1. A music video by Wayne Berke

    Music: Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull (I Like How It Feels)
    Video Editing: Wayne Berke

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  2. More from our Extreme Kiwi Kid this time using his rears and wearing a GoPro...

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  3. This Video was mainly Shot during a 7 Days Trip with 2 friends through Switzerland in August 2012. (Thank you Adrian Bhend and Sandro Weibel for this great and funny adventure!)
    It's the first part of 3 Tricking-Movie Projects we planned to do during these days.

    With the Sony fs700 we recorded different Tricking-Moves with 400 frames per second in front of stunning locations and places of interest.
    Trying to inspire and show the beauty and variety of this country (and tricking of course).
    Don't try this at home! Come to Switzerland :)

    Several Moves were landed safely..
    uhhh...and and try to ignore the facial expression ;)

    Song used: Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

    Seven Lions:

    Florence + The Machine:


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  5. Here's a few shots from some of the recent Skydive Sebastian events.

    Check out SkydiveSebastian.com for more info on events.

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