1. This video is about dealing with narcissistic people

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  2. Part 1 of 2 on Narcissism. Definition and Jesus experience with it.

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  3. 04:00 Jn. 7 Family Opposition, 08:50 Samaritans and Demons, 17:30 Controlling Others, 17:45 Gen. 12 Abraham's Lies, 20:00 Shame can be good, 24:00 Sarah and Hagar. 27:20 Narcissism. 34:09 Sarcasm in speech. 36:15 More on Narcissism. 38:30 Narcissists unable to experience intimacy. 39:15 Conversational Narcissism. 40:38 Jesus dealt with Narcissists. 43:05 Dealing with Narcissists. Hint...don't bail them out...

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  5. Are you triggered by socially embarrassing situations? What can you do? Was Jesus in such situations?
    00:00 John 2. 04:55 Backstory. 10:10 Wine. 10:45 Jesus' Mother. 11:20 Uncomfortable interaction between Jesus and his mother. 12:00 "My hour has not yet come." 12:30 Jesus is not the Messiah people want. 15:10 "Woman, what does this have to do with me?" Triggers, Amygdala. 16:35 The 4 interactions between Jesus and Mary. 23:50 Does someone in your family try to control you? 26:20 Jesus' Mother's life and reasons for anxiety and control. 35:04 Fear of embarrassing situations leads to control. 36:32 Children often seen as extensions of the parent. 37:47 Jesus changes his mind. Why did the wine run out? 42:46 What would you do in his place? 44:20 Stress response. 48:00 He is The King of Israel with unlimited resources. 51:10 Breathing. 53:19 Humility

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