Festive Roundup
    The team share their highlights and lowlights of 2012.
    Rob has some people starting to use Standard + Case, which is great news.
    Conferences play a large part for all the team including:
    itSMF New Zealand and itSMF Australia

    ISACA for Rob

    Everyone has been struggling with “drinking from the fire hose”. With all the conferences – physical and virtual – drinking from the fire hose is becoming even harder.

    The team plans to get around to listening to all the TFT12 presentations as soon as they have some ‘free’ time.

    Karen was thrilled to hear the team from Emory University (Mark Kawasaki and Farah Remtulla) refer to Balanced Diversity on their TFT12 presentation. Karen got emotional again!

    TFT12 gave us all the chance to hear people from around the world.

    Both Simone and Tristan have been a part of the “ITSM Weekly Podcast – Top of the World” this year and Rob and Karen must be next up!

    The team discussed their favourite podcasts from 2012.

    Tristan’s favourite were “Drinking from the Fire Hose” and the podcast about RFPs – “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.

    Simone’s favourite was the podcast with Andrew Sauter – “Incidents, Problems and Chaos” as well as “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. She also liked the episode “Game On” with Mark Sutherland from G2G3.

    We all love the ‘live’ recordings from the Australian and New Zealand conferences - especially as there always seems to be champagne involved.

    Breed does an excellent job of ushering guests in and out of the “live sessions” ensuring they only have their 2 minutes of fame!

    Karen’s highlight was the interview with Fred Luddy. It was a coup especially as the team was approached by Servicenow to have Fred on the podcast.

    Rob mentions another podcast that is his favourite – Practitioner Radio.

    Predictions for 2013

    Rob has chatted to the IT Swami. BYOD will be even more mainstream in 2013.

    Simone would like to see Service Catalogue issues resolved once and for all and a focus on its simplicity. Tristan reckons it wont happen because we have been fighting it for too long. Rob reckons that the vendors are not going to help!

    The team discusses the social media channels being used by ITSM professionals and whether eventually they all end up like LinkedIn groups whether they are on Facebook or Google+. Rob predicts by the end of 2013, the Facebook page - Back2ITSM - will have degenerated into a chat group. People will move on to the Google+ group – Back2ITSM – but eventually the same will happen.

    It is the people who add the value to social media channels not the tools.

    2013 Events
    HDAA Workshops March 2013. Houston We Have A Problem with Andrew Sauter.

    itSMF New Zealand 2013 Conference. 6-8 May 2013. Pullman Hotel, Auckland.

    TFT13. 18 June 2013. 24 speakers in 24 hours across the globe.

    itSMF Australia 2013 LEADIT Conference. 7-9 August 2013. National Convention Centre, Canberra.

    Oceania CACS at Adelaide Convention Centre on September 23-27th 2013.

    Pick of the Month

    Rob picks the presentation from Janne Horhonen, EDS called BPM – Systemic Perspective.

    Tristan picks a non-ITSM related pick, which is The Bugle with John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman.

    Booby(s) of the Month
    Tristan picks the Starbucks twitter campaign in the UK.

    Rob picks the National Rifle Association hiding its Facebook page to avoid hosting flame wars following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Simone picks the HM Revenue and Customs in UK with over 50,000 calls a day not being answered and those that did get through had to wait an average of 4 minutes to speak to a call centre operator.


    The team will record the Episode 28 on 23rd January 2013.

    Suggestions for guests and podcast content to info@macanta.com.au

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    Month in Review
    Rob – Highlight of the month was TFT12. All presentations are here.
    Karen - Highlight was being the 3rd speaker on TFT12 – making history with the first 24-hour IT conference following the sun. Read more about TFT12 here.
    Meet Fred Luddy
    Fred Luddy has served as CPO at Servicenow since May 2011 after having founded Servicenow in June 2004. He served as President and CEO from that time until May 2011 and as a director since June 2004.
    Fred tells his story. Fred quotes Steve Jobs - “The journey should be the reward”. Fred is a programmer at heart. Technology should simplify lives and put a smile on someone’s face.
    Fred created Servicenow and then drove up and down the coast of San Diego county, CA, begging people to “use” the software – not necessarily “buy” it. Once they started saying “yes”, he started putting customers online. On July 5th 2005 the first sale was made. Initial focus was middle market but the product got pulled into the larger organizations. Now focused on global 2000. Fred does believe that there is an opportunity to sell into the middle market but at the moment the economic model does not support it. We may see a ‘Servicenow Lite’ in the future!
    Forbes named Fred “one of the ones to watch” in 2012. In 2011 Ernst and Young named him Entrepreneur of the Year. What is next in the Fred Luddy story? The same things that drove Fred back in 1973 – drives him today. A passion that is aligned with a skill is a blessing. Technology should be simply enough to allow everyday business people to create their own applications. Fred wants to create technology that is simple yet powerful and support the citizen programmer or citizen developer. Technology should empower people.

    Rob raises the issue of lack of discipline that many of us have learned in IT such as testing. Can ‘rogue’ developers cause more trouble? Fred reckons it is a challenge but you can give people well-defined guardrails to help avoid the problem. Fred says “90% of the people who programme should not!” Fred and Rob share horror stories.

    Fred still programmes on the product and was doing so on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne and demonstrated the outcome at the Servicenow User Group in Melbourne that afternoon. Fred is currently working on a new iPad interface. Fred stays close to the ground floor and the technology. It gives him comfort that he can provide technical leadership that is going to be reasonably accurate.

    Fred gives his advice on starting a company or making a business a success. He says that you have to “find a problem, solve a problem and tell the world about it”. Getting all three right, at the right time, is extremely challenging. There also has to be a modicum of luck. You also have to persevere with passion.

    Did Fred ever imagine where his career would go? The answer is “yes” and “no”.

    Fred talks about his feelings when the IPO happened. It was surreal. It was a milestone – not a destination. Most significant reason was to stop the company scrutiny and put the company records out there. It was exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

    Fred hopes to get to New Zealand on his next trip and Rob has promised that a beer is waiting!

    Fred was warned for 25 years that if he came to Australia, he might never go back! Fred says that they were right.

    Karen asks whether Australia had lived up to his expectations. Fred wants to take back some Koala Bears and meet a wombat! Karen recommends that Fred visit Healesville Sanctuary on his next trip.

    Fred talks about where he sees the future of Service Management in the next 5-10 years. Fred just tries to make it from holiday to holiday! Self-service and automation will be key trends. These two things will allows us to deploy more and more technology into further and further reaching areas of the business.

    Fred says the value of ITIL is that globally we all now have a common vocabulary and can be used well outside the realms of service management and IT. Fred uses the analogy of the toilet to explain the pervasiveness of processes referred to in ITIL.

    Booby(s) of the Month
    • Rob reckons Microsoft Surface is the booby for the month.

    Pick of the Month

    • TFT13 – call for speakers now open.
    • Rob is excited about Evernote Business. This is a game-changer!


    The team will record the festive season round-up on 19th December.

    Suggestions for guests and podcast content to info@macanta.com.au

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    Month in Review
    Tristan – Just returned from itSMF International AGM in Stockholm held in conjunction with the Swedish Conference. Tristan recorded with the Top of the World podcast.
    Rob – Rob ran a Twitter chat on Service Catalogues. Rob grinding through his Standard and Case book and looking for volunteers to use the approach before Christmas for a free copy of the book. Rob would like some practical examples and feedback.
    Karen presented at post-conference roadshow in Melbourne and will presenting at the itSMF NSW Q4 seminar on 29th November.
    ITSM Technology Advice
    There is a lot of industry guidance on ITSM tools such as Gartner Magic Quadrant and PinkVerify. There is also the Cabinet Office ITIL Software Scheme. There is also the HDI Buyers Guide and much more. What are they worth?
    Rob has written about the Magic Quadrant on his IT Skeptic blog recently. So has Chris Dancy over at ServiceSphere.
    The quadrant has been rebadged as the IT Service Support Management Tools but it will always be seen as a Service Desk tool assessment. The spread is now very different. There are no leaders and only ServiceNow and BMC Software in the Challengers quadrant. The rest are bunched in the Niche Players quadrant.
    Your choice of tool should be driven by YOUR requirements. Does the marketing budget influence the inclusion in the Magic Quadrant?
    The Listly list of tools indicates just how many tools are out there to be chosen from.
    Beetil is a great example of a niche tool, which would be unlikely to spear in the Magic Quadrant. Congratulations to the Beetil guys on being bought by Citrix.
    Organisations should seek availability of local skills that don’t work for the vendor and vendor presence locally. There are many things to be considered before the functional requirements of a tool. The organisation should be comfortable with the vendor they choose.
    90% of the time the tool works but the failure is in implementation.
    Rob has written about PinkVerify in the past. When using PinkVerify to help with the selection of a tool, make sure you review which processes the tool, has been verified against. In Rob’s example, it could be just Incident Management only and the other processes do not work correctly. The requirements of PinkVerify can be downloaded and are fairly basic.
    Rob uses the analogy of buying a fridge to selecting an ITSM tool.
    PinkVerify is a good starting point to get a sense of what tools are available. However, a tool should not be excluded just because it is not verified. It might raise a red flag though.
    The original ITIL Software Scheme criteria for validating a tool were secret. Eventually sanity prevailed and it was published. Many more tools are getting verified by Pink but not as many are getting verified by the Cabinet Office scheme.
    The Listly survey was a great idea but the voting could be skewed by organisations getting all their employees to vote. The top three on the list are Hornbill, ServiceNow and Remedy. Like the other sources of information discussed, it is also a good source of information about what tools are available.
    There is now an excellent book on the subject of selecting tools from itSMF International – “IT Tools for the Business When the Business is IT” written by Robert Falkowitz. Karen has written a review on the book.
    Talk to industry colleagues and peers about their ITSM tool and experience with the vendors. Use social media channels to find out more. Use forums like itSMF seminars and special interest groups. Do reference checks on the vendor and ask for a proof of concept.
    Do not forget the organisational change aspects of introducing new technology. You may want to change behaviors and this needs organisational change management.
    Customization can be dangerous. Check out the upgrade path following customization.
    Karen has written a paper on ITSM tool selection and used the analogy that selecting an ITSM tool is like buying a house. Axios Systems sponsored it so you have to register and download here. Avoid Groundhog Day in Service Management! The grass is not always greener with another ITSM tool.
    Get a consultant to help. They see far more tools than most practitioners do. Develop in-depth scripts and get the vendors to show how the tool addresses them. Don’t rely on the vendor’s vanilla demo.
    Ensure you have allocated the right number of dedicated resources to the project.
    Booby(s) of the Month
    • Software glitches and security issues cause Wheedle shutdown.
    • Jetstar forgets daylight savings.
    • The Interflora service catalogue disaster or “Flowergate”. Read Karen’s blog.

    Pick of the Month

    • Chris Dancy’s Edict10. Fantastic stuff!
    • Computer programmer 'quadruples productivity' after hiring a woman to slap him in the face every time she catches him looking at Facebook.

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    Standard + Case Approach
    Our new regular podcast host Rob England gives a potted history of himself and his alter ego the IT Skeptic.
    Month in Review
    Simone – New HDAA support news. Accepted presentation for TFT12.
    Tristan – New job is going well but requires more coffee!
    Rob – Also accepted for TFT12. Rob attended Oceania CACS ISACA Conference. Summary of the itSMFA keynote speakers including Karen and Rob here.
    Karen – Spoke at the Forrester CIO Summit in Sydney. Review here.
    Karen is presenting at the Melbourne post-conference roadshow on 11th October.
    Standard and Case Approach
    Charles Betz mentioned adaptive case management to Rob and got Rob very excited.
    Case management – a discipline well understood in other sectors such as health, law enforcement, legal etc. but not in IT.
    There is no process!!
    ITIL talks about standard models but doesn’t really cater for a case approach. Service Desk will look for standard approach but will run out of options when the “new” thing happens. As Hank Marquis says, “I have just fallen off the bottom of the checklist”.
    As Simone says it is deductive reasoning (linear checklist model) versus inductive reasoning (when something is unfamiliar and requires an experimental approach).
    Problem management requires an adaptive case management approach. Most of the time incident management and request management requires a standard approach.

    If there is no model found, we move into adaptive case management.
    Case management has policies and checklists but is not governed by defined process.
    Gamification has a big part to play. People can be certified to perform certain standard models. They get more certification as they can perform more models. As they are trained to be caseworkers they can be certified as caseworkers and level up.
    There are also strong link to KCS.
    It is a great way in which to motivate people and is a fairer approach.
    Organisations need to release the difference between standard and case. Service management and case management are not limited to IT.
    They are like tectonic plates colliding. We need WD40!
    Cannot apply a resolution time or SLA to case management items.
    Rob is writing a book on the subject matter. Watch this space!
    itSMF Australia Post Conference Roadshow Details
    Booby(s) of the Month
    VMWare for killing off a fantastic service desk. See Rob’s blog.

    Pick of the Month

    Kirstie Magowan’s excellent blog’s:



    The team will record Episode 25 on October 18th.

    Simone will be in France but will join us for our festive roundup in December.

    Suggestions for guests and podcast content to info@macanta.com.au

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  5. The Knowledge Bird talks to us about putting the KM into ITSM.

    URL: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2012/9/8/knowledge-management-and-itsm-itsm-weekly-antipodean-podcast.html

    Show Notes - Text Copy

    Month in review
    Tristan started his new job and undergoing a great induction process.
    Karen & Tristan both recovering from a great itSMF Australia LEADIT12 conference on the Gold Coast. It was a resounding success.
    Social media was key at the conference and the pre-conference Twitter Chats were a first.
    Karen is speaking at the itSMFA branch seminar 6th September, Forrester CIO Summit in Sydney on 13th September and itSMFA Post Conference roadshow in Adelaide on 20th September.
    Knowledge Management and ITSM
    The team talk to Aprill Allen about knowledge management and ITSM. Aprill is an independent knowledge management consultant and freelance commercial writer. Her company is Devlogic.
    Aprill talks about her highlights from the itSMF Australia 2012 conference. It was her first conference as a speaker. She has a write-up that you can read here. Aprill liked Rob England’s presentation on Standard + Case.

    Aprill describes how she got into knowledge management and more recently into IT service management and the itSMF Australia. It was almost an accident!

    The e-book that she wrote on a simple guide to creating a knowledge base won the itSMF Australia white paper award in 2011.

    There is a vast untapped market for service management and itSMF globally.

    In 13 months Aprill has become so well known on the global ITSM scene through involvement in itSMF and social media channels.

    The list. Aprill is number 4 on the ‘Top 25 ITSM Pundits’ list.

    Knowledge management in ITSM is crucial regardless of process and integral to continual service improvement. Need more formalisation and reuse of knowledge.

    Need to be careful what we store as knowledge so that it doesn’t become unwieldy. Small manageable chunks, categorisation and tags to easily access knowledge are important.

    Build the creation of knowledge and population of the knowledge-base part of every process.

    Many ITSM tools support the capture of knowledge and have supporting knowledge management process. We just have to use them correctly!

    Knowledge management can make a stressful job a lot less stressful and also bring efficiencies and increase effectiveness.

    If new to knowledge management, start with the Service Desk and the capture of knowledge from incident resolutions. Create a knowledge article that can be linked back to the incident ticket. Incidents should either link to an existing knowledge article or create a new one.

    Everyone has to take some responsibility for knowledge management. Identify the best writers and make them knowledge champions who review knowledge content.

    Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) has some defined functions / roles within the knowledge management process to ensure quality articles are published.

    Knowledge has to be written in business language not technical language.

    Knowledge can decrease the learning curve for new people coming into the organisation. We also have an aging workforce that will be leaving with the knowledge.

    Goodbye to Andrew – Welcome Rob
    Due to work and family commitments Andrew will be leaving the ITSM Antipodean podcast crew as a regular host but we hope to have Andrew back as a guest or guest host in the future.
    Replacing Andrew and balancing the Aussie / Kiwi representation is Rob England, better known to many as the IT Skeptic. Rob will be joining the crew as a host on the next show to be recorded on 26th September.
    itSMF Australia Post Conference Roadshow Details
    Booby(s) of the Month
    Burglar Foiled By Apple Technology
    A thief broke into Steve Jobs Silicon Valley home on July 17 and stole apple products, jewelry and other items including a suitcase to carry them in. When the alleged thief later used one of the stolen Apple gadgets – believed to be an iPhone or iPad – to connect to his iTunes account, it triggered an IP address tracking system, which led police to his whereabouts. He remains in jail on $500,000 bail and could face up to eight years in prison if convicted.

    Pick of the Month

    Tristan discovered Flipboard at the itSMFA conference. Pull your social media streams together. Evernote is another great application.

    TFT12 - The Future Today. 24-hour virtual conference. Vote for speakers at Listly.


    The team will record Episode 24 on September 26th. This will be Simone’s last podcast for a few months as she is off to France for a well-deserved break.

    Suggestions for guests and podcast content to info@macanta.com.au

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ITSM Weekly The Podcast Antipodean


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