The workshop Synthesthesia was developped by artists from Perte de Signal in the frame of the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition, led by DHC/ART, in Montreal, Canada, from June to November 2012. Various groups attended the workshops : general public, children, art students.

Alexandre Quessy, Darsha Hewitt, Nelly-Ève Rajotte and Claudette Lemay of Perte de Signal have developped a unique, fun, and innovative workshop entitled SYNTHESTHESIA. Over the course of this workshop participants produce experimental sound compositions based on black and white collages they will create. These collages become visual ‘musical scores’, which are analyzed by SYNTHESTHESIA, an open-source software, in order to generate sounds and explore different sound properties.

The software was created by Alexandre Quessy especially for this workshop

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Alexandre Quessy

perte de signal

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