1. ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 45

    Hot chilli’s in India (video)

    RBS failure leaves man stuck in prison
    O2 nationwide network failure
    Do we switch suppliers because of failures?
    O2 managed the failure well on Twitter
    The O2 fault lay with Ericsson
    Article blames outsourcing to India for RBS failure
    TCS vs. Infosys performance – The Times of India
    10 Trillion and counting

    American vs. European billion
    Stephen’s blog on Service-Now IPO

    Barclay Rae is on Facebook!!!
    He did it purely for Back2ITSM
    Chris Matchett has had a baby
    The flowchart from Karen Ferris on social media tools

    itSMF Australia LeadIT discussion
    Ken Gonzalez Brightalk session on ISO20000
    The Brightalk panel with Barclay and Ben Clacy

    UCISA Conference
    University of Northampton ITSM Conference
    MSc in ITSM

    The itSMF Conference agenda is out
    Kevin Holland in Morris dancing gear
    Core ITSM or Core ITSM
    Katherine Howard, Mark Smalley, Aale Roos
    Aale Roos - Unlearning ITIL
    The spirit of Ian Clayton enters the room
    Get the Jedward (video)
    Let’s demonstrate value, not what IT does
    Service Experience Design workshop
    Drop kick a poodle
    Amazon – The best service is no service

    Barclay has an iPad
    Chris Dancy’s impersonation of Barclay
    Sounds like a jewish mother (video)
    The strange case of Mr Pelham
    Patrick’s Apple toaster and lawnmower
    Apple is cool according to a high court judge
    Pre-order your iPhone 5
    Sales of the Samsung Note

    Do we stick with inferior products/services because it’s a hassle to change?
    Sony PlayStation service recovery with Welcome Back
    Apple accepts responsibility, but not fault – iPhone bumpers
    It’s the small things that matter to customers
    Avoid snoring and bad table manners (video)

    The new series of the Service Desk Inspector

    Don’t friend this guy on Facebook

    Next ITSMWPROW – Aug 2012

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  2. Reflections on the SDI 2012 Conference

    Tony Probert of Cherwell Software

    Frieda Morton Evans @itsmgoddess – says hello and goodbye

    Rebecca Beach @gobbymidget - SDI Professional of the Year Award Winner

    Jo England @englandschoice

    Staverton Park Daventry

    Butlin’s redcoats

    The piano has been drinking (video)

    Howard Kendall – a lifetime achievement award (and he’s still alive)

    The Opening keynote from James Timpson

    “Help unsuitable employees find their happiness elsewhere”

    Timpson’s Upside Down Management

    Timpson’s are one of the largest recruiters of ex-offenders in the UK

    “If you love what you do, you won’t see it as work”

    Ken Goff’s session

    “Attack the issue, not the person”

    The breakout sessions

    Don Page session (What no expletives? 16 mins...ah there we go!)

    “It’s not IT, it’s Business Technology”

    Tony Probert’s session – There’s no link, but it had something to do with ducks

    SDI Service Desk Certification

    EFQM Model (PDF Download)

    Kent County Council - 4 Star Service Desk

    Returning to normal abuse (video)

    Andrew Smith from BMC

    “Consumerisation of IT doesn’t fit with our current Service Portfolios”

    Q&A session with Award Finalists

    Heineken - winner of the large team IT Service Excellence award

    ID Business Solutions – winner of the small team IT Service Excellence award

    Rebecca Beach - winner of the ITSM Professional award

    The nobody that won the IT Supplier of the year award

    Angela Wint

    Jean Gamester

    “Get the service desk involved with the business and the customer”

    Service Desk Analyst (SDA) Certification

    “I have to work for a company that I’m proud of”

    Patrick wearing Stavros Flatley’s wig

    Robin Goldsbro - O2

    Keith Greatorex - Inspirational Service Desk Leadership

    Chris Dancy’s really exciting stuff

    Paul King - AXA

    Simon Ball – TNT excellent session on Problem Management

    Barclay Rae – SLM – Get Barclay’s really valuable materials here

    Sam Ellis – Atos Origin – Next generation user experience

    Survey’s – Respect your customers time

    Timpson’s mystery shopper

    Do we ask service desk staff to rate themselves?

    Day 2

    Chris Dancy’s session was terrifying – Get the whitepaper and slides here

    Killer vacuum cleaner (video)

    Ray Kurzweil - The six epochs of technology evolution

    Watch your Klout score – Knowledge workers and the reputation economy

    Welcome to Life – the video from Chris Dancy’s session (video)

    The cult of the enterprise celebrity

    SDI – The 9 key concepts of 5 star service (video)

    Michael Heppel – Achieving brilliance through 5 star service

    Chris was finishing his blog

    What we thought of the conference…

    Download - The service desk of 2017 whitepaper

    Next ITSMWPROW – Aug 2012

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  3. ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 43

    Recorded at the itSMF Software Tools Event, Manchester

    Roy Illsley – Ovum
    Etihad Stadium
    The different vendor pitches (post event blog by the ITSM Review)
    Doug Serena CIO (video)
    Parts of IT will move into the business

    SDITS event review – The joy and the pain – Servicedesk360
    Service Desk 2.0 – James Blog
    The arrival of the Don (video)
    Falling down the stairs (video)
    Laughing with broken ribs (video)
    Bullshit ear defenders

    Technology, SaaS and global panacea
    The mainframe is alive and well
    The Lynx Adverts (video)
    Brut – its for men
    Irn Bru
    Changing the commercial / deployment model doesn’t solve ITSM problems
    You can’t outsource responsibility
    Mission critical applications not up for cloud
    Cloud is like a troublesome teenager

    Ovum Decision Matrix Interactive Tool
    Crowdsourced list of ITSM Tools
    ITSM is becoming industry specific
    Trouble managing your infrastructure? Email James.finister@tcs.com
    Whinger of the week
    Adopt, adapt and improve (from the IT Skeptic)
    IT is not well equipped for Financial Management

    Ovum ITSM event - London June 28th
    CBI Conference Centre
    The young handsome man from the itSMF
    The Ovum Event agenda
    The ITSM journey has stalled

    If you were Chris Matchett for a day
    Whisky Squad
    Chris Matchett is Sheldon (video)
    Knock, knock, knock...PENNY!

    Next ITSMWPROW – July 2012

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  4. ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 42

    SDI 2012 Conference
    Staverton Park Hotel, Daventry
    Pat’s wedding in Northampton (just for kicks)

    SDI 5 Star World Class Service Desk Standard
    Service Desk of 2017 with Chris Dancy
    Keynote Speakers - Michael Heppell and James Timpson
    Sessions from Atos Origin, TNT and O2
    Upside down management book
    A window and a shoe (video)
    Sleeping in a bunker

    SDI Programme - BBQ Monday June 18th 19:30-23:00
    SDI Conference App – You can’t get it unless you’re attending
    SDI Conference Hashtag #SDI12
    5 Star service book – Michael Heppell

    SDI IT Service Excellence Awards 2012 Finalists
    Britain’s got talent - Stavros Flatley (video)
    Plate smashing (video)– Don’t try this at home – Don’t watch if you’re squeamish

    SDI IT Service Excellence Awards 2011 Finalists
    Using SLM to deliver value – Barclay
    Family fortunes with Vernon Kay (video)
    It wasn’t Vernon Lloyd
    Howard looks good in fishnets

    Conference energiser
    Find the missing evangelist

    We’re recording episode 44 of ITSMWPROW at conference
    Matchett has a Wicked Side (video)
    The Foster’s Ads (video)
    Some of the awards videos from 2011
    TNT – Large Team Winner
    Enterprise – Small Team Winner

    Ovum Industry Congress 2012
    Mike Gibson – Research In Motion
    Stuart Room – Privacy & Information Law Group, Field Fisher Waterhouse
    Tim Jennings - Ovum
    An IT extrovert
    Harvey Nash CIO survey
    Women CIOs massively under-represented
    Peter Korsten – IBM Institute for Business Value
    “People will do anything to meet KPIs, even if it means destroying the business”
    Expose yourself by working on the service desk
    Andrea Kis - Macmillan Cancer Support on ITSMWPROW Episode 40 (40 mins)

    Olympic tickets website went down for scheduled maintenance
    Technical Rehearsals for the London 2012 Olympics
    Failures on London Transport during the Olympics
    Virgin Atlantic first airline to offer in-flight mobile calls
    Qatar Airways – One of a number of airlines to offer OnAir
    Bringing Greece to SDI conference

    Next ITSMWPROW – June 2012

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  5. Lessons from the Learned

    What happens when an Analyst, a ITSM Guru and a Service Desk Monkey chat.....well, when they feel like it.....

    ITSMWPROW Show Notes Episode 41

    Why are we all so busy?

    Sorting out a visa for a trip to India

    Everyone’s buying The Queens knickers at WH Smiths

    Treasonable offence

    The Blue Rinse brigade

    No such thing as bad publicity about knickers

    Logica have done pants

    TCS hits $10Bn turnover

    64% of TCS profits go to charity

    UK Public sector budget cuts

    Chris Matchett passes his driving test (warning – video contains some bad language)

    Should we post to Twitter, or Facebook, or both?

    Careful where you grab the Wall Street bull (video)

    Stephen’s wisdom (3% of it) in the Wall Street Journal

    Stephen’s Klout Score

    Service-Now Knowledge 12

    What was on the agenda at Know12?

    Rhett Glauser @rglauser

    Vendors – Work out who you’re speaking to before you make sales calls

    Value based selling

    Whiteboard selling (video)

    If you can’t meet requirements, don’t engage in the sale – you are wasting your time

    Look at the lifetime value of the customer and keep your good name

    Customers don’t forget bad experiences

    Organisations can’t spend money on shiny things; tools have to solve problems

    HDI 2012 was a very busy event

    Pat’s session at HDI 2012

    Dr Michio Kaku’s session – The world in 2030

    HDI 2013 (April 16-19) will not clash with SITS13 (April 23-24)

    Craig Baxter Managing Director HDI

    The Voice vs Britian’s got talent

    Is Roy Atkinson not in charge of HDI?

    IT Skeptic Blog on Service Catalog

    @theitskeptic and @kaimarkaru discussing restaurant analogies

    There are no Michelin star restaurants in New Zealand

    Heston Blumenthal’s creations

    The food is only part of the overall service experience

    Service catalog doesn’t deal with service experience

    The menu drives restaurant operations

    Value comes in with the customer

    We need Ian Clayton’s guidance and USMBOK

    Frankie & Benny’s on Trip Advisor

    Will Net Promoter Score or Klout have an impact on the service offered?

    There’s no point engaging with customers via social if you’re not prepared to follow it up

    Can you register a hashtag?

    VP Marketing rejected at interview for low Klout score

    Stephen’s Facebook post on experts – The Avengers example

    T-shaped employees

    ITIL Master qualification

    Expertise gets out of date very quickly

    Mio sat nav systems

    Cathay Pacific – getting into the lounge with Klout

    Peerindex and measuring quantity over quality

    Do you have a business card? No, Google me

    Pat’s wife’s 26 mile walk around London

    Jimbo’s Birmingham accent (video)

    UK call centre accents

    Next ITSMWPROW – SDI Conference Preview – June 2012

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