1. Waveform Berlin-Moscow - 6.Jan.2012 - Ruble Gang - live - Introduction + Nowaday Feeling

    Waveform Berlin-Moscow - Ruble Gang - live in Berlin
    waveformmoscow.com - http://soundcloud.com/ruble-gang
    Tracks: Introduction of Ruble Gang by Sir Edward Dekeyser + "Nowaday Feeling"

    Waveform-Moscow-Berlin - 6th of January 2012 - at CCCP Club Berlin

    The legendary Russian Minimal Wave Synth Party from Moscow - ..for the very 1st time in Germany!!!

    + Live-Act's:
    RUBLE GANG (Moscow)

    aftershow DJ's :
    WAVEFORM DJ Team (Moscow/RUS)
    SIR EDWARD - The Keyser (Antwerp/BE)
    BLIX (modern movement / Berlin)
    RIIKKA (ZoneGrau/Zurück zum Beton /Berlin/Helsinki)
    Minimal Wave 80s Synth UndergrouNDW & Weird tunes...

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  2. BOYKOTT KOMMUNIKATION is a new Berlin based music project, like thousands of others...
    The project was created by the love of music, especially to electronic sounds, and our curiosity of how it works to "making music". Do it!!!
    ...more Boykott Kommunikation, here: http://soundcloud.com/boykott_kommunikation

    Boykott Kommunikation - abbild



    Zeit steht still
    menschenleere Stadt
    eisengrauer Himmel
    ich habs satt!!!

    Jeder geht allein
    Jeder geht für sich
    Die Puppen tanzen
    Im Neonlicht

    Gehorch der Automatik
    Und marschiere mit
    Mach Dich auf den weg
    Die Propaganda hat gesiegt

    Die Träume ausgeträumt
    Alles ist gesagt
    Ein Kuss von Dir
    Alles was ich hab


    Time stands still
    deserted city
    iron-gray sky
    I'm sick of it all!

    Everyone walks alone
    Everyone is for themselves

    and the puppets dance
    in neonlights

    Obey the automatic!
    and marching with you
    Embark on the path
    The propaganda has won

    Dreams have fade away.
    Everything has been said.
    One kiss from you,
    Everything I have

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  3. 'Incendio Italiano' Berlin, 1982. Music by Frieder Butzmann, Film by Thomas Kiesel.

    It appeared at the film exhibition Super-8/Berlin, curated by Keith J. Sanborn for HALLWALLS (700 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14202) in October 1983.

    Kiesel, in Incendio Italiano (roughly, Italian Conflagration) takes the metaphor of highway travel as the central axis for an exploration of poetic sensibility in the grand tradition of Goethe's Italian journeys and Thomas Mann's Death in Venice. The woman we see "speaking" German at the beginning, "speaks" Italian at the end. This newscaster indexes the passage from one sensibility to its opposite, but only a rough directionality obtains during the course of the film. Our road trip floats freely between north (a jerky loop of the Berlin wall) and south (vacation footage). Daily activities are seen, under the motif of a flickering, warped grid, to hold a mysterious energy which film can release. A shoe is tied, later we see the same foot- age,projected in reverse to reveal a strange beauty in the gesture. This is a more purely poetic enjoyment of a trope we see in Vertov's Kinoglaz, where a living steer is reassembled from a rent carcass. But Vertov moves didactically in one direction against the current of the dominant representation of reality. Kiesel gives preference - though not an exclusive one - to a kind of meditative mirror play, relying on a system of references internal to the film and to German culture.

    The track of Incendio was created by Frieder Butzmann, a well-known Berlin musician. It flows in dense parallel movement with the stream of images, re-enforcing the elegantly oblique references of the imagery to the economic and political state of things.

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  4. Sudeten Creche | Glorious Treason live @ Future Echo 03
    23 APR 2011
    Fluc Vienna

    video by kordinia


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  5. Weltklang live @ Future Echo 04
    20 MAY 2011
    Fluc Vienna

    video by kordinia

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MINIMAL WAVE SYNTH NDW ELEKTRONIK PUNK 80s Underground is the home of wierd, naive, strange, experimental and synthesizer based electronic music from the early 80s till the past, most videos are DIY from the bands or people who like this kind of music...…

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MINIMAL WAVE SYNTH NDW ELEKTRONIK PUNK 80s Underground is the home of wierd, naive, strange, experimental and synthesizer based electronic music from the early 80s till the past, most videos are DIY from the bands or people who like this kind of music...

some examples of bands, following bandlist is taken from http://www.minimal-elektronik.de, thank you guys: 08/15 * 1. Futurologischer Congress * 1000 Ohm * 2+2=5 * A Blaze Colour * A Popular History Of Signs * A Split Second * A Sudden Sway * A² * Absent Without Leave * Absolute Body Control * Actor, The * Ad Astra * Ad Conspiracy * Add N To (X) * Adn' Ckrystall * Advanced Art * Aerial Fx * Ag Geige * Aimless Device * Algebra Suicide * Alien Skull Paint * Ami Marie * Arms Of Someone New, The * Arroganti, Andi * Art & Technique * Art Brut Ensemble * Art Interface * Art Of Kissing * Artist Unknown * Astrea Redux * Astronauten, Die * Autumn * Aviador Dro, El * Baard * Bakterielle Infektion * Bal Parè * Ball, Dave * Ballistic Kisses * Band Apart * Bande Berne Crematoire * Bartos, Karl * Base Of Subsoil * Batz Without Flesh * Beatnik Love Affair * Bender, John * Beograd * Beranek * Berlin Express * Bizarre Leidenschaft * Blancmange * Blitz * Blockwart * B-Movie * Boddy, Ian * Body 11 * Body Electric * Bone, Richard * Boxbury Beat * Boytronic * Boykott Kommunikation * Burnham, Alan * Cabaret Voltaire * Camera Obscura * Camp Sophisto * Carcrash International * Carol * Central Unit * Ceramic Hello * Chris And Cosey * Chrome * Chuzpe * Ciaran Harte * Cinema 90 * Circuit 7 * Clair Obscur * Class Action * Contact * Crash Course In Science * D.U.R. * DAF * Daily Fauli * Dark Day * Dark Distant Spaces * Data Bank A * Days Of Sorrow * De Goal, Charles * Dementia Precox * Der Herr Kam Über Sie * Design * Deutsche Schäferhunde * Devo * Dicky Design * Didi Und Die Herzschrittmacher * Din A Testbild * Ding, Das * Doppler Effect * Doxa Sinistra * Dreizack * Drinking Electricity * D-Stop * Dupont, Martin * Echo West * Ede Und Die Zimmermänner * Eicher, Stephan * Einstein & Freakowitz * Electronic Circus * Elephants Never Sleep * Emak * Ende Shneafliet * Endgame * Endphase * Endzeit * Ensemble Pittoresque * Esplendor Geometrico * Exkurs * Experimental Products * Fad Gadget * Falk, Lars * Fall Of Saigon * Fast Forward * Fast Set, The * Femmé Fatale * Fergusson, Alex * Fiction Technology * File_Not_Found * Finch, Roy * Fitzgerald, Patrick * Five Or Six * Fjose * Flash Cero, The * Foetus * For Against * Force Dimension, The * Form, Die * Foxx, John * Foyer Des Arts * Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle * Frozen Ducks * Futurisk * Geile Tiere * Gelatinous Citizen * Genocide * Gesserit, Bene * Gesunden, Die * Gilbert, Bruce * Glatze Des Willens * Gleitzeit * Glowalla, Christof * Gorilla Aktiv * Görl, Robert * Grandell, Steven * Graphik Magazin * Grauzone * Guerre Froide * Heimcomputer 80 * Hidden Pleasure * Hiller, Holger * Hudson, Jeff & Jane * Hypothetical Prophets, The * Hysterica Passio * I-f * Iko * Im Namen Des Volkes * Inbase * Incubated Sounds * Indians In Moskow * Iron Curtain * It & My Computer * Kabinette, Das * Kas Product * Kein Mensch * Keine Ahnung * Ende Shneafliet * Künftige Musikant, Der * Kuruki * Land Of Giants * Lane, Mark * Last Man In Europe * Le Syndicat Electronique League Of Nations * Leer, Thomas & Rental, Robert * Legowelt * Les Visiteurs Du Soir * Liaisons Dangereuses * Linear Movement * Lineas Aereas * Logic System * Lou Champagne System .....and....and...

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