1. Tom's back and this time found a book that has quite an effect on him.

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    Starring Tom Offer-Westort
    Directed by Peter Simon
    Music by Paul Otteson ||
    Brought to Life by Abby Simon, Tom Offer-Westort, and Peter Simon
    Concept by Bob Ekdahl

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  2. **This footage is managed exclusively by If you wish to license this footage please contact**

    A church - built in the form of a giant chicken. In Magelang District, central Java, Indonesia. Near a lookout due west of Borobudur, where we shot It was while packing up that flight that a friend spotted the great bird's crown, peeking out of the canopy in the distance. And so we discovered the Chicken Church. And I had one battery pack left :)


    The second half is Yogya city from around Tamansari, the Water Palace. Big thanks to Beng Beng for leading us to the launch spots.

    ~ update mid-2015: Much more information is now available on this, any search of the title will show. Eg., it's meant to be a dove and a prayer house... and was imagined in an apparent revelation from God.

    Hendrix - Little Wing. I do not own the copyright to this transcendently appropriate music, make no claim to it and strongly recommend you visit one or several of the myriad locations from which it can be purchased. And/or just go to his next show. Explore his work. Spend money. JH4EVA. Okay?

    Kwyji~3 (latest incarnation)
    DJI Naza FC, GPS Atti mode.
    F450 frame
    10" Graupners on Avroto 2814-11 motors.
    GoPro 2, 720p/60fps, fixed
    Not FPV. Still. Yet.

    Kwyji~6 is now operational, but was too new and big to take on the sudden trip to Yogyakarta... Just all the surrounding kit for the old trusty K~3 is a lot to travel with. The Wookong FC is better, less jittery than the Naza, for sure. But it's on K~6, the Y6 Droidworx with Photohigher gimbal and such and such. The next bunch of video will surely be from him, but hopefully not with the GoPro... I'm sick of its fish-eye and sensitivity to vibes. Sony CRX-100, I think. Looks incredible and does 1080p/60fps with a narrow field of view.

    Might post one more edit from the 7 flights I managed in Yogya. It was windy a lot. Hot always. Sometimes on holiday, getting everything together seems like too much work... I carted it around on my backpack one whole day, but the wind never got down to anything useful and it rained a lot... But we had a ball. I saw every chance to fly as a bonus and everyone with was very patient, thanks. Enough warbling. Bye now!

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  3. Not long ago, handwriting was taken for granted as something anyone could generally do well. Today, children are taught how to type on tablets - putting pen to paper is an afterthought. INK follows Tanja Tiziana - a freelance photographer in Toronto, Canada - and her journey to rediscover the written word.

    A film by Ryan Couldrey - & & (includes 4 extras)
    Featuring Tanja Tiziana - &

    'Ink' on The Verge! ; Digg! ; Sploid/Gizmodo! ; Design Taxi! ; CBC Metro Morning! ; Pen Addict! ; Devour! ; Globe & Mail!

    Special thanks: Liz and Jon at; Everyone at

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  4. This guy sings the same song in 15 different locations. Hear what happens!
    No artificial reverb added.

    The Wikisinger sings the same song in different environments experimenting with natural reverb, early reflections and short delays.

    One of the scenes is recorded in an anechoic chamber without any sound reflections.


    Directed by Vincent Rouffiac
    Produced by TOUCHÉ Videoproduktion

    Composed, written and performed by Joachim Müllner

    In association with:
    IRCAM -
    Les Gens Du Son -
    Studio Davout -

    Image : Vincent Rouffiac, Gérald Massoubre
    Sound recording : Jean-Philippe Gréau, Matthieu Lechartier
    Choreography : Georgia Ives

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