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  1. Almeno Credo                                                       
    (I Believe I Believe)
    Genre: docu-film
    Coproduced with TV2000
    Written by Gualtiero Peirce and Andrea Cedrola
    Directed by Gualtiero Peirce
    Executive producers Beppe Attene Gualtiero Peirce
    Year: 2017
    Original Format: full HD 1080i50
    We first met them as children, Catholics, Jews and Muslims, in three faith schools.
    We met them again ten years later. This story started earlier. And will continue after.

    I Believe I Believe is a documentary that was begun ten years ago. When in the Catholic school it was 2007 AD, in the Jewish classroom instead it was 5767 and among the Islamic desks it was 1527. Because in lots of metropolises around the world there are children who go to school at the same moment, in the same city, but… thousands of years apart. Taking this symbolic difference as its starting point, Primo giorno di Dio (The First Day Of God), directed by Gualtiero Peirce, was a documentary that described the first encounters of these children with the teaching of the faith they belong to.
    This film was shot in three faith schools in Rome. For days on end, the cameras filmed the lives of these children and their teachers without any sort of editorial interference: recording everyday truths and spontaneity. The happiness and authenticity of the children thus managed to recount the fundamental principles of their respective religions in way that had never been done before.
    Observed at the moment in which they were about to discover their identity and faith for the first time, the little protagonists of film, all children, issued a formidable invitation to dialogue and togetherness without even meaning to. Because one of the most evident that emerged was that the God of the three monotheistic religions, as explained to children at that wonderful age, is substantially the same: the locations are different (church, mosque and synagogue), as are the rites and the prayers, the clothes and the cuisine, but the questions and answers are the same, and so are the teaching and the values. Now, ten years later, TV2000 and Cyrano New Media have produced a fresh chapter of this story, I Believe I Believe: the cameras returned to observe and listen to those children who are now teenagers, young men and women who are taking their first independent steps in an increasingly complex, divided and frightening world. In the same way as the last time, Gualtiero Peirce’s account is based exclusively on their voices, built as a dialogue at a distance, one that interweaves and often embraces. What are those children like today? They still guided by faith, even if sometimes they stumble over doubts; they are helped by their own identities but also concerned about this; they are driven by dreams and held back by fears. They are sometimes disheartened by the prejudice and ignorance they have to put up with every day, even in a great European capital such as Rome.
     But they still have a welcoming glance for the world, for their neighbour and for the future. Maybe they have become even more like each other. Like Safa and David, who as young children went respectively to a Muslim and a Jewish school. Today they attend the same high school, an aeronautical institute, where they share the dream of one day being able to fly.

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  2. ART DETECTIVE. Cops and robbers of great art, a docudrama serie
    in collaboration with Carabinieri Nucleo Tutela Patrimonio Culturale
    Produced by Cyrano New Media.
    Broadcasted by Rai Storia, primetime june 2015. Lenght: 50’
    Shooting: 4K

    The docudrama reconstructs and tells some of the most impressive art thefts. Exclusively shown from the point of view of the detectives of the Carabinieri Art Squad, who, along with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, recovered priceless art pieces through complex and engaging investigations. They will walk us through all phases of a thrilling thief-hunt all across the world, following the traces of quirky grave robbers, greedy dealers, shrewd forgers and insatiable collectionists, - all starring in a millionaire business game just as entangled as the international drug trade.



    On his deathbed a famous grave robber, probably to make amends for the many robberies he had done, asks the investigators of TPC to recover an exceptional find he had stolen many years ago near Ascoli Satriano, among other pieces: it is a Trapezophoros, - a table support, cut out of a rare polychrome marble in IVth century bC. The Carabinieri immediately start retracing and after some accurate investigations they find out that the Trapezophoros has been sold many times: the masterpiece first arrived to Switzerland and then to England before finally attain the Getty Museum in Malibu, which bought it for 5,5 million dollars.
    It'll get back to Italy 22 years after it's disappearance thanks to the detectives of TPC and a mysterious postcard which was sent to them many years earlier. In 2011, two investigative reporter of Los Angeles Times wrote , also about this case, a book finalist for The pulitzer Prize.


    Rome, National Gallery of Modern Art. When the owner of the museum-bar was about to close for the night, he noticed that the front door of the gallery was unexpectedly open. Once he called the police, he was surprised to hear that the three night guards which were on duty, had been locked in the bathroom, all tied and gagged up.
    Also three paintings of huge value were missing from the museum: two Van Gogh and a Cezanne. The watchwomen told that during the night tree armed and covered robbers entered the building threatening them with guns and forcing them to switch off all alarm systems, before immobilize them.
    A long series of tapping, tails, stakeouts starts and led to great results. The gang has been exposed and when the Carabinieri stormed into their bases, they didn't only find the stolen canvases but also an armoury.


    Guidonia Montecelio. Inside the immense "Inviolata" estate, a criminal gang are into a clandestine excavation. The head of the gang is Pietro Casasanta, a legendary roman grave robber.
    At some point the bucket bumps against something hard. A marble head peaks out of the ground, and then one more…. Casasanta blocks the scraper and starts shoveling the find with his bare hands out of the ground. Slowly a beautiful statue representing two people sitting on a bench. The old grave robber is shocked, his instinct tells him that a third statue could be buried deeper down the soil, and, if he was right, it would have been the most clamorous recovery of his long criminal carrier. The excavation goes on slowly but in the end fate rewarded Casasanta: in front of him finally Jupiter, June and Minerva appeared. He found the first and only exemplary of the mythic Capitoline Triad. But the adventure had just begun: the gang members start fighting, they blackmail each other and start spreading the news about the resounding finding. News that inevitably arrived to the investigators of the TPC of the Carabinieri, which, once understood what it was about, got serious about it. The story will reach important american museums, passing through England and will end with the recovery of the precious Triad and the arrest of the entire gang.


    The american half dollar was painted in thousand versions by Franco Angeli, a master of the international PopArt - together with Schifano and Tano Festa ,who died in 1988.
    Collectionists and galleries contend for their artworks offering millions.
    A gang manages to get the historical archive from the unaware heirs or Angeli, but starts off a new production of artworks, thanks to two capable forgers able to reproduce exactly the painting technique of the artist.
    Finally they were betrayed by their own greed, which led them to put two "a little too fresh" to be authentic, canvases on the market, even if they were of extraordinary quality. The anomaly was noticed by the expert eye of the TPC Carabinieri during an inspection of a art shop in Rome.
    This investigation led to the sequestration of 650 false artworks of Angeli, for an amount of 4 million of euro.

    Tv movie
    Written by Gualtiero Peirce and Antonio Roccuzzo.
    Pippo Fava was not only a great journalist free and independent, an extraordinary intellectual Sicilian who died for having stubbornly defended the right to seek and tell the truth. Fava was also a master who chose to share the draft of his paper "The Sicilians" with a group of journalists in their twenties: "There is no journalism without freedom", Fava repeated often.
    The story of Pippo Fava so it is not only the tragic end of a mafia crime, but it is also a metaphor for a country to build a better society through concrete projects of education law.
    For this Pippo Fava continues to be an example of extraordinary relevance , especially for the younger generation. His story and the story of the young journalists who worked with him is a sicilian "Dead Poets Society", a passionate call to not give up and to build tenaciously day -to-day a future founded on the values of a responsible society .
    The film coproduced with RaiFction, broadcasted on RaiTre, tells this story, from the pages of a book that has aroused great interest, written by Antonio Roccuzzo for Mondadori Publishing, which was one of the boys of Pippo Fava.

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  4. "A singer enters a convent"
    Promo: 2''30 Format available
    Starring Lola Ponce and the S.Paola Missionary Sisters

    The special meeting between women with different life experiences, in the background of music, warmth and welcoming smiles was accurately filmed. A reallife “sister act”. The sexy Argentine singer and dancer taught the nuns “true singing” skills and received exceptional human and spiritual feed back in returns.
    The result of the days spent together represent the heart of a “show” performed in a magnificent and glorious setting: the Holy Apostles Basilica in Rome.

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  5. Genre: Documentary
    Promo: 2'.25"
    One single extraordinary story, that of Dana, a girl whose very life symbolizes the discovery of the enormously enriching potentials of coexistence between different religious cultures.
    Dana’s Step aims at combining reportage techniques with authentic amateur footage, inserted on the scaffold of a fictional narrative about the life, hopes and dreams of a young Italian-Israeli dancer, immersed in a world where different religious, cultural and national traditions constantly interact.
    Professional video cameras will set the technical standard of the story, while the handy cams will supply new communication material.

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