1. The Message of Ramon Gil
    Part One

    El Justo Paga por Pecador

    filmed by Sabrina Montanaro


    To the Younger Brothers of all nations
    We are looking at the problems and dangers facing
    the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Gonawindúa

    Serankwa said to us:
    protect the Sierra Nevada Gonawindúa
    because it is the Heart of the World

    Do not bring sheep or cows or horses here
    The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Gonawindúa is
    The day the Heart of the World becomes sick
    the National and International world will become sick

    Serankwa said :
    I give to you Four Primal Sages

    I don’t know who created the name Poporo …
    I don’t like it
    for us the name is Danburru

    What does Danburru mean ?

    Dan : means life-energy
    Bu : means to germinate or to grow
    Rru : means spiritual

    I don’t know who created the name Poporo (gourd)

    The 4 Primal Sages represented the 4 peoples
    The Kogui, Arsario (Wiwa), Arhuaco and Kankuamo

    The Heart of the World
    is not to be touched
    it is untouchable …

    Don’t walk upon Her with shoes
    so they have been looking after Her ever since

    And Serankwa said :
    the Elder Brother in the Sierra Nevada Gonawindúa Santa Marta
    will cancel the debt of humanity
    at an international and national level

    Younger Brother doesn’t know how to cancel the debt
    he knows only how to take, to eat, to sell and to use

    However the four ethnic groups are here to cancel it

    Younger Brother is consuming and drinking water
    without paying

    Breathing air
    without paying

    He consumes everything and he cultivates
    without paying

    He takes wood
    without paying

    He takes cows
    without paying

    This is why Serankwa said
    you must cancel the debt for Younger Brother
    and that is being done

    When the Catholic orphanage arrived
    they said that we who had no cattle or sheep
    we who had no meat
    were savages
    and should be killed

    Well, nonetheless, we have lived in this way forever
    from the very beginning
    but now our Elders are debilitated

    Some know the history of Serankwa
    Others know the history of Nuabiko
    Others know the history of Seokúkui
    Others know the history of Matuna

    Others know the history of the Sun
    Others know the history of the Earth
    the World and how it came to be

    Who made the rocks
    the reason why we have rocks

    Who made the Sun
    and how to give nourishment to the Sun

    if the Sun is not nourished it could go out

    the Sun is not Serankwa

    However, it is of great value
    Because if it went out nothing could live

    This is why Serankwa made the Sun

    And it must be nourished

    And it must be purified

    All of Nature must be nourished

    All of Nature is nourished by our Humanity

    And we are nourished by Nature 

    Therefore the Wise Ones say
    The earth is Mother Earth

    we are the Earth

    If you don’t have the Earth you cannot live

    If you don’t have Humanity, you have no Nature

    Then one day our eyes started to hurt
    there was madness
    there was pain in our heads
    there was pain in our hearts
    there was sickness in our bodies

    But what does this mean ?

    The meaning is this
    It is because they want to make huge megaprojects here
    And this is giving us pain
    because Younger Brother is not seeing the mistake he is committing
    he wants to destroy the World

    It will not be destroyed, the Earth, the World

    But more like us will begin to suffer

    8 years ago we had a reunion with all the Traditional Authorities
    and they said :Maybe we should talk to other Younger Brothers
    in other countries
    perhaps they don’t all agree with this exploitation
    of the Sierra Nevada Gonawindúa ?

    If they are exploiting the Mother far from here, so be it
    However, they must respectour Sierra Nevada Gonawindúa Santa Marta
    Because this is the Heart of the World

    Very sacred

    Very profound

    It is the Heart of all Humanity
    of all Nature
    And must be respected

    They must see the error that is being committed
    However, we do not have an indigenous advisor to advise us
    and talk on our behalf and plan with other international countries

    To understand whether they agree
    that the World should be allowed to be destroyed
    or not ?

    Therefore there is much pain and much worry

    All of the Wise Ones have said
    when the Heart of the World becomes sick
    there will be violence in Nature
    and there will be violence in Humanity

    consequently this is what has come to pass

    That is how I see it

    In 2012 we will all suffer a little
    the entire world

    The Wise Ones are waiting to see which punishment is coming to us
    Because of two rotten oranges
    all that is good will be damaged

    It only takes two or four rotten oranges amongst oranges
    to make all the others rotTherefore as they often say here

    Why is it that those who are just are the ones who pay?

    The Just pay for the crimes of the Unjust


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  3. A campaign to make visible the plight of Indigenous Peoples in Colombia. Help us make this situation visible by sharing the video, signing petitions and holding the exhibition of Juan Pablo Gutierrez's inspirational photographs.

    At least one in three Indigenous nations in Colombia - distinct cultures and societies like the Wayúu people - face an urgent threat of total destruction. The causes: the impact of armed conflict, unrestrained resource development on their lands, and the failure of the Colombian government to uphold their rights.

    The Colombian Constitutional Court has found that at least 34 of 102 distinct Indigenous nations in Colombia are in danger of physical and cultural destruction. The Court called the situation “an emergency which is as serious as it is invisible.”

    The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia is urging the United Nations Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide to visit Colombia and expose what is happening. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is supporting this call for action.

    In contrast, Canada has never publicly acknowledged the seriousness of the threats facing Indigenous Peoples in Colombia.

    Photographs by: Juan Pablo Gutierrez

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  4. We received a secretly-recorded audio clip from a closed-door session of a recent Global Industry Summit.
    The subject was speaking about recent advances in neuro-marketing and consumer behavioral tools that we found incredibly creepy. Not sure who the speaker was and we couldn't find anything about the Global Alliance he represented, but we thought it would be nicely enhanced if we added some motion graphics to explain some of the ways companies are targeting our desires and levels of happiness to create "Optimal Consumers".

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  5. Video documentation by the American Festivals Project of the Pine Ridge Pow Wow in South Dakota.

    To see more from the project, visit americanfestivalsproject.net

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