1. Installation performed at La Maison Des Jonglages in La Courneuve (Paris).
    December 2014.

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  2. Daniel Rozin
    "PomPom Mirror", 2015
    928 faux fur pom poms, 464 motors, control electronics, video camera, custom software, microcontroller, wooden armature
    48 x 48 x 18 in / 121.9 x 121.9 x 45.7 cm

    Rozin’s anthropomorphic "PomPom Mirror" features a synchronized array of 928 spherical faux fur puffs. Organized into a three-dimensional grid of beige and black, the sculpture is controlled by hundreds of motors that build silhouettes of viewers using computer-vision. Along its surface, figures appear as fluffy animal-like representations within the picture plane, which is made permeable by a ‘push-pull’ forward and backward motion of meshed ‘pixels’. Ghostly traces fade and emerge, as the motorized composition hums in unified movement, seemingly alive and breathing as a body of its own.

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  3. "therefore I am" is a project on the topic of prenatal diagnostics - the measurement of a human before birth. Since just a few years it is possible to retrieve the DNA of a fetus, by analyzing the mothers blood.
    What consequences and ethical questions unravel for society, as scientists encode our DNA further and further? Doesn't the life of a fetus get sketched out ever more clearly, as we measure more precisely?
    Is a fetus not becoming a human beeing, when it's looks, it's ability to move and love and work become measurable?

    This fictional measuring instrument was created to form a narrative, that let's the visitor engage with the subject. After inserting a blood sample into the machine, the user can determine, how precise the measurement should be. An animation helps the user to understand the matter of the subject and illustrates the changing precision of the measurement. The machine evaluates the sample and creates a projected life story, that reflects the precision of the measurement, by providing a correspondingly detailed story. The story is then printed out. These fictional storys have generative parts, which assemble randomly, to create a variety of storys.
    The building blocks of these storys were created by taking topics in account that arise from the possibility to analyse the DNA to perfection (eventually): Sexual orientation, intersexuallity, genetic disorder, disability, acceptance by society, etc. Thereby scientific facts, like the detection of the down syndrom are mixed with highly controversial topics like the measureability of sexual orientation, to create room for discussion and speculation.

    Made with vvvv, Arduino.

    Digitale Klasse, Berlin University of the Arts
    Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä

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  4. Meditation

    Often I imagine the city that doesn’t have any visual and auditory symbols around us. But we cannot remove any of mechanisms constructing our world. And we cannot exert even a little influence on the media that were made by those mechanisms. If we have no power to reform our environment, we need to find the possibility of meditation using the signifiers filled the cities. ‘Meditation 1008~’ is a practical and alternative meditation that can only work once you let yourself into the sorcery-like symbols.

    Numerous symbols are compressed into the work. The compressed symbols are expressed irregular patterns of sound through the three of audio-visual installations, and the sound transforms and visualizes the waves sinking inside. The reproduced media through compressions and suppressions provide more possibilities of thinking and choices than the values contained in it’s own form. Through these processes, ‘Meditation 1008~’ can be a right tool for meditation. .

    2012.08 Meditation 1208~ -The Creators Project / Sao Paulo, Brazil
    2012.04 Meditation 1111~ -Beijing Art Fair CIGE Special Exhibition
    2012.03 Meditation 1203~ -The Creators Project / San Francisco
    2011.11 Meditation 1111~ -Art and Techne / Hangaram Museum
    2011.10 Meditation 1109~ -The Creators Project / NYC
    2011.09 Meditation 1109~ -The Creators Project KR / Kunsthalle
    2011.06 Meditation 1401~ -Mediascape, a pas de Nam June Paik / NJP Art Center
    2010.09 Meditation 1008~ – WAVE, INDAF(Incheon Digital Art Festival) / Art Center NABI

    Objet, Artwork, Software ETC : Yang Minha
    Sound : Jang Young Gu

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  5. Submitted to SIGGRAPH 2015 Emerging Technologies
    We present a novel 3D display that applies projection mapping to a non-planar and reconfigurable fog screen, thus enabling interactive visual contents to be displayed at multiple depth levels. Users can perceive three-dimensionality naturally and interact with the unencumbered images by touching them directly in mid-air. The display can also be used in mixed reality settings where physical objects can co-exist and interact with virtual objects in physical space in real time. It does not require eyeglasses, head-mounted devices or eye/head-tracking, while allowing high-resolution, full-colour 3D image to be observed from wide viewing angles by many people at the same time. Most importantly, our immaterial, mid-air display will allow users to intuitively touch and manipulate virtual objects in 3D under marker-free and barrier-free settings, which will open up immense tangible and creative interaction possibilities.

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