1. My first child was born in a huge teaching hospital in Los Angeles. The labor was long and regrettably not natural. I was given an analgesic during labor and an epidural for the delivery. It was all very cold, efficient and mechanical. The hospital I was in happened to be a Catholic one in which every other woman there seemed already to know the ropes since she was giving birth to her fifth or eighth or tenth child. Nobody bothered to tell me much about what was going on or what was expected of me. My baby was taken from me immediately after the birth and put into a nursery with all of the other babies while I was wheeled off to a private room. Soon they brought this tiny creature to me. I held him in my arms and stared at him in stark wonder. Then at three hourly intervals he would reappear for twenty minutes at a time and I'd hold him in bed beside me until the nurse would come and take him away again. The third or fourth time they brought him to me, he began to cry. I nestled him, rocked him, and spoke gently to him but he wouldn't stop so I rang for the nurse. `My baby's crying,' I said, `What should I do?' `Have you burped him?' `Burped him?' `You have fed him haven't you?' `Fed him? Am I supposed to feed him?` The nurse took him and put him to my breast. His tiny mouth opened and reached for me as if he had known forever what to do. He began to suck with such force it took my breath away. It was like being attached to a vacuum cleaner. I began to laugh. I couldn't help myself. It seemed incredible that such a tiny creature could have such power and determination. He too had a purpose. He was raw, insistent and real. With every fiber of his being, this child was drawing his life and he would not be denied. Tears of joy ran shamelessly down my cheeks while he sucked. There in the midst of all that clinical green and white, I had discovered what love was all about. It was really quite simple—a meeting of two beings. The age, the sex, the relationship didn't matter. That day two creatures--he and I—had met. We touched each other in utter honesty and simplicity. This experience was for me a true epiphany. My life was forever altered by it. There was nothing romantic or solemn about it. No obligations, no duties, no fancy games, and you didn't have to read an encyclopedia of baby care to experience it. We'd met, just that. Somewhere in spirit we were friends. I knew beyond all doubt that I had found something real and real it has remained.

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  2. I once spent the night lying on a platform above an animal watering hole staring into the vastness of space beholding the great, fathomless mystery of the African sky. Aaron, my youngest son, then three years old, lay curled up next to me like a kitten lost in his dreams. Dazzled by the inconceivable expanse of the sky whose darkness was so overcome with the light from billions of stars that lived in it, I lost myself in timelessness and infinity. That night I came not to think or to wonder but to know with absolute certainty in every cell and molecule of my body that this cosmic world was not something separate from myself, nor I from it. We were, in a way I will never be able to understand rationally, one being. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. Like the proverbial iceberg, most of us live with the lion’s share of our potential for freedom, joy, creativity and authentic power submerged beneath a sea of unknowing. We go about our day-to-day duties and pleasures conscious only of what comes to us through our five senses. How does it taste and feel? What does it sound like? What do we see in front of our eyes? Meanwhile, beneath the vast ocean of consciousness that constitutes what it is to be fully human, our greater selves hibernate, waiting to be awakened. Sometimes—when we fall in love perhaps, or when we are faced with an event of life-shattering proportions like a critical illness or the death of a close friend—a submerged area of our being erupts in magic or horror, and often in surges of passion, energy and beauty. Then, for a time, the mundane quality of everyday life is replaced with a sense of expanded being. Not only do we feel more alive, we wake up to find that familiar things—the tree that stands outside a bedroom window, the cat that greets us when we come home each day, a simple shell we picked up and slipped into our pocket while walking on the beach—have taken on a luminosity which we can’t explain. Other times, without warning while listening to music or walking down a city street, we are suddenly gripped with a sense that the world is far greater than we ever imagined it to be, and a certainty that all we see around us somehow is us. While the experience lasts everything seems right in the world. Then, like the sun at the point of setting, everything fades beneath the mundane horizon leaving only the faintest wisp of color to remind us that we once stood in its glory, felt its rays on our bodies and knew that being at one with the universe brings a sense of meaning to our own life and to the lives of others that is simply indescribable. The greatest desire I have is to live my life conscious of the oneness to which we all belong. After all, the magnificence of that African sky not only stretches out to infinity above us, it lies within us, calling to us—asking us to discover that it is who we are.

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  3. A seed has more power for generating life than any other part of a plant. Little wonder, since seeds are designed to grow new plants. Although the needs of a growing plant are not identical to our own, seeds come packed with the superb balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and plant factors necessary to launch a new plant. As such, they are the finest natural food that “home farming” can provide. Sprouted seeds and grains, grown in a bowl in a kitchen window or airing cupboard, are the richest source of naturally occurring vitamins known. A mere tablespoon of tiny seeds can produce up to a kilo of sprouts. Sprouts come in all shapes and colors, from the tiny curlicue forms of mustard to the round yellow spheres of chickpeas. Common seeds for sprouting are mung beans, adzuki beans, wheat, barley, fenugreek, lentils, mustard, oats, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. The Chinese invented living sprout foods centuries ago. They carried mung beans on their ships, sprouting these seeds to provide vitamin C and prevent scurvy in sailors. In their dormant state, chickpeas, mung beans, and lentils are filled with enzyme inhibitors. This makes them hard to digest even when cooked and is one of the reasons why eating beans and lentils creates so many digestive troubles. Our bodies are not very well designed to handle them in this form. Enzyme inhibitors can interfere with our ability to absorb minerals present in a food. But when you sprout a seed, all this changes. Its content of B vitamins and vitamin C soars. Enzyme inhibitors get neutralised. Meanwhile, the enzymes dormant in these embryonic plants spring into life to improve the way your own body’s enzymes function. Sprouted seeds of mung beans, chickpeas, unshelled sesame seeds, lentils, adzuki and buckwheat are delicious in salads, as snacks, or used to create live muesli for breakfast. You can buy them from a shop already growing, or sprout them yourself in bowls on the kitchen windowsill. Because they are young plants and because they are eaten raw, they also convey the highest level of biophoton order to your living matrix. This quote from Clive McCay, professor of nutrition at Cornel University says it all, really. “A vegetable which will grow in any climate, will rival meat in nutritive value, will mature in three to five days, may be planted any day of the year, will require neither soil nor sunshine, will rival tomatoes in vitamin C, and will be free of waste in preparation...They are an almost perfect food.”

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  4. Is Leslie dead or alive? You may well ask. Where has she been for the past three years? At times, I have wondered myself... Together with my youngest son, Aaron, I have been obsessively focused on creating a unique, life-changing web-based process for weight loss, enhanced health and personal transformation at every level. It had to be a program which could guide you through day-by-day, from beginning to end. With this intention as our goal Aaron and I focused our lives on doing something that we believed in and which has never been done before. We had no interest in calling on some sophisticated corporate company to come up with a plan. We wanted to do it all ourselves from beginning to end. Neither of us had any idea how to go about creating a worldwide online program which could be made available to any man or woman wanting to transform their body and their energy as well as experience ever deeper connections with their essential being. Aaron was a designer and a filmmaker. I was a writer and broadcaster. Both of us had to learn daunting skills from the word go. He dived into programming. Before long he was talking a language which I didn’t even understand. I still don’t! I began to work intensively with people throughout the world, mentoring them through the Cura Romana protocol which I had learned about more than twenty years earlier and had longed to bring to the public because it had changed my own life so profoundly. They say that only fools go where angels fear to tread. That was us. We naively thought that creating our dream would take no more than a few months. (The very thought of this now makes me laugh.) It has taken almost three years. What matters is we have finally done it. The CURA ROMANA JOURNEY has now come to birth out of the fruits of our labors. While we were creating it, we had neither the time nor the energy to promote our original Cura Romana mentored program. Nonetheless it continued to grow, gathering steam all by itself. This took place through word of mouth alone thanks to the enthusiasm of men and women who had done the program with me. Aaron and I believe that, at this moment in history, personal transformation on many levels is essential if each of us is to meet the challenges of the future. Our goal has always been to inspire, support and serve your wellbeing, personal transformation and spiritual awakening on every level. It still is. I do hope you’ll take a look at the brand new CURA ROMANA JOURNEY. You’ll find nothing like it anywhere in the world. When it comes to weightloss, health and personal transformation it stands alone. http://www.curaromana.com

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  5. Get Your FREE Copy Now. Click on the link below:

    Hurry it is only available to the first 2,500 and going fast. http://curaromana.com/newsletter/healthy-and-lean-for-life.php

    I've just finished writing e-book that is now up on the http://www.curaromana.com site. It's called HEALTHY AND LEAN FOR LIFE. In writing this book, I have drawn on knowledge and experience amassed over more than four decades of researching and working in the fields of natural health and spiritual development. Some of what you will read in this book may shock you. Why? Because, since the mid-1950s, most of what we have been told about what is supposed to be a healthy diet has been nothing more than conjecture. Not grounded in solid research, current widespread beliefs about nutrition are not based on hard science but on many unproven hypotheses.

    This book sets the record straight. It's a guidebook for transforming health as well as preventing and even reversing the Diseases of Western Civilization. It is also a testament to an important truth: Aging is meant to be a joy, not an experience of growing disabilities. It tells how to make this so. My wish in writing this little book is to bring to the thousands of men and women who continually struggle with their health and weight practical, simple information with which we can transform lives. In the pages that follow you will find life-changing discoveries, new ways of thinking and powerful cutting-edge technologies that can help heighten vitality, restore natural size and shape to your body, slow aging and bring greater freedom from degenerative diseases. Here's a extract from the first chapter:

    Informed people—among them some Hollywood stars and a growing number of the world's top endurance athletes—know and make use of information that you will find in this book—stuff that most have yet to discover. I call them the health elitists. Their work requires an ongoing ability to access high levels of energy, creativity, freedom, stamina and good looks. Their goal is to live life at the peaks, no matter what their age. Living this kind of life is no longer the preserve of a privileged few. What I've learned in 45 years of researching and working in natural health, as well as mentoring people on Leslie Kenton's Cura Romana, is this: Each one of us can change our current life experience into one of expanded wellbeing by drawing on the work of visionary scientists and leading-edge clinicians, and taking guidance from the finest pioneers in human health and development. Some of the information you'll find in this little book stretches back to discoveries made more than half a century ago; other revelations are so new that they may be mind blowing. For the media, nutritionists and the medical profession as a whole have yet to pick up on them in any significant way. Make use of the tools, technologies, information and inspiration you find here. Put them into practice. You, too, can change your life for the better. For, when you supply your body and psyche with what they require to function optimally, your own innate powers for healing become activated and profound transformation begins to take place.

    HEALTHY AND LEAN FOR LIFE is available for free right now to the first two thousand five hundred people who download it. II want to share with you my intention in providing a copy of it free. I would love to know from you what else your would like to see in the book that is not yet there. Menus? Recipes? More information? About what in particular? I'm excited about doing this. In the next three months, HEALTHY AND LEAN FOR LIFE will double in size, incorporating more practical advice about how to use the cutting-edge information it now contains. Then we will be selling it on Amazon and elsewhere. If you would like to share with me what more you would like to see in the book, do click on the link below. I would love to hear from you.


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Leslie Kenton

Leslie Kenton

Award winning writer, nutritionist, broadcaster, lecturer, shamanic teacher, and social activist, Leslie Kenton is well known for her work in television and journalism throughout the English-speaking world. A living example of vitality, she is described…

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Award winning writer, nutritionist, broadcaster, lecturer, shamanic teacher, and social activist, Leslie Kenton is well known for her work in television and journalism throughout the English-speaking world. A living example of vitality, she is described as ‘the most original voice in health and beauty’ and ‘the guru of health and fitness’. She is highly respected for her no-nonsense approach and her in-depth reporting.

She has written over thirty-five best-selling books on health including Raw Energy and The New Raw Energy, 10 Day Clean-Up Plan, The Joy of Beauty, and The X Factor Diet – which entered the bestseller list in its first week. Her books are regularly translated into other languages. Passage To Power – Natural Menopause Revolution made major shifts in the way doctors and women are approaching the treatment of PMS, osteoporosis and menopausal problems. Recent books include Healing Herbs, Age Power, Skin Revolution, and Powerhouse Diet.

Love Affair, a memoir, was published by Random House in the UK in February, 2010, and in the United States in January, 2011, by St Marin’s Press. Her next book, The Cura Romana Weightloss Plan, was published in the UK by Bantam on January 6, 2011. She is currently writing Creativity Unleashed for Random House due to by published in 2012.

Leslie was Health and Beauty Editor of Harpers & Queen for 14 years. Her network television programs include Raw Energy, a cookery series, and Ageless Ageing, both of which she conceived, wrote and presented herself. She has made short films on health and spiritual topics for the BBC. A recent TV documentary To Age or Not To Age, screened in the Southern Hemisphere, made television history when, in only 5 weeks, the diet and exercise protocol she designed reversed parameters of aging in people between 30 and 60 in medically measurable ways.

Leslie conceived and created the worldwide ORIGINS product range for cosmetic giant Estee Lauder and other health-care and beauty product ranges in Europe and Japan. In the UK she formed her own company to import and promote the internal regenerative skin care product Imedeen – taking sales from zero to £2.3 million in less than 24 months. She has undertaken consultancy and development for corporations including Guinness and Boots in the UK, Unilever in the USA, and Sunstar in Japan.

Trained in Chinese medicine, nutrition, and bioenergetics, Leslie is a member of AAMET and NTCB in the United States and a certified homeo-theraputics consultant. In the UK, her contribution to natural health was honored by her being asked to deliver the McCarrison Lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine. She was first Chairperson of the Natural Medicine Society in the UK.

Leslie lectures and teaches throughout the world viewing the techniques and information she shares as tools for helping each of us realize our own potentials – for energy, health, expanded consciousness and personal freedom. She believes the more we come to live from our own essential being, the greater are the gifts we bring to friends and families, our community, and the planet itself.

A former consultant to the European Parliament for the Green Party, Leslie has created teaching modules for Britain’s Open University. She has received ‘Technical Writer of the Year’ and several other awards for her work.

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