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  2. emotionalmovie.com
    It's a short film shot with only one lens: Canon 70-200 F4.
    The aim was precisely to test this particular set-up of Sony a7s II with Commlite adapter.
    All the images are realized in manual mode, with manual focus and using the inner stabilizer of the camera. The color profile used was log 2 / S-Gamut.
    Editing and color correction was done with Adobe Premiere CC.

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  3. A visual portrait of Cuba, seen from the perspective of an outsider. Shot directly before, during and after the opening of the american embassy in August 2015.

    Footage captured during the production of 'Las Cenizas'

    Created in partnership with MoFilm and Getty Images for the Wanderlust Competition.

    Produced by Ning Zhao

    Shot, edited and colored by Jacob Kirby

    Additional footage by Fiona Gorman

    Audio - "Dreamtique" - Film & Music Co

    Equipment - Sony FS7 (w/ Metabones Speedbooster EF-Mount), GoPro Hero 4, Canon Cinema Primes (35mm, 50mm, 85mm), Canon 100mm Macro, Kessler Cineslider (w/ second shooter).

    Graded in Davinci Resolve

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  4. This video celebrates the Frank Stella retrospective at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Frank Stella (b. 1936) is one of the most important living American artists. This retrospective showcased approximately 100 of his works, including paintings, reliefs, sculptures, and drawings. I was transfixed by a single piece, however, and 90% of this video is close up images of a 40 foot long acrylic masterpiece called Das Edbeden in Chile (or "the earthquake in Chile”). The piece is so huge that you literally have to walk it. So, that’s what I did. I worked my way along the canvas taking close-up images every four feet. At each stop, I shot four images at different heights. As you will see, the piece has so much depth, chaos and color that every small area takes time to absorb. The remaining images in the video are detailed close-ups of Stella sculptures at the exhibit.

    The music picked itself for this video. I have a software program that plays songs for musicians to practice with. While making this video, I selected a slow jazz chord exercise in this software to play as a draft backing track while assembling the images. Two weeks later, I couldn’t imagine this video with any other music, so I learned the chords and recorded my own version of the song, which turns out to be the chords for an old jazz standard called Body and Soul. The music creates a melancholy mood that suits the theme of Das Edbeden in Chile.

    Camera: Panasonic GH4
    Music: My own composition (based on traditional jazz chords) called Stella, which is available on SoundCloud (along with the rest of my music) at: soundcloud.com/gregoryvaughan

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  5. Many billions of years compressed into five minutes - "Not" is an eco-feminist poem about human beings - a brief-lived, relentlessly self-destructive invasive species who once roamed the earth.

    Many people think apocalypse is something in the future - something out of a sci-fi film involving CGI and cataclysmic events, but ever since I read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, I understood that environmental destruction of the earth is already happening - apocalypse is well underway.

    Environmental apocalypse is often visually unspectacular or invisible. Aside from the visuals of icebergs melting into the sea - it's often mundane and dull. It is catastrophic - but it can be as boring and mechanically repetitive as the industrial machines of destruction you see working away in this film.There is something weirdly beautiful, haunting and even lyrical about such machines - they are rich visual metaphors for larger "machines" such as capitalism, patriarchy, etc.

    Apocalyptic environmental destruction may be dull and monotonous - but it is all around us, from fracking to mountain top mining - to hoarding and hyper consumption. It is right before our eyes, yet many people are seemingly blind to it. Many do not believe in global warming, yet they cling to some wildly irrational ideas about the supposed coming apocalypse. Irrationality goes hand in hand with apocalyptic thinking. What we "are" seems less important than what we are "not," in a sense.

    "Not" is a poem that is as much about toxic relationships between humans - as it is a contemplation of our relentless destruction of the earth. The inevitably damaging consequences of our empathy deficient species? The reckless & mechanized destructive nature of end stage capitalism? A siren call to alert us all that Thanatos is destroying Eros. A cry for empathy from the earth itself? "Not" is offered as a thought-provoking metonymic poem. The meaning is left entirely up to the spectator. I let my subconscious take over on this one.

    --- Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

    See "Waste," my related short film at vimeo.com/165976297

    See vimeo.com/128688837 for a film on which I collaborated.

    Read more here at filmint.nu/?p=5581(free article.) "Not" may be read as a coda to my book, "Hoarders, Doomsday Preppers, and the Culture of Apocalypse."

    For more go to: gwendolynaudreyfoster.com/

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