1. I have made other videos that were covers when i first started but this is my first original song. My friend made the instrumental and produced it. I write the lyrics and rap. He does not do many hip hop instrumentals so it was new for him. Like i said before we are still trying to find our style. Let me know what you think. In my opinion we need work but i think this song is catchy! :) Oh by the way my artist name is The Retributionist

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  3. These lyrics are written by me not copied. The instrumental in this video is credited to LiLDsMusic and you can see hear the instrumental video at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meZdtHbWZpc&feature=plcp!
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    Fuck your mind design and fuck your decision are you kidding you're joking are you listening you should be admitted I'm not a robot so go kick rocks your trippin I didn't miss it I'm on the next level your choices are fruitier then fruity pebbles my attitude might sound like the devil but your brain must be smashed your mom must of gave you a tremble I bet if you were to hear your own thoughts your words would fall off like broken bicycle parts I bet you were the kid who couldn't make pop tarts and had daddy make it for you and I bet he bought your first car but at the end of the day you just a spoiled brat I'm the star run you over like some fucking hot tar so get it through your head it might take you a minute but I'm not here to lose I'm here to fucking win it I tilt my hat to the side and smile that's right I'm wearing this fucking righteous fitted you get it ya get it

    Do you get it (3)

    Your conclusions there wrong but quit amusing I laugh when your mouth is shooting words it's like a blind man car cruising your wrecking up the place you seem kind of confused an trying to give it a bad taste but it's such a waste of air to even breath because no one fucking cares I tried to tell you the emotions that gave us a fucking tare the hatred towards each other, volun-told paths we all have it's a fact but let me tell something young lad. I might not have been around the block as many times as you but I have more common sense than a mind that forms two so listen to my story and pay fuckin attention we will end this damn disaster like the final destination make a new creation then resurrect intelligence before this new tragic invasion sounds pretty massive I'm sick of ranting on this shit let me bounce back elastic looking for a new dope tactic.

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  4. These lyrics are written by me not copied. The instrumental in this video is credited to LiLDsMusic and you can see hear the instrumental video at this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFyqWHgj3Bw
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    True life I live real no one else never broke against myself my wall I never left no glory story to tell so I melt can't take the pain never succeed in the times played the game no fame I swung and teed off didn't go very far too soft now I'm swinging harder I'm louder made your music bleed like lung cancer red cough I'm tough but sometimes out of key I'm off, not perfect but it's worth it veins exploding from emotionally rapping about my road stumps I'm just emotionally trapping let's stop the hate and make your own goals start mapping cuz your too busy worried about others trying to smother but im on another level my own fucking world ignoring your childish games and maturity I do me and I never name any names that want to fuck up or go over off my straight line I walking Ill get there and say I told ya I say I told ya I say I fucking told ya
    My bodies aching but my bloods still flowing like my rhymes do and every fucking word I say makes sense listen start knowing cut the bullshit out start mowing its easier said than done so take it and make it don't break it no magic feel of the words is spilling an filling no work it's fun, I keep moving tackling grappling addicting goals my ambition is hotter than 15 million degrees Celsius of the sun, im climbing the castle wrestle an battle never falling an crawling shit talking no mocking just doing me but the pressure ways a ton.
    Wait a second you go out of your way to make a mention? Whys my name in your nasty mouth ever pay fucking attention to who I am you might start hinting to your own damn conscious that your words might not be to fitting cuz the worlds mine no straining I got my own back I do my own lifting I do my own living I don't need your words I got my own so kick rocks and never stop kicking just remember to admit never second guess admit it!


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Experimental Music

Nicholas Lind

This is my channel on all my music i will upload. Let me know what you think i need feedback and these will be all original. No cover songs at all.

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