1. A tutorial on configuring the MX20 radio, updating a Cinestar 8 to the latest 88m/28m firmware, and setting up the Cinestar through MKtools for 88m/28m.

    Also, you may need to reconfigure the Graupner Tx to "SUMO 12" after the Tx and Rx update.

    Also please reference this page:


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  2. Configuring the dedicated CineStar 360 FC board for CineStar 360 mounts.
    WARNING: this update does not apply to the FC board that is responsible for the Kopter.

    Download Firmware at:

    Parameter Instructions:
    Parameter 1:
    0 = better input scaling off (higher resolution on Servo1, Servo2 and
    Servo3 input channels)
    1 = better input scaling on

    Parameter 2:
    Center value of Servo3, please note that this center value also changes
    with the input resolution setup.
    eg, when higher resolution is switched on the center value (with the
    servo i received from you) is 112, at the lower resolution it's 123

    Parameter 3:
    This is the speed setting for Servo3 (used as modified yaw servo)
    Make sure it's not set to 0, minimum allowed value is 1 !!!

    Parameter 4:
    0 = Nick Channel (Servo1) is used in standard fashion in normal servo mode
    1 = Nick Channel (Servo1) is used in special mode where it behaves like
    a modified (poti less) free wheel servo
    If set to 1, Travel adjustment at the radio do not affect the endpoint
    of the Nick axis anymore, it only defines the maximum speed at which the
    nick axis could be moved)
    Limit setting at the camera tab are still active and limits the output
    to the servos, so use this to prevent binding at abolut maximum positions.

    Parameter 5: (Only needed if Parameter4 is set to 1)
    This is the lower end definition of the input channels (like the lower
    travel value set at the radio when in standard mode). Use this for
    defining the minimum manual guided endpoint

    Parameter 6: (Only needed if Parameter4 is set to 1)
    This is the higher end definition of the input channels (like the lower
    travel value set at the radio when in standard mode). Use this for
    defining the maximum manual guided endpoint

    Parameter 7:
    This defines the dead-band for Sticks Servo1, Servo2 and Servo3.
    Make sure it's not set to 0, minimum allowed value is 1 !!!

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  3. Coole Aufnahmen wir man sie so selten zu sehen bekommt
    Masten von Hochspannungsleitungen am ganz nah....

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  4. Demo Reel de Up Films, empresa audiovisual especializada en la captación de imágenes aéreas con aparatos multirrotor de radio control.

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  5. Equipment:
    Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF-2
    Lens: Canon FD 50mm f1.4 (with FD to M 4/3 adapter) + ND Fader
    Video Mode: 1080i50 (Shutter 1/50)
    Color: CINE Mode
    SDHC Card: Transcend 16GB (Class 6)
    Firmware Hack: Flowmotion v2.02 (More info here: http://bit.ly/OTwaWu)
    Maximum Overall Bit Rate: 104 Mbps (Original Firmware 17Mbps!)

    Editing Workflow (FCP7 + Apple Color):
    Converted .MTS straight to ProRes 4444 via "5DtoRGB Lite" FREE app:

    Settings in "5DtoRGB Lite":
    Output Format: ProRes 4444 (25fps)
    Decoding Matrix: ITU-R BT.709
    Luminance Range: Full Range
    Chroma Mode: Default
    Post-Processing: None
    Gamma Correction: 1.0

    Only the original MTS files are available for download on my infinite storage @ Bitcasa. Get your INFINITE Online Storage here for FREE: http://bit.ly/SzJc0v

    Song Courtesy of ℗ 2012 Nusantara World Music
    Get the Album here on iTunes:

    DISCLAIMER: The MTS download links are for educational and personal use only.
    Not for commercial use. User results may vary from the usage of the firmware hacks stated.


    Note: If you don't want to make a BitCasa account, click the "Download File Directly" link.

    Original MTS File Details (tech info of ProRes 4444 in brackets):

    Clip 00002.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/OhqqZj)
    DURATION: 25 sec
    FILE SIZE: 305.2MB (903.7MB)
    BIT RATE: 47.4Mbps (293Mbps)

    Clip 00003.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/OchORY)
    DURATION: 19 sec
    FILE SIZE: 124.1MB (635.9MB)
    BIT RATE: 48.9Mbps (260Mbps)

    Clip 00004.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/RknrjN)
    DURATION: 43 sec
    FILE SIZE: 266MB (1.43GB)
    BIT RATE: 47.2Mbps (264Mbps)

    Clip 00005.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/NMVeD6)
    DURATION: 7 sec
    FILE SIZE: 43.2MB (251.4MB)
    BIT RATE: 46.5Mbps (281Mbps)

    Clip 00006.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/NN3WRB)
    DURATION: 30 sec
    FILE SIZE: 167.5MB (993.6MB)
    BIT RATE: 42.3Mbps (261Mbps)

    Clip 00007.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/RahcuL)
    DURATION: 5 sec
    FILE SIZE: 26.8MB (170.2MB)
    BIT RATE: 43.9Mbps (287Mbps)

    Clip 00008.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/RbfOYO)
    DURATION: 30 sec
    FILE SIZE: 147.2MB (1.07GB)
    BIT RATE: 36.7Mbps (277Mbps)

    Clip 00010.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/OCgNDe)
    DURATION: 47 sec
    FILE SIZE: 223.7MB (1.46GB)
    BIT RATE: 38.1Mbps (248Mbps)

    Clip 00011.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/MSX8AF)
    DURATION: 13 sec
    FILE SIZE: 64.2MB (441MB)
    BIT RATE: 37.8Mbps (270Mbps)

    Clip 00012.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/Nomk3x)
    DURATION: 28 sec
    FILE SIZE: 138.5MB (959.4MB)
    BIT RATE: 37.8Mbps (273Mbps)

    Clip 00014.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/OjhbIf)
    DURATION: 32 sec
    FILE SIZE: 117.7MB (1.21GB)
    BIT RATE: 27.4Mbps (295Mbps)

    Clip 00016.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/MTp5rT)
    DURATION: 24 sec
    FILE SIZE: 106.2MB (917.5MB)
    BIT RATE: 33.9Mbps (304Mbps)

    Clip 00017.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/Np2ogV)
    DURATION: 32 sec
    FILE SIZE: 119.2MB (989.4MB)
    BIT RATE: 28.1Mbps (242Mbps)

    Clip 00019.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/NU4q4h)
    DURATION: 30 sec
    FILE SIZE: 137.9MB (984.2MB)
    BIT RATE: 35.9Mbps (266Mbps)

    Clip 00021.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/OlyQ1P)
    DURATION: 31 sec
    FILE SIZE: 127.5MB (1.17GB)
    BIT RATE: 31.4Mbps (300Mbps)

    Clip 00022.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/SEggEE)
    DURATION: 39 sec
    FILE SIZE: 179.9MB (1.29GB)
    BIT RATE: 35.2Mbps (263Mbps)

    Clip 00023.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/SEklZC)
    DURATION: 36 sec
    FILE SIZE: 191.4MB (1.15GB)
    BIT RATE: 40.6Mbps (253Mbps)

    Clip 00025.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/Nq14KJ)
    DURATION: 36 sec
    FILE SIZE: 104.4MB (1.04GB)
    BIT RATE: 27.2Mbps (283Mbps)

    Clip 00026.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/Pl7s1i)
    DURATION: 39 sec
    FILE SIZE: 113.4MB (1.02GB)
    BIT RATE: 22.3Mbps (208Mbps)

    Clip 00027.MTS (Download here: http://bit.ly/NPBH4O)
    DURATION: 19 sec
    FILE SIZE: 131.3MB (629.9MB)
    BIT RATE: 51.6Mbps (257Mbps)

    Copyright @ 2012 Kino-i Sdn Bhd. All rights reserved.

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