1. RX the Pharm Tech & Dj Taebo Manuhs - Words Rule the World @ the Bayou Cajun Grill (EPTX) 10-29-2011 for the Hip Hop Halloween Costume Bash!!! Shouts out to Changzilla for the camera work!!


    see I'm trying to dissect the directions of this dialect/
    So I'm logging in the dialog the sun seems to be dialing/
    Diagnosing these agnostics with my diatonic diagrams/
    And converting with my concerts & the concepts in my diaphragm/
    Cuz I've decided to decode all these decades of debate/
    To realign what's real so relax & maybe relate/
    So I can relay the replay with some reverb & delay/
    Some verses & a DJ reversing the decay (DK)/
    A choir in the chorus & some chords (cords) right at the core/
    Acquired from the story that is stored inside the storm/
    You see the words within these tones are like a sword inside a stone/
    Sworn to fine tune your files with the force of fire in this micro fone/
    So journey thru my journals & visit all my visions/
    Listen to the list of verbs coming thru my verbal mission/
    Pause to examine the samples & all the examples I promote/
    Then apply all your applause to the apple in my throat/
    An appliance for alliance spreading seeds like a disease/
    In defiance of the headings that need to be deceased/
    Cuz I'm not happy with what happens when authority's in the authors/
    And I resent the presentation of laughter in the slaughter/
    So the audience of audio must keep auditioning this oddness/
    Converging into conversations about subjects & objects/
    Conveying conservation & protecting the project/
    So detect defective logic & start progressing the process/

    [Let me massage you with these messages 3x]

    cuz words rule all the roles in the world

    The art that you hear is the heart of the Earth/
    Healing all our heads with what our ears have heard/
    So heal your head with what you hear (3x)/
    Cuz words rule all the roles in the world/

    See the weight of our ways is way heavier than heavens/
    Even more clever than them several sevens & elevens/
    Where the chains of chance can charge or change a man/
    But see I've chose to chase something other than that plain plan so/
    Follow the flow of the moments inside this movement/
    see the skill in my skull while I improvise improvements/
    From within my laboratory where I form this elaborate labor/
    Liberating with literature that'll never be obliterated later/
    Cuz I demonstrate with my demos how to demolish all the demons/
    Keep a positive position while depositing the dream in/
    Let this music be a muse & a muscle for amusement/
    You can study my studio from the stadium like a student/
    All these weird words & contemporary tempos/
    From these instrumentals echo in between your mental temples/
    Rhyming over rhythms while the clock clicks & tick tocks/
    So now you know why we all call this shit HIP HOP/

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  2. "Puzzlepeace" by RX the Pharm Tech ft. DJ Taebo Manuhs @ Mulligan's North Bar & Grill El Paso, Texas


    Lately I’ve been feelin like it’s all just a dream
    Forever caught in between the future and all that I’ve seen
    I can’t seem to piece together this puzzle....ripping my head off
    In a world where no one’s subtle anymore how can I be humble?
    Still I try to help the caterpillars fly thru this vanilla sky
    and make my villains die by taking psilocybe and killin time
    trippin on these billion lives that came out of nowhere
    but cold air...treating ourselves like we’re so rare
    well i really I don’t care I’d rather recognize my insignificance
    and use it as fuel to bring difference to others’ existences
    However diluted no matter if it’s of a lesser congruence
    I’m destined to use this body til death comes and ruins
    whatever’s left of this mess of a human
    Left in confusion wondering if this is just an illusion
    but i forget the conclusions and instead shift my head from separate to union
    Accepting the movement of this marathon
    despite the riddle of this paradox of life

    Searchin for a purpose in this endless sea of patterns
    so many people sometimes i wonder if i even matter
    but then i realize the goal is to see that my soul is never separate from the whole
    Sometimes it’s like i’m just another face in the crowd
    Anonymous...another body just chasin the clouds
    but then i realize the goal is to see that my soul is just playing it’s role

    So I open my eyes and wake up
    hopin to find a reason for why we all just get older and die
    while these moments get frozen in time
    Everything I’ve ever seen always echoing
    through the memories that I keep holding inside
    Alone in my mind....there’s nowhere to hide from the past
    so i stay unattached til I figure out my part of this plan
    hard to understand at first when you’re still bound along the edges
    you’ll see the bigger picture once you get how it’s all connected
    putting together all the segments of this mosaic
    role playin in each location then rotatin
    it’s so strange cuz that’s the only way i’ve found to make it work
    yet the thing that hurts the worse is after death there’s no escape from birth
    still i’m OK in this position of endless existence unable to exit or finish
    starting to see I never (really) entered to begin with
    forever just living in different conditions and witnessin infinite visions of wisdom
    going through every decision within the divisions of this limited system
    repeating eternally building it up and breaking it down
    and then forgettin how it’s made so as you pass away it’s like “Remember now?
    everyone has their place and you’re forced to play a part
    til you find your inner peace by figuring out which piece you are

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  3. "Brain: Washington" by RX the Pharm Tech ft. Dj Taebo Manuhs @ Mulligan's North Bar & Grill El Paso, Texas 11-8-2011


    I remember the first time I ever saw with my third eye
    I learned why it’s every person’s birth right
    To earn a better living on this dirt of Earth
    But you gotta work twice as hard to break this worthless curse
    Of being blinded by the light of them TV ads
    Not knowing that control is in some greedy man’s hands
    Tryin’ to lock us up and keep us in a box
    By making us think the world is something that it’s not
    See, nothing really is what it seems
    So it’s time to wake up from this American Dream
    Where everybody’s always reaching for those five minutes of fame
    But once you finally get there, your life isn’t the same
    There’s all these haters, the fakers, the bullshit and the critics
    Remember dreams feel like forever but they only last a minute
    So before the road takes a turn for the worse
    Appreciate where you’re at first

    So fuck being rich & famous….I ain’t doin this for the pay off
    I’d rather keep myself dirty…..than get brainwashed

    Brainwashed by all the media feeding us these ingredients to make us obedient to their greediness
    Making it seem as if life is just so tedious
    It doesn’t make sense like the definition of meaningless
    So don’t pay attention to the bat boy in the tabloids
    There only intention is to turn us into androids
    It’s all an invention for them to get some investments
    By making us ingest some bullshit into our intestines
    Look at the all the billboards filled with these so called role models
    Commercials trying to tell me that the bible ain’t a novel
    All these armies and navies trying to start a crazy war
    So I’m looking at Google Earth like it’s 1984
    We’re being programmed with this television programmin
    It’s almost like they wanna mess up this whole planet
    So why bother being on your TV propaganda
    There’s satellites everywhere, man, we’re all on camera

    So fuck being famous….I ain’t doin this for the pay off
    I’d rather keep myself dirty and poor…..than get brainwashed

    Every single person on this earth serves a purpose
    Workin’ to stop the worthlessness and make it perfect

    So…all you gotta do is be yourself
    That’s the key that’ll free you from the cell
    There ain’t no need to be like anyone else
    Remember that and there will never be no jealousy felt

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  4. "Words Rule the World" by RX the Pharm Tech featuring Methyl @ the Garage Tequila Bar El Paso, Texas 915!!!

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RX the Pharm Tech

RX the Pharm Tech

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