1. Oculus Studios was hired to conceptualize and create a new voice and image for the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union. Featuring an original script, custom music based off notes in "My Old Kentucky Home," and shots taken over the Summer, this 60 second spot focuses on beautiful Kentucky landscape and extensive scenery all across the state.

    Shot on RED in 5k & 4k; Graded in DaVinci Resolve.

    Custom Work?

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  2. I worked as producer with Emblem Media and Oculus Studios to create this documentary about the groundbreaking poet of the late 19th century, Francis Thompson, and his masterpiece "The Hound of Heaven."

    This compelling biography follows the redemptive journey of a man who went from drug addiction in London’s seedy alleys, to write what many consider one of the greatest poems in Christendom. G. K. Chesterton and J. R. R. Tolkien were among those who wrote admiringly of his poetic talent, as well as his influence on their own writing.
    The story Francis Thompson tells his classic poem The Hound of Heaven in a haunting story of dreams with a yearning we do not fully understand. Something comes through the poem into our own lives, kindling a desire we cannot quite put our finger on...

    C. S. Lewis once wrote that stories have a unique knack of getting under our skin and hitting us at a deeper level than our thoughts. They can strengthen old certainties and open doors we thought were locked. Stories have the power to express the inexpressible and provide answers to questions that can be answered in no other way. Stories-whether told in word, picture, song or verse-have the ability to satisfy a deep longing in each of us.
    Francis Thompson was born in Northwest England in 1859. The son of Catholic converts, as a boy he was initially educated for the priesthood. When he was 18, at his parents' insistence, he entered Owens College in Manchester to follow in his father's footsteps and study medicine. But before long, he left for London hoping to pursue what he believed was his true vocation of being a writer. As a result of ill health and subsequent medical treatment, like many before him, Thompson became addicted to opium. He soon fell into a life of despair and destitution, sleeping on the banks of the Thames with London's homeless and selling matches just to stay alive. Yet it was during this time, in the midst of all his hunger, deprivation and hopelessness, that he was most able to see the kingdom of Heaven. These devastating experiences honed his poetic focus and insights. In 1888, Thompson sent a tattered and torn manuscript to the Catholic periodical Merry England. Its editors, Wilfrid and Alice Meynell, devout Christians themselves, not only recognized Thompson's poetic ability, they took him under their care and gave him a home. They also arranged for the publication of his first book in 1893, simply titled Poems, which included The Hound of Heaven. The poem was immediately recognized as a masterpiece.

    Thompson spent the years from 1893-1897 nursing his frail health in a monastery in Wales. He died of tuberculosis on November 13, 1907. He was 47. After his death, Alice Meynell wrote that no change in poetic tastes in the years to come could ever "lessen the height or diminish the greatness" of Thompson's profound accomplishment. In his eulogy for Thompson, G. K. Chesterton simply concluded: "He was a great poet." Among those who would be influenced by Thompson was the young J. R. R. Tolkien, who purchased a volume of Thompson's works in 1913, and later claimed that it had played an important role in his own writing.

    More Info:

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  4. This is a trailer for a documentary I helped research, write and co-produce with the University of Kentucky. The piece examines the emerging relationship between humanities and digital technologies. It also asks important questions regarding the impact of the deluge of data being poured into society today. How do we determine what information is important, how do we organize and present "old stories" to leverage new technologies...and how do we preserve/present thousands of years of documents created before the printing press?
    Seth Parker -- Editor
    Ben Corwin -- Primary Cinematographer
    Julie Martinez -- Co-Producer

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  5. There is an old saying, “When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.” For countless Christians all over the world, C. S. Lewis has been a teacher and a mentor whose books and writings appeared at just the right time in their lives, just at the time they were needed most.

    The documentary you are about to see seeks to answer the question of why C. S. Lewis—an Oxford scholar who specialized in Renaissance literature—still matters today.

    Lewis's importance is heard through a renowned group of Christian pastors, artists, producers, writers and scholars. These include Tim and Kathy Keller, Chuck Colson, Doug Gresham, Eric Metaxas, Devin Brown, Micheal Flaherty, Mike Peterson, Phil Cooke, Mark Joseph, Craig Detweiler and Joseph Pearce.

    This is the complete documentary. It runs about 24 minutes.
    The documentary can certainly be shown in its entirety or broken down and shown one segment at a time. Each individual part can indeed be shown alone with a minimal introduction. Please contact me for information regarding screening the film or purchasing it.

    Greg Bandy -- Director
    Devin Brown -- Writer
    Seth Parker -- Editor
    Austin Berry -- Cinematographer
    Ben Rogers -- Cinematographer

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Voice Over Projects

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These are a collection projects of which I did the VO. I certainly can take no credit for any of the spectacular visual production of the Oculus Studios' TV commercial projects, but I did produce/direct the other videos.

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