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  2. An interactive installation created at ITP.The machine shows the moon phases according to the date that users put in. Learn more at: bradybei.com/Moon-Phases

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  3. "Concentric" is an interactive sound and light installation that examines an intrinsic link between our perceptual consciousness and the sonic vibrations surrounding us. This piece engages participants to utilize a group dynamic to create a harmonious union of sonic and mental energy. These harmonizing vibrations are dispersed throughout the gallery space in the form of sound and light.
    Concentric consists of three large horns whose bell ends converge around a large glass water bowl. These horns resemble primitive wind instruments and require no skill or practice to play. The participant simply speaks, sings, chants, or creates any noise they wish into the mouthpiece. These sounds in turn illuminate and vibrate the water inside the bowl. These vibrations are heard throughout the gallery space, felt throughout the body, and seen as intricate patterns in the water and dancing silhouettes on the gallery walls.
    This artwork utilizes the participant's interactions as a collaborative group to fuel dynamic personal experiences. Each viewer's participation is an essential component of the artwork. The timbre of their voice and their choice in vocal expressions allow this piece to be a subjective experience to each contributor. Furthermore, the individual sounds created by each participant will influence the creation of the overall sound and thus impact the other players and surrounding viewers.
    As audience members engage this artwork, an atmosphere of teaching and learning, experimentation, and communication arises. The participants work together to create tones that move the water and that please the ear. As the players begin to quickly master the instrument, they osmose with the experience, becoming in tune with the vibration, sound and light. Akin to meditation, this piece is felt within, shaped by the depth of immersion the participant chooses to explore. As the audience members in the gallery are bathed in sound and light, they watch, learn, and wait for their turn to create a unique interaction.
    This installation was created utilizing research into the use of sound as a tool of meditation, spiritual cultivation, and community bonding in many different cultures. Many cultures believe that the vibrational sounds created with instruments and voice can help them to access higher dimensions of reality. These dimensions are not experienced in normal waking states. I am interested in the comparisons between this research and numerous scientific studies that examine the profound effects of sonic vibrations on human brain wave activity and states of consciousness.

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  4. “Resonance II ” is the second work in the resonance series. This interactive sculpture visually explores intersections of sound waves to create geometric patterns. These same types of mathematical patterns are seen all throughout nature anywhere from the florets of a sunflower to the formation of nautilus shells to the breeding patterns of rabbits. These vibrational equations, often referred to as sacred geometry, have even been exploited in ancient architecture as seen in the great pyramids.

    The mathematical relationship between vibrational forces and nature have been studied by some of the greatest minds in history including, but not limited to, Pythagoras, Plato, Fibonacci, Johannes Kepler, and in more recent times, the late Hans Jenny.

    Dr. Jenny conducted in-depth experiments exciting liquids and powders on metal plates with various audible sound frequencies. Based on the frequency or frequencies applied to the plate, geometric patterns, rotating vortices, and even animal-like figures in motion would appear. He named this phenomenon Cymatics.

    The work of Dr. Hans Jenny suggests that these vibrational phenomena exist within a larger, unified force. Like him, I am driven to investigate the point in which man’s physical prescence and ethereal consciousness play in to this unified field and these specific phenomena. Resonance 2 is my adaption of the Cymatic phenomenon and my attempt to connect the viewer to the creative power of vibrations.

    This interactive sculpture utilizes three clear acrylic plates atop a pyramidal base. The viewer interacts by scooping a handful of sand from a reservoir along the bottom of the base and spreading it on the plates. When the participant moves their hand near the front of the base, a sound is emitted which vibrates the plates and in turn creates a pattern on each one of the three plates. The sound intensity varies depending on the distance of the participant’s hand to the piece.

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  5. Interview with Raviv Ganchrow about his new work: Long Wave Synthesis
    17 January 2015 at De Balie Amsterdam

    Long Wave Synthesis is a land-art scale sound installation that investigates infrasound, and probes the relations between how we perceive the landscape and long-wave vibrations. The piece creates a complex topography of acoustic waves in a range of 4 to 30 Hz (mostly in the infrasound range, below the threshold of human hearing) spreading out from an array of custom-built, very low frequency generators. Long Wave Synthesis focuses on material properties of sound, and investigates ways in which a location manifests itself through interactions between walking, territory and sonic attention. The long waves physically interact with the topography and atmospheric conditions, while simultaneously ‘oscillating’ our sense of the surroundings.

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