1. Date: 07-15-2018
    Author: Matt Thibault
    Series: Matt Thibault
    Scripture: Selected Scripture

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  2. Date: 06-24-2018
    Author: Bryan Hughes
    Series: Q&A

    Pastor Bryan answers question about these topics:
    0:12 - Did God the Father at any point stop loving His Son when Christ was on the cross?
    2:05 - What book would you recommend in the topic of Biblical Theology?
    5:50 - Is abuse every grounds for divorce?
    10:09 - With things that happen in this world, how can we tell if they are God's will, or just man's sinfulness?
    13:25 - Malachi 3:10: How does this verse apply to Christians under the New Covenant? How do we differentiate it from the Health and Wealth gospel?
    19:58 - Acts 1:18, Matthew 27:3-9: How do we resolve the apparent discrepancy of who bought the "field of blood"?
    21:47 - Genesis 3-4: Is there evidence of repentance by Adam and Eve or Cain?
    24:41 - What should our response be to people who read the "lost" books of the Bible, etc?
    27:20 - What is the difference between God wiping out Old Testament nations and Islamic extremists killing people who will not convert?
    31:47 - Revelation 22:2: Do the 12 kinds of fruit on the Tree of Life imply the grafting of Gentiles like in Romans 11?
    34:16 - How do we know the writer of Hebrews was a Jew?
    35:53 - Hebrews 10:11: Are there any Old Testament passages that back up the thought in this passage?
    37:00 - Why are we cancelling or changing the schedule of some Sunday evening services?

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  3. Date: 05-20-2018
    Author: Bryan Hughes
    Series: Q&A

    Pastor Bryan answers questions about these topics:
    0:29 - If a Gentile joined the nation of Israel, would they be alowed to enter the tabernacle?
    2:23 - Will Israel occupy all the land God promised to them before the tribulation, or is that a Millenial Kingdom promise?
    4:00 - Follow up... Do you see the recent activities in Israel contributing to this?
    5:42 - Why doesn't Grace Bible Church honor Pentecost Sunday?
    7:26 - How do you combat false religion that says they love Jesus but hold on to false teaching?
    11:48 - What do mondern-day religious Jews do on Yom Kuppur without a temple or sacrifices?
    13:54 - What do you believe happened to the Ark of the Covenant?
    14:48 - Galatians 1: What is the timeline of Paul's travels to Jerusalem?
    17:10 - What are the differences in the beliefs of the WELS Lutheran church and Grace Bible?
    19:31 - Joshua 5: Who is the "Commander of the Lord's armies"in this passage?
    22:39 - Why does God tell us not to judge in Matthew 7:1, but TO judge those who are within the church in 1 Cor 5:12?
    28:15 - A respected pastor of a megachurch recently spoke of the need to "free ourselves from the Old Testament". What dangers does this pose?
    30:58 - Mark 8:22-25: Why does Jesus heal the blind man in two stages instead of all at once?
    34:58 - What would an orthodox Jew say about Isaiah 53?
    36:48 - How do all the Herods fit into the timeline of the Roman Government and the Bible?
    38:30 - Are all people "in God's image", or only believers?
    39:39 - What's the difference between "Christocentric" preaching and "Christotelic" preaching?
    41:38 - What are five of your favorite books you've read in the past few years?

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  4. Date: 04-29-2018
    Author: Bryan Hughes
    Series: Q&A
    Scripture: Selected Scripture

    Pastor Bryan answers question on these topics:
    0:14 - Genesis 10:25 - Is this a reference to splitting up continents on the Earth?
    1:49 - How do you respond when someone says they've seen Jesus?
    6:00 - What can I say to an atheist about why our God is the true God?
    7:28 - Can a Christian walk away from salvation as compared to losing salvation?
    14:11 - What did God want His people to learn as He waiting to send Jesus?
    17:00 - Hebrews 7:7 - "Lesser is blessed by the greater." Where did the author of Hebrews learn this principle?
    20:55 - 1 Cor 15:29 - Baptism for the dead - Does the "dead" refer to Christ, if He was not raised?
    26:01 - Jeremiah 33:17 - The Levitical priesthood: continual or temporary? What will the purpose of the preisthood be during the tribulation?
    33:27 - Do martyrs hold a special place in heaven?
    35:54 - 1 Cor 6:3 - What does it mean that we will judge angels?
    37:03 - 1 Cor 2:1-5 - What does it look like to cross into using human wisdom when witnessing?

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