1. What is a blessing in the Bible? Why do we bless and when should we bless. What happens when we don't?

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  2. Lecture given to academic physicians at Faith and Work conference Los Angeles. Includes Q and A

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  3. Meeting of Academic Physicians at Faith and Work LA.

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  4. My journey of forgiveness. Ideas to assist in forgiveness process.

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  5. Are you disappointed with God for something in the past? Unanswered prayer? Relationship failure? Do you have trouble believing God is good? It is worth reframing events of the past and rekindling hope. New Zealand Conference Video 2
    John 8 Woman caught in adultery. 7:30 Covering shame. 7:50 Joy depends on treatment of weakness. 10:30 Rick and Rita home birth tragedy. 17:30 Parents often withdraw their love as a behavior modifier. 19:00 You will grow from suffering. 21:30 Disappointments with God are obstacles to relationship. 23:15 My circumstances affect my feelings, but do not need to control me. Circumstances do not determine God's love for me. 24:15 The pain of singleness. 27:45 We seek comfort but we often forget to grieve. 31:05 Jesus understands how you were set up to fall. 34:37 Self-pity feels good in the moment, and it seems free and justified, but you won't like the cost. 36:57 Renouncing vows and agreements. 38:00 God why? 39:15 We expect an apology when offended. 49:53 Forgiveness is not reconciliation.
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Dr. David Levy

Neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy educates and transforms with perspectives on The Bible, the brain, relationships, and life.

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