1. …) One of the most intelligent proposals of this festival (alkantara) was “Karima meets Lisboa meets Miguel meets Cairo” the story of the encounter that aesthetically didn’t occur, between Miguel Pereira and Karima Mansour, that each of them describes and reconstructs.

    In Público by Augusto seabra

    Hello Karima,

    I'm sorry [not] to give you news sooner but actually I just had a very rushed time with all these travels and works so close. I've been thinking a lot in our collaboration and the way things ends in Rio - for me at least - and I have a very weird sensation of it.
    Actually I start to realise that our collaboration it's not definitely a cultural but a personal problem, so my difficulty is more about to deal with you as a person than with your cultural frame. And it's not a problem of difficulty or fear or given up. Usually I like to work with difficult challenges but I don't think that it's healthy to punish ourselves (at least I).
    As we developed our collaboration in a very psychological way, "like a marriage" - and this is not a criticism - for me now it's impossible to separate this item from our artistic process. I feel that I don't want to continue something artistically based on that. But I don't have any solution for it.
    So, if you have an idea or if you have thought about it, please say something. Otherwise it's better to admit that our collaboration doesn’t work and we have to stop it and continuing our own processes. I'm sorry to be so direct. I would like that things were different but I cannot afford to change it. I hope that everything is going well with you, hope to hear from you soon,

    Conception and performance – Miguel Pereira
    Collaboration – Roger Bernard; Rui Catalão
    Costume execution – Mónica Bertran
    Executive production – O Rumo do Fumo (Lisboa); Alkantara (Lisboa) and Panorama Rio Dança (RJ)
    Co-Production – Festival Alkantara 2006; Panorama Rio Dança; O Rumo do Fumo; MAPA – Cel-lula Sant Mori; Jangada de Pedra; Galeria ZDB
    Artistic residency - CENTA - Centro de Estudos de Novas Tendências Artísticas; Cel-lula Sant Mori; Negócio/ZDB
    Supports – European Cultural Foundation, Telemar (Brasil)

    O Rumo do Fumo is supported by

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  2. When we began to think about this creation, and before rehearsals started, we exchanged some
    impressions 1 trying to find out in which direction our desire to work together again could take us.
    Ten years ago we met and created a piece, 'Antonio Miguel', a solo done by two, a striking encounter
    for us personally and professionally. 2
    At that time, in 2000, we had the energy of the ones who start something for the first time, we believed
    that we could change something, dance, spectacle, its limits, its conventions and rules, maybe the world.
    In the meantime much has happened on the micro and the macro level, we crossed similar paths and
    different paths, and finally the world did not stop surprising and disappointing us.
    Now in 2010, we asked ourselves, if we still had this desire to change something, if we had something
    really important to say through dance and show in addition to our desire to meet again.
    Then we started to look around us and we became interested in understanding how we were and how
    we and the world have been. According to the official calendar a decade had passed, we had entered a
    new century and a new millennium. What had happened? What impressions had stayed from this
    During the process, already in the studio, as we were talking and trying out things, we focused on the
    time issue. Did we change in these ten years? Was there an evolution or are we always talking about the
    same thing but differently?
    Time has really produced something in us, in our body, our energy, the way we are looking at life and
    work. Will the motivation and stimulus we have now be enough to produce anything new?
    After all, the question remains the same: who are we?

    Antonio and Miguel

    Conception and performers: Antonio Tagliarini and Miguel Pereira
    Dramaturgical support: Rui Catalão
    Light design: Gianni Staropolli
    Sound design: Jari Marjamäki
    Rehearsal assistance: Chris Scherer
    Production: O Rumo do Fumo e Planet 3
    Co-production: Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos - Culturgest
    Artistic residence: Armunia Festival Costa Degli Etruschi
    Supports: Forum Dança
    Thanks to: Dr. A. Bracinha Vieira, Luisa Veloso, Jaime Conde-Salazar, Vera Mantero

    O Rumo do Fumo is supported by

    Performed at:
    Lisbon, Portugal, Culturgest, 1st and 2nd of July 2010
    Naples, Italy, Festival Uomini e Danza/Nuovo Teatro Nuovo, 23th of March 2011

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  3. In search of something. To go beyond what we have. The limits. Exceed them. Find out anything that surprises us that confronts us. To bring us face to face with comfort. At all costs, we spit out endless amounts of things, which hinder our mind. I have just been hindered.
    Some new questions that are new riddles, how curious. I would like to run, run, flow out torrents of fads and tricks that dampen my brain, but what can I do but cede? Or feel as best as can my mad music sourish by scintillate lumps crossed with coriander and radish? Lie is lie.

    This play is a reflection about performance, about creation and about the interpreter’s role as a mediator of the work.

    This work evokes other creators who influenced the birth of this play and who also question the pertinence of the very performance. It was also the possibility to work from the identity of two people who could be the same or who, through mutual influence, create new imaginaries.

    My images are born from that which I am not, from what I would like to embrace and cannot, because I’m made of limitations. Perhaps, by exceeding my own limits, I can find new things.

    Miguel Pereira

    general concept
    Miguel Pereira

    creation and performance
    Antonio Tagliarini
    Miguel Pereira

    artistic consultant
    Vera Mantero

    light design
    Miguel Pereira and Carlos Gonçalves

    Miguel Pereira

    promotional video
    Catarina Campino

    executive producer
    O Rumo do Fumo

    Forum Dança


    Sponsored by Ministério da Cultura/IPAE – Instituto Português das Artes do Espectáculo

    O Rumo do Fumo is supported by

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  4. “I was born in Lourenço Marques (actual Maputo) in 1963, Mozambique, Africa.
    I lived there until I was 12. I danced for the first time in school during the period that the country was becoming independent. It was a revolutionary dance against the oppressive power of the Portuguese colonization.
    In 1976 I went to Portugal where I developed my cultural identity having the North of Europe as reference. I became an artist. I was not aware that geographically Portugal is half way between Europe, America and Africa.
    In 2004 I met Karima Mansour, a choreographer and dancer from Egypt, and together, we tried to do a collaboration project. Since then a lot of questions and doubts came into my mind, as our encounter was quite
    difficult to achieve. What is this culture that I am made of, what is “contemporary art” in other cultures and how can I become available to meet and understand the “other” that is distant from myself.”

    (text written about my participation at the Meeting of The Dance Artists from East Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya, in October 2006)

    During my collaboration with Karima Mansour, between September 2004 and June 2006, I had the opportunity to visit Cairo for the first time.
    In October 2006 I was invited to participate at the Meeting of The Dance Artists from East Africa, in Kenya, where I had the opportunity to expose my experience of artistic exchange with an artist from another culture. In Nairobi and already in the middle of Africa, I noticed that since Cairo, I was doing a descending line towards the place where I was born, Lourenço Marques.
    “I was eleven years old, the independence was imminent, it was an early afternoon filled with sunshine, very hot, full of expectations. Under a porch, on the rutty ground, we were waiting to enter to the stage. The public outside was arriving, meeting and little by little was moving towards the pavilion. I was wearing, as well as the other boys, a coloured capulana*, rolled up around the waist, with naked chest and barefooted. It was then that we entered the improvised stage and, nervous, we executed the steps at the same time that we were singing “Wa'mutiva Txava Txava Yuí anga'ni n'dlala ya Maheú .Yuí Wa'mutiva Caetano Yuí Buyá gandzaia Salazar"

    "*capulana was the name given to the traditional African fabric that was used – or is still in use – in Mozambique.

    The revolution of the carnations in Portugal happened on 25 April 1974. Mozambique became independent in July 1975. Lourenço Marques became named Maputo. I came to Portugal on 31 March 1976.
    I have never returned.

    Conception: Miguel Pereira
    Performers: Bernardo Fernando (PAK); Miguel Pereira
    Sound manipulation and live music: Jari Marjamäki
    Sound design and musical research: Sérgio Cruz
    Light design: Thomas Walgrave
    Dramaturgical collaboration: Ana Pais; Rui Catalão
    Rehearsal assistance: Andreas Dyrdal
    Production: O Rumo do Fumo
    Co-production: Alkantara, Théâtre National de Bordeaux en Aquitaine
    Artistic Residence and Support: CENTA (vila velha de ródão), Culturarte (Maputo), Capa/Devir (Faro)
    Support: Balleteatro (Porto), Associação Binaural, Atelier RE.AL, Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano
    The project is supported by Ministério da Cultura/ Direcção-Geral das Artes
    O Rumo do Fumo is supported by Ministério da Cultura/ Direcção-Geral das Artes
    Project co-produced by Next Step with the support of the Culture Program of the European Union

    Thanks to: Carl Simmons ; Forum Dança; Graça Passos; Jorge Andrade; Jorge Bragada; José Laginha ; Luciana Fina; Luis Coutinho; Mark Depputer; Panaibra Gabriel; Timóteo Maposse.

    O Rumo do Fumo is supported by

    Lisbon, Portugal, Festival Alkantara/CCB, 5th, 6th and 7th of June 2008

    Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal, Festival Citemor/Armazém Agrícola, 10th of August 2008
    Bordeaux, France, Festival MiIRA!/TNBA, 6th and 7th of November 2008
    Madrid, Spain, Festival Escena Contemporánea/Casa de América, 29th, 30th e 31st of January 2009
    Nottingham, UK, Festival Nottdance, 16th of October 2009
    London, UK, Southbank Centre, 5th of May 2010
    Brussels, Belgium, Kaaitheater, 2nd and 3rd of December 2010

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Miguel Pereira

o rumo do fumo PT5040502735 Plus

Miguel Pereira attended Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa and Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa.
Received a scholarship from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to continue his studies in Paris (Théâtre Contemporain de la Danse) and…

+ More

Miguel Pereira attended Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa and Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa.
Received a scholarship from the Portuguese Ministry of Culture to continue his studies in Paris (Théâtre Contemporain de la Danse) and in New York.
As performer he worked with, among others, Francisco Camacho and Vera Mantero.
He made part of the theatre play and film “António um rapaz de Lisboa” by Jorge Silva Melo, and worked with Jerôme Bel in the piece “Shirtologia/Miguel” in 1997.
In 2000 Miguel choreographed the esteemed work “Antonio Miguel” for which he received the Revelation Prize José Ribeiro da Fonte/Ministry of Culture and an honour for the prize of Acarte/Madalena de Azeredo Perdigão (200), “Notes for an invisible show” (2001), the performance that is only announced by date and place (2002), “Corpo de Baile” (2005), “Karima meets Lisboa meets Miguel meets Cairo” a collaboration with the Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour (2006), “Doo” (2008), and “Antonio & Miguel” (2010) a collaboration with Antonio Tagliarini.
In 2003 and 2007 Miguel created for the repertoire of Transitions Dance Company/Laban Centre the pieces “Transitions” and “Transitions II” that integrated the nacional and internacional tour of the company (2003/2004 and 2007/2008).
His work has been presented across Europe and Brazil and in 2003 was the subject of a mini-retrospective in Caldas da Rainha, as part of the cicle “Mapas"" organized by Transforma-AC in colaboration with ESTGAD.
Miguel is regularly invited to teach in composition labs and workshops in Portugal and abroad.
In 2000 Vera Mantero, invited him to become an associated artist of the company O Rumo do Rumo, which he continues to be involved in.


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