1. Xcorps Action Sports Music Presents TRAILDUSTER - This special Xcorps Motor X report has reporter Scott Sommers test driving some classic American 4x4 Iron from the Dodge Ramcharger sport utility era - an original 1979 Plymouth TrailDuster. Check out this original ride with only 50,000 miles on it rolling the incredibly scenic dirt roads of Californias Anza Borrego State Park!

    Shoot team X driving a 1996 Jeep ZJ 4x4 - which acted as a camera platform - headed east out of San Diego with the Trailduster driven by mechanic and on camera host Scott Sommers. Destination was the incredibly desolate bone dry and beautiful Borrego Desert.
    Xcorps chose this area to test this truck because it has over 500 miles of scenic off road miles available to explore! A place called Fonts Point was the sunset destination despite the August heat.

    Music in this film provided by RIVE promoted artist Micah Zenda strumming his song “Against The Wall” on a cool Lyra guitar!
    Super groove here with Zenda’s tunes locking into the Borrego desert landscape! Lots of offroad miles covered shooting this film but you will not see another vehicle rolling besides The Xcorps…that’s how BIG and WIDE Borrego is! Roll with it!

    Mission accomplished despite the 110F blast with minor hose repairs after some hill climbs! Great shots acquired of the TrailDuster on multiple terrains by cameras shooting from multi angles capturing this classic and iconic off-road vehicle in the golden desert light leaving a trail of dust behind it! This was Plymouth’s only SUV, produced from 1974-1981.

    Xcorps TV cameras shot this TrailDuster in its original desert colors and 360ci engine running down dirt trails so scenic it looks like a 1980 Plymouth TV commercial! Additional music by Encinitas band Fang rolling with the Anza desert scenery which closes out with a super sunset at Fonts Point – the Grand Canyon of Borrego State Park!

    Borrego is a California State Park Service hidden off-road scenic X Zone! With over 500 miles of dirt roads in Borrego park there is plenty of Jeep trail fun to be had!
    Special Thanks to the California State Park Service Borrego Station and the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce.
    Stay Tuned!
    8/2013 TRT-6:48
    ©2013 A J.S.Edmondson Film

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  2. Xcorps Action Sports TV SOLOFISH 1 SEABASS with Bob Woodard - Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV presents this offshore sports fishing special hosted by Bob Woodard holding his reputation as a Hemingway class fisherman reeling in BIG fish off Baja Mexico!

    As with past Xcorps episodes whenever Xcorps cameras are onboard any boat with angle pro Bob Woodard fish catching action always results from Mexico to Hawaii! In this new Xcorps Fish Films release Bob takes his boat out to sea and south of San Diego to where the BIG tuna and sea bass are biting!

    Bob demonstrates the fine fishing art of SQUID CATCHING pulling up the freaky beings from way below and displaying them closely to the camera lens. Then the unexpected happens and the captured jet powered cephalopods turn and attack Bob and the Xcorps camera spraying black ink and grabbing wildly with their tentacled arms and biting beak and strange scream! Bob is forced to defend himself by eating several of the sucking attackers! You might want to turn your heads for these scenes folks! Not for the meek!

    Nothing beats live squid for catching BIG fish and the effort pays off with a rod bending hookup and Bob’s battle to land a 45+ pound Pacific White Seabass. The challenge of catching a big predator fish like this also involves keeping it away from other predators like great white sharks the hungry and huge California Sea Lions patrolling the waters around the boat! These affectionate ‘seals’ are big and fast and will easily pull your hard earned fish off the line for itself or at least take a big ugly bite out of it!

    This is the first of an Xcorps series of sports fishing episodes featuring host Bob Woodard showing what it takes to go out and catch any fish solo style anywhere. Follow Bob making plenty of moves on deck from catching bait fish to avoiding anchor chains and multiple lines while holding a rod and reel in one hand and a fish gaff in the other! Fun video here folks!

    After the fish is decked Bob takes a break to talk about the tackle gear used including the Okuma Cedros Star Drag reel and the 701 Makaira carbon fiber rod.
    Stay Tuned for the next episode of Xcorps Solo Fisherman!
    Good ole boy fishing tunes in this piece by Southern California band The Dorados on Mahi Mahi Records.
    Thanks to the San Diego Marlin Club in this production.
    See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
    A J.S.Edmondson Film
    TRT 9:07
    ©2013 TheXcorps

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  3. Xcorps Action Sports TV #54.) AEROBATS seg.2 - Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV Presents extreme aerobatic flying over the Borrego desert and U.S. Xcorps host and X Games Gold member Rat Sult STREET LUGING 10 MILES DOWNHILL into Borrego Springs California on his way to report on a wild aero event called the Borrego Hammerhead Roundup!
    Check out the wild action here as RAT rolls The Borrego S22 Drop on his street skate luge sticking the steep hairpin turns of CA Rt S22 also known as Montezuma Road. Rat’s a pro…DON’T TRY this at home kids!
    For the grueling speedride Rat wore his original LINE X Yellow leathers and burned away a new pair of Vans skate shoes using them for brakes! Rats yellow LINE-X leathers are the ones that appear on the TECH DECK Rat Sult action figure collector series available in stores!

    As usual TheXcorps reporters and cameras were the only ones rolling at this insane niche action sports event held at Borrego Valley Airport in the desert town of Borrego Springs California and featured some of the worlds best AEROBATIC STUNT PLANE pilots competing in what’s called a SKY BOX above the airport runway!

    Xcorps TV host Rat Sult interviewed many of the ultra X pilots including the winner of the sky event along with a couple female flyers and then on a dare for thrills Rat put on a parachute and strapped himself into one of the gravity defying high performance planes – a carbon fiber Velox N11VX with a crazy and skilled pilot to match for the ride of his life! See how Rat holds up to those NEGATIVE G’s!

    Anyone who does this kind of flying Xcorps calls AEROBATS!
    Stay Tuned!
    Music by Angelo Marruzzi.
    Thanks to The Borrego Springs Resort and the town of Borrego Springs California.
    See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
    A J.S.Edmondson Film
    TRT 3:10
    ©2013 TheXcorps

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  4. Xcorps Xmas MUSIC SPECIAL Nayo Jones Mountain High Snow ACTION - In this Xcorps MUSIC Special Christmas presentation winter ACTION sports are featured at the scenic Mountain High Resort in southern California along with classic holiday tunage from Nayo Jones performing the Mel Torme original The Christmas Song. Anyone up for a open fire-roasted chestnut!?

    Located less than three hours drive time from San Diego Mountain High is one of California’s most popular resorts and has been the setting for several Xcorps episodes featuring winter sports action like skiing, snow boarding and even snow bike action!
    This video features a big winter miX of great snow sports action from Mountain High with lots of pal powder and huge air moves down slopes with names like Inferno Ridge, Vertigo and Gunslinger that deliver plenty of gravity powered excitement!
    There is even some tubing and pond skim action thrown in for fun, which is what Xcorps and Mountain High, is all about!

    What goes better with winter snow sports action than a classic Christmas song from musical artist Nayo Jones (pronounced Nigh-O) who is from Phoenix Arizona and does a classic right with her joyous rendition of a timeless holiday tune flavored with a jazzy R/B double shot! Santa will be pleased!

    Special thanks to RIVE promotions and Goodness Records, LLC/Bungalo Records, Inc./Universal Music Group.

    See you on the slopes of Mountain High Resort – So Cals Closest Ski Resort!
    Crank it UP and Stay Tuned!
    See The Action Hear the Music Join The Xcorps!
    Happy Holidays!
    A J.S.Edmondson Film TRT- 5:12
    ©2012 TheXcorps

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  5. Xcorps Mission Moon with Dub Proof – Xcorps rolls with NASA in this special presentation featuring U.S. astronauts on the Moon driving the Lunar Roving Vehicle or LRV to explore the rocky dusty and far away surface of the Moon.

    This is eXploration Xcorps style with the NASA mission astronauts on multiple ‘offroad’ trips some totaling 22 miles long driving the LRV electric vehicle across the surface of the Moon almost a quarter of a million miles from earth! Check out the new super clear HD video footage transfer from NASA 16mm film stabilized and color corrected as the ‘Rover’ bounces its way across the moon at up to a 11.2 mph Moon Speed Record achieved by driver Eugene Cernan during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972.

    Xcorps Motorsports gives the LRV the distinguished All Time Winner award in the electric offroad category! Four LRVs were built for NASA at a cost in 1971 of 38 M dollars. They had a range of about 57 miles. Three of the Rovers made it to and are still parked on the moon ready to roll!

    Xcorps TV is proud of the accomplishments of NASA with the Apollo missions and wanted to promote the fact to the world that the U.S. has landed not once but 6 times on the moon enabling the first 12 humans in earth history to walk around on another astronomical object other than Earth! Xcorps salutes ALL the crazy test pilots of NASA! Without them we would still be stuck on Earth!
    Whether they admit it or not they are all adrenaline junkies with one degree or another!

    Xcorps Music is also very happy to feature the music of Dub Proof c/o RIVE video promotions to go along with the great NASA Apollo footage. It is a great match made in heaven as the piece demonstrates.

    More on the band Dub Proof out of Red Bank New Jersey:

    Dub Proof is a philosophy on music, life, and the combination of both. The band believes that music is a philosophy and a feeling, not a style or categorization. Dub Proof's philosophy is deep, earthy, relaxed, thought provoking, luminous, and classy... only to be lost in the groove will you find what you're looking for... everything resonates and you can feel it in your soul, music comes from that place.

    “NJ Dub (Beer)” Track/EP Credits:
    Copyright: Dub Proof 2010
    Music - Dub Proof

    Lyrics- Milano
    Drums - Pat Clarke
    Bass- Nick Paolise
    Percussion/Kaos- Kenny Pete
    Guitar/Vocals - Sean Milano
    Keys/Melodica - Paul Kates
    Sax- David Hollander
    Dub Proof "NJ Dub (Beer)" [Scientist Dub Mix] Green Stream LLC

    See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
    J.S.Edmonson ©2012 The Xcorps

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The Xcorps is a journalistic multi segment Action Sports and Music video TV program originating from broadcast TV. Some say we are eXtreme but we just like to keep things moving!

We are a journalistic multi segment broadcast TV news magazine edited

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The Xcorps is a journalistic multi segment Action Sports and Music video TV program originating from broadcast TV. Some say we are eXtreme but we just like to keep things moving!

We are a journalistic multi segment broadcast TV news magazine edited to cool music!
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