The Sand Castle

2D designs by Danna Shamir

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The Sand Castle

Gilad Rosenau

Our proposed Animated Children's Feature - The Sand Castle. Partially financed by The Israeli Film Fund and The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund.
2D Designs By Danna Donna Shamir.
A 3D Demo.

Twilight at the beach. The last rays of sunlight dapple…

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Our proposed Animated Children's Feature - The Sand Castle. Partially financed by The Israeli Film Fund and The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund.
2D Designs By Danna Donna Shamir.
A 3D Demo.

Twilight at the beach. The last rays of sunlight dapple the sand. The water sparkles with golden light as waves lick at the shore.
Tired, tanned and wind-blown, children gather their shovels and pails and straggle home, saying goodbye to the elaborate SAND CASTLE they have built at the water’s edge.
After the children are home, bathed and fed and climbing into bed – what goes on inside the castle, behind its turreted walls and finger-print windows?
For your information, there’s a whole other world in there…

A tiny window opens in the castle, the shutters creaking on their hinges. Out peers a delicate princess made entirely of sand. PRINCESS SANDRA BLU lives here with her parents, KING SALTIMORE and QUEEN SILICA, and an entire royal court of servants, cooks, and advisers.
Sandra Blu is a melancholy princess and she sighs as she looks out her window and dreams of running along the shore and feeling the wind off the sea. But she is confined to the castle by her over-protective parents who are afraid of all the dangers that lurk beyond the castle walls. If nothing else, she could be stepped on!
The Princess will find the courage to defy her parents and sneak out of the castle onto the vast and mesmerizing beach. During her adventures, she will escape the gelatinous witch MEDUSA, see the mythological KING OF THE SHORE, and at the very last minute, she will indeed avoid being stepped on.
But when the tidal monsters EBB and FLOW get a hold of her, the Princess’ life will truly be in danger. Lucky for Blu, PRINCE SEASHELL will find her while riding along the waves on his trusted seahorse, WAVERUNNER. And as princes are wont to do, he will save her.
When the Prince finds his own life in danger, it will be the power of the Princess’ love that will enable Sandra Blu to defy her parents once again and give her the courage to face her mortal enemies to save him.

THE SAND CASTLE is a romantic, musical fairytale about the meaning of freedom and the tearing down of walls.

Character Breakdown:

The Royal Court: King Saltimore
A rotund monarch made entirely of sea salt. Saltimore is a hypochondriac given to panic attacks and highly suspicious of anyone not made of sand or salt.

Queen Silica
The real ruler of the castle. Thin, opinionated and tough, Silica takes the reigns in hand whenever Saltimore drops them.

Princess Sandra Blu
Beautiful, gentle and made of sand, Sandra Blu is a melancholy daydreamer. She dreams of freedom and the wide expanse of the shoreline, but she is forbidden to leave the castle by her overprotective parents.

The beloved head chef of the castle. Beautiful, full-figured, and always laughing, Cookie knows all the secrets of the court, while hiding an awfully big one of her own.

The chief butler is mature and responsible despite his diminutive size. A mustachioed and reliable figure, Grainer is an introspective loner in charge of the palace servants, each an obedient grain of sand.

TheKing’s personal messenger. Lean and fast, he’s always on the run, leaping ahead.

Minster Seasoned
The King’s chief advisor. A manipulative schemer, there’s nothing Seasoned likes better than a shady deal.

The court poet. A tragi-comic figure, Wavesworth is a tormented and wild-haired artist who writes his poems in the sand. He struggles to recreate them each morning after they mysteriously disappear.

Dr. Seasick
The royal physician. A knowledgeable doctor often consulted for his ‘sea-chological’ services. A certified gourmand.

Characters beyond the Court:

Leonardo D
The greatest of marine inventors, D is a scatter-brained scientist and an indefatigable pest. A genius investigator of the workings of water and an expert in battling waves.

Prince Seashell
A tough and powerful prince, whose body is made of a protective shell like a knight’s armour. Seashell rides a watery steed, his trusted sea-horse and best friend, WaveRunner, and lives in a charming underwater palace.

Queen Marina
Prince Seashell’s mother. A wise and broad minded sovereign, Marina is a good listener and a thoughtful advisor.

Ebb and Flow
The true enemies of the palace, Ebb and Flow are a pair of evil waves bent on destroying the castle.

Detective Shade
An arrogant detective with no grounds for his overabundant self-confidence, Shade is a long dark shadow that can never be found after nightfall.

Mme. Lucky Buckets
A pessimistic fortune teller favored by King Saltimore who consults her on the sly. Mme. Buckets makes her prognostications by looking into a black rubber paddle ball. No wonder the future looks gloomy!

Papa Jetty
An old witch doctor with the ability to heal just about any wound or illness. The old man is made of stones, like the breakers themselves.

A frothy fairy full of good intentions.

An evil witch, Medusa is slick and gelatinous with a phony smile and a biting sting.

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