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    Pillar 2: ADD what your thyroid needs to start healing

    Firstly, add FOOD that is nutritionally-dense and provides all the key macro- and micro-nutrients in good ratio.
    Some tips here:
    • Choosing always organic,
    • meat must be at least organic but pasture-raised is best.
    • Adding food that is FERMENTED the traditional way, so things like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, homemade yoghurt, kombucha tea are all rich in probiotics that our body craves for.
    The second thing we need to add are quality PROTEINS and FATS
    They are the building blocks of your digestive track and our hormones. We are fat-o-phobic in America and low-fat diets are one of the worse things that we invented. If you think about it; Europeans and Asians have fat-rich diets (traditionally) and enjoy much better health than we do. Good fat sources: avocados, walnuts, coconut oil, coconut butter. And, animal fats are the best in restoring troubled digestion.
    Thirdly, adding HERBS, SUPPLEMENTS and VITAMINS that benefit the thyroid
    Although I'm a fan of getting these from real food whenever possible, some things need to be supplemented. It's hard to give tips here as many people over-medicate and feel worse later. This is very personal and I can't give you many tips here except: I would love for you to have a good physician to help you test for deficiencies so we can fix it with a proper diet.
    Next, I'm a big fan of a holistic approach to health. Diet is important BUT it can be useless if you are constantly stressed out, not resting and sleeping enough, and allowing negative people and events to suck out your energy. I cannot emphasis how important this is; we underestimate what stress and emotions do to us; each flare-up of anger, feelings of guilt, fear, hostility, jealousy, etc fire up the adrenals which release cortisol and this hormone has a severely detrimental impact on the thyroid.

    Lastly, having a MOVEMENT PLAN is key; whether it is sports, dancing, yoga that gets you moving that does not drain your adrenals and your thyroid, yet gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy.

    Pillar 3: BALANCE, balance that is based on your bio-individuality
    No one diet/plan works for everybody as each person has a unique way of healing. There is a saying: "One person's food is another's poison." It's always worth remembering that just because one diet worked for one person it does not mean it will work for you too. The same way one person could have healed their thyroid by just changing the water filters alone and another needs to implement five major diet and lifestyle changes to start feeling just a little better. So we need to respect our differences and the different paths to healing.

    Deep breathe.

    As you can see, this is a pretty complex protocol. It's also a protocol you won't find offered by standard doctors or nutritionists as NOT many people REALLY understand the thyroid, the digestive track and hormonal health.
    It can be overwhelming to hear me talk about all these changes to be made but this is why people choose to work with a coach. We simplify things, make the changes fun, by making the 90 days of working together a journey and an adventure rather than an ordeal and a deprivation. I'm also here to provide you support (because I've gone throughout this myself) and hold you accountable.

    You know, your body has an amazing ability to heal; just give it the right environment and tools and it will do all the work for you.

    Read more on my blog about thyroid nutrition or contact me:

    Thyroid Diet Coach
    131 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (646) 580-0121 ‎

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    The Thyroid is a very complex gland, intertwined with many other organs and hormone-producing glands and as much as, from a simplistic perspective, we want to just focus on the thyroid, in truth, this is NOT enough.

    And, I have learned it the hard way: after many years of trying different things, I'm finally putting the pieces together and calling it the "Thyroid Diet".

    You know, I wish there were two different words to say what I want to say; one for "diet" when you would do just about anything to lose weight and another for a nourishing food change that will bring healing and joy. Oh well... But you know when I say "diet" I mean a protocol, a way of being, living and eating that will free you from some/all of the fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight yo-yos, and infertility that have plagued you for some time now. And it's a change for life you will love so much that you will never want to go back.
    If you are watching this video, it's probably because you have tried a thing or two with some or little results and you are therefore hoping to hear more.

    Before I go on, it's key to know (and most people do not realize this as doctors don't have the time to explain things) that 90% of hypo- and hyperthyroidism results from an autoimmune disorder. It means that your immune system started attacking the thyroid. Since the immune system resides in the gut, or our intestine, a lot of what I will talk about here is about rebuilding the digestive system.

    To explain the Thyroid Diet, let me talk about 3 pillars. I developed these, while asking myself these key questions:

    Pillar 1: what to REMOVE from the current diet and lifestyle that is sabotaging your immune system and the thyroid?
    Pillar 2: what to ADD to your life to boost the immune system, detox the body and help the thyroid?
    Pillar 3: how to find a BALANCE in what you are doing so you don't feel deprived and overwhelmed and really get to like your "new life".

    So, here we go:
    Let's talk about Pillar 1: REMOVING
    The first thing to remove are SUGAR FLUCTUATIONS
    This means sugar, carb cravings, hypoglycemia or insulin resistance and normalizing these first is key. Without fixing your sugar issues, your thyroid will never improve. Cutting out sugars cold turkey produces mixed results and people often crash and go back to binging. But, there are ways to do it by introducing the right micronutrients.

    OK, the second thing to remove are FOOD INTOLERANCES
    Do you see "gluten-free", "dairy-free" popping up at the health stores today? This is because many people get off the "big five"; gluten, dairy, corn, eggs and soy and experience significant changes. To find the culprits, I always start off with an Elimination Diet and this produces clear, unbiased results. You can also get a blood test done but they are not as accurate. Gluten is an infamous food if you have a thyroid condition and eliminating it is key. However, often times, you would need to cut out more than just gluten.

    The third thing to do is FIX YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACK (aka GUT)
    As mentioned earlier, most thyroid conditions are auto-immune diseases. There are tons of lymphocytes and other immune cells in the gut, which protect the body from viruses, bacteria, and other invaders. This is why most people with thyroid conditions also experience frequent digestive issues. A diet change will help your gut tremendously.

    The fourth thing is: we need to REDUCE TOXICITY
    This means detoxing your liver and gut because without a well functioning liver and gut, your thyroid will never regain its health. Here, I'm also talking about getting rid of the toxins hiding around your kitchen and bathroom as they are known to be endocrine disruptors. Water toxicity is HUGE in thyroid conditions; it's key to get rid of substances that inhibit the thyroid function.

    The Fifth thing to do is to ADRESS STRESS and ADRENAL FATIGUE
    This is huge topic, especially with women. You won't be able to fix your thyroid without fixing the adrenals and the chronic stress you are experiencing.

    The sixth thing is simple: temporarily REMOVE GOITROUS FOOD; Goiter is a substance that slows down the thyroid. It is found in bok choy, broccoli, Brussels' sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, soy, soy milk, and tofu just to name a few. Cooking them reduces their goitrous properties but you should still limit them in the recovery phase.

    Read more on my blog about thyroid nutrition or contact me:

    Thyroid Diet Coach
    131 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (646) 580-0121 ‎

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Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena Wszelaki, a certified nutrition coach and a thyroid wellness expert, is the founder of Thyroid Diet Coach, a nutrition coaching practice dedicated to alleviating and healing thyroid conditions. Magdalena herself is no stranger to thyroid issues;…

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Magdalena Wszelaki, a certified nutrition coach and a thyroid wellness expert, is the founder of Thyroid Diet Coach, a nutrition coaching practice dedicated to alleviating and healing thyroid conditions. Magdalena herself is no stranger to thyroid issues; she had suffered from Graves’ (hyperthyroidism) and later Hashimoto’s Disease (hypothyroidism) for over 10 years. In spite of being told by western medicine practitioners that there was no cure for thyroid and autoimmune diseases, she managed to reverse her condition and today enjoys better health than ever before. Her website is http:// http://www.ThyroidDietCoach.com.

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