1. LISTEN! all ye hypocrites who hear
    With so-called open hearts and willing ear
    Just how -- while writhing in my sweat-soaked bed,
    That crass reminder I would soon be dead --
    I dreamed I watched my own unwanted birth
    From high above the teaming, steaming Earth
    While several feet away there hovered two
    Malignant little shapes -- my parents! -- who,
    Through vacant apathetic eyes, looked on.
    It was the hour just before the dawn.
    That oh-so little hour! That magic time!
    When madmen -- dreamers, too -- are in their prime.
    When most men die. Most babies too are born.
    And those condemned to Life must bravely mourn
    The loss in their poor lives. O churlish Fate!
    And most unlucky timing! Not to wait
    A little hour longer for the dawn
    When sunrise wakens with its sleepy yawn!
    No, you insisted on, impatient demon,
    Now, the present hour: VARGTIMMEN.
    Ye, the Hour of the Wolf. And so,
    The moment came. From somewhere deep below,
    A belching push. 'Twas time for me to be!
    It happened just like that. Amazingly,
    I saw myself untimely ripped and hurled
    Out into all the colors of the world,
    My blinking eyes at pains to focus. But,
    The all-consuming question was: on what?


    The Hour of the Wolf, or in Swedish, Vargtimmen. The inquisitive viewer will no doubt be wondering how such an esoteric concept even entered The Grid Man's awareness. The answer may be found in a journal entry, which i will quote at length:

    "Friday night. Was at the usual sports bar for free, Happy Hour pizza. Very crowded and noisy with the usual obnoxious yahoo types. But not far from me at the bar there was a young man sitting by himself, scruffy beard, glasses, who stood out so incongruously from the rest of the crowd, it was like he accidentally stumbled in from another planet. He was scribbling -- with a pen! -- in a notebook, completely oblivious to all the noise around him. Just the visual impact of the sight was transfixing. At a certain point, a young girl, who did fit in perfectly, I should add, came up to him. She was drunk and giggling and she said to him, "Wow! Are you writing a novel?" The guy just looked at her, barely masking his contempt, and said to her in a very flat tone, "No, it's a long, very complicated suicide note. And when the notebook is filled, the note will be finished and it will be time to die." The girl just looked at him and walked away quickly. For me, it was practically love at first sight. A little while later, the guy went to the back to the mens room, leaving the notebook unattended on the bar. I simply couldn't help myself. I took it and ran home."

    The stolen notebook has never been found. But from various clues in The Grid Man Archives, it appears to have been some sort of manuscript of a play composed entirely of rhyming couplets of perfect iambic pentameter. One particular speech, however, apparently impressed the Grid Man so much that he copied it word-for-word into his journal and used it as the basis for the video we have just seen. Note that although certain portions of the speech are seen in the video as written text, the speech is never heard spoken out lout. We have therefore appended a recitation of the speech in its entirety to the start of the video, to slightly -- and I stress slightly -- appease those silly and clueless critics who argue the video is incomprehensible without prior familiarity with the speech, and hence, a complete failure. Of course, this is something only the viewer can decide for himself.

    Please forgive the poor quality of the recitation, which was contributed free of charge by a third-rate out-of-work actor, desperate to at least temporarily forget his horrific day job at a corporate law firm. You get what you pay for.

    Certain scholars still hold out hope that the stolen manuscript will surface some day. It is fair to say this is unlikely at best.

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  2. shot on PMW EX3 and the Cinemek g35.

    Starring Philip and Arnie Bloom

    Music is by Stereolab

    This film actually does have a narrative to it.

    It is about my father and I. Both of us have visited this magical please separately many times but never together. The way it jumped cut between us emphasized this. Only in the end shot do we come together and then go back to our separate lives. It shows how similar we are but how we have grown apart through distance and only by making an effort can we maintain our bond...

    Learn more about this film here: philipbloom.co.uk/2009/03/31/short-film-return-to-dungeness/

    and check out vimeo.com/3964727 to see how I graded the film

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  3. Take another trip around the U.S. and parts of Canada through my eyes, with Adventure Is Calling II.

    I was fortunate enough to spend several months this past summer traveling around the U.S. and parts of Canada, teaching workshops and shooting timelapse along the way. Since the trip was so similar to the year before, I thought it was fitting to dub this video as a sequel to Adventure Is Calling. This trip spanned just shy of 4 months, covered around 14,000 miles and led to this film, composed of nearly 20,000 still images.

    It was so great getting so much feedback on the last video about how it inspired so many to get out, travel, and spend more nights under the stars. I hope this video will revamp those desires.

    Special thanks to Arn Andersson for making an extended version of his song The Truth Beyond for me to use for this video. arnandersson.com

    Camera Gear:
    Canon 5D MKIII
    Canon 5D MKII
    Canon 16-35L II
    Canon 24L II
    Canon 50 f1.4
    Canon 70-200L II IS

    Motion control thanks to:
    eMotimo TB3 Black emotimo.com
    Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly dynamicperception.com
    Vanguard Tripods

    Adobe Lightroom
    Adobe After Effects
    LRTimelapse lrtimelapse.com

    Email shaneblack300@gmail.com for licensing inquiries.

    Instagram @shanemichaelblack

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  4. *** Volume 3 is now live here: vimeo.com/124461833 ***

    Watch our videos in Ultra HD here: WWW.EARTHPORNFILMS.COM

    In Earth Porn Volume 2 we take to the skies and explore the lakes, rivers and waterfalls of Alberta, Canada.

    Other volumes in this series:
    Earth Porn Volume 1 (British Columbia): bit.ly/1AyERwv
    Earth Porn Volume 3 (Alberta Flatlands): bit.ly/1HRuM2o
    Earth Porn Volume 4 (Alberta Rockies): coming soon

    Thanks for Watching,
    Christiaan Welzel


    Production Credits:

    Camera/Flight Operation: Christiaan Welzel, Jared Folkmann
    Producer: Kseniya Welzel
    Location Scout: Aurelia Folkmann
    Key Grip: Jennifer Folkmann

    Special Thanks to Banff Trail Riders and Parks Canada for making some of the footage possible.

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  5. On March 20, 2015 one of the most important and spectacular celestial events in Norway in our century takes place: A total solar eclipse on Spitsbergen

    View from Mount Fugleberget (568m a.s.l.), close to the Polish Polar Station in Hornsund Fjord.

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