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Creating this film was the basis of an upcoming reality show titled: The Sea Siren. The premise of the show was simple - could underwater photographer/filmmaker Edmund Papp, owner of Mermaid Hunter Films, take international model Nikki du Plessis out of the studio and in ONLY 30 days train her to be able to freedive (nude) 35 feet to a shipwreck - enter the wreck and then pose for the camera.

Nikki had no prior underwater experience or training so a month-long shoot schedule was booked for August, 2013 in Key West, Florida. Do to the location and condition of the wreck no SCUBA or safety divers would be allowed. The first two weeks were devoted to training and conditioning Nikki both physically and mentally so as to handle the HOSTILE environment of open ocean. Nikki and Mr. Papp shot every day for 30 days straight without injury, fatigue or health issues - giving credence to Mr. Papp's 45 years of training beautiful women to becoming professional underwater models.

The last two weeks were devoted to shooting on the wreck. 6 hour tidal flows and silt conditions on the wreck changed daily which created a 1 hour AM window to get our footage and a 1 hour PM window.

In addition to this art film a BTS film is being made as well as a selection of Black & White gallery prints. The Sea Siren Reality show will premiere right here on Vimeo Video On Demand in September 2015. There will be six episodes with each episode being 10 minutes.

The show will be an insight to the creative process and give both Ed's POV and Nikki's point of view regarding all that it took to get this project done.

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