński

    CO-FINANCED BY Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

    # vimeo.com/17053492 Uploaded 383K Plays 158 Comments

Stellar work!

Jason Michael Hall

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