1. I rewrote 171 at viddler.com/v/ecfa5db9 to keep them from deleting my videos.

    It seemed to me like the Founding Fathers through the Greatest Generation were praying to God "Look what they've done to my song ma", (because the USA has let evil women take over). I made this music video of it and uploaded it when I realized it was a sign to all the USA. The ^thumbnail^ has this label at the bottom: Shake and Bake (CHICKENS!), to explain that part of the song but it also refers to this last line of The Star Spangled Banner:
    THE HOME OF THE BRAVE and the (CHICKENS!) label explains
    I say “Walt Disney was a perfect parallel to our Founding Fathers” then, (due to the luck of prophets), I found out that I was to because what I’ve been put through is very parallel to the lyrics of this song.
    I wrote about me and Ira Hayes here and at the start of 206 at vimeo.com/76811342 which also explains my ex-wife much better than this 171 does and "the Founding Fathers of Massachusetts taking my side against their hometown and state" is best summed up in class 195 @ 3 min at vimeo.com/55552346. Ira Hayes was the first to own the #530 which means you've been defended by God herself, like She even compared his death to how Jesus died at page 248 of my Bible Notes at friendfeed.com/. At page 218 is Proverbs 27:10: Never abandon a friend--either yours or your (Founding) Fatherʼs. Except the part of this 171 song that’s in French is a sign the French have nearly erased that good deed, it's like when I was able to disown my parents in the first minute of class L5a at vimeo.com/35287281. Montréal is in the song I JUST WANT TO STOP and was a sign to the French to STOP pushing your luck with USA, (see comments).
    In class 182c @ 2:19 hours I tell of when I attended an Overson family reunion in Saint John, Arizona, (1990?). I said I left on that three week vacation with only $1 dollar in my pocket but I didnʼt say how much I wanted to back out of this "travel by faith" vacation when I got to the airport in Tucson, Az. I was looking for a sign to quit in the Bible when God gave me this:
    Proverbs 27:10 Never abandon a friend--either yours or your father's.
    I was very disappointed and said "Alright Iʼll go, but I can tell Iʼm going to be a stressed out mess by the time I get there", (and I was even worse than I expected). I was already nearly mentally disabled and some of my relatives in Arizona were a bit disappointed at how lazy I was. In this video it's at 9 minutes where the label reads "John 10:27 My sheep know my voice... (usually)" where Sidney Poitier is objecting to a nun mad at him for being lazy. That's in the movie LILIES OF THE FIELD and since it could've easily been filmed in Arizona I took it as a sign of when God tried to tell me through my relatives in Arizona, (the Lindgrens and the Oversons), that I was lazy. I explain it and how I finally got delivered from being lazy in that same 182c @ 2:16 to 2:31 hours at MikeOversonEndTimes.org. My cousin Jimmy Lindgren drove me from Phoenix to that Overson reunion in Saint John and I later realized that an odd movie we watched there on TV called BAGDAD CAFE might've been God's way of memorializing that visit.

    In class 204 @ 4 to 8 minutes I play the song ROUTE 66 and explain how safe, fun and easy it is to “travel by faith”. I show that my Rhythm Nation drive across the USA 9 times in 5 months was just like in the Bible at Matt 10:23, “When they persecute you in one town flee to the next, you’ll not run out of towns before I return”, (with a hint that I would be representing Jesus’ return due to the label of Matt 10:23 at a picture of a guy on a motorcycle). From my divorce in 1986 to my Rhythm Nation drive in 1994 I thought I’d gotten very good at “traveling by faith” until God blew me away with a story in the book FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS. On page 309 I read that Ira Hayes on the spur of the moment in 1946 hitchhiked 1300 miles in three days from Arizona to Texas to tell the father of Harlon Block that Harlon never got credits for being one of the six guys in that famous photograph of raising the American flag on Iwo Jima on 2-23-45. I remember reading a story in Readers Digest from a guy who picked up Ira Hayes hitchhiking. In class 186a @ 7 min @ vimeo.com/32431850 is a divine sign I got from Ira Hayes that sums up the start and end of WWII in Pearl Harbor and The Greatest Generation’s role in just 14 words. There are other divine signs in class L112 that are from US vets in heaven to us on earth or from God who surprised me at how close She is to vets like Ira Hayes who obviously heard and obeyed a "travel by faith" request from God that's much bigger than anything I’ve ever done.
    To Hi, the Aloha shirt @10 is accurate and #17 @ 1:03 hrs vimeo.com/47268934 was to prevent 9-11-01 & @ 2:28 is when it failed.

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  2. Rated R. L1D starts with the farmer John curse on women and ends with Psalms 95 and this generation of Americans that failed to enter THE PROMISED LAND of Happy Days. Read that as PEACE ON EARTH at L112 vimeo.com/50116128 and @ 1 min I explain how our founding fathers did enter THE PROMISED LAND and then sang about US dropping the ball @ 1 min in class 171 at vimeo.com/43436258. Heaven offered US another chance to get THE PROMISED LAND in class L96 vimeo.com/44022574.

    This L1D has 15 min about porn like in what follows. I refer to PlayLists PL4, 5 and 9 at youtube.com/channel/UC3-RWtlOIS_k_TbVkYj_c5Q/playlists.

    To a lot of people in porn getting "tit" seems pointless but in good businesses the customer is always right. At 27 min is getting “tit” synced to a song that might be a sign to the porn business as:

    I found out that “tit” is important to God because it's like “not noticing The Color Purple” or Mt McKinley @ 7 min in L127F vimeo.com/110693022.

    The thumbnail to L97 vimeo.com/45990216 is a picture of Gianna Michaels topless due to Abba (that’s God) saying to us through Gianna “Let'em watch” (her having sex in public @ 7 min).
    Because it goes with the song:

    So when people want to stare
    I know I don't really care
    Just as long as you are there

    (me & ALL OF us to Abba is)


    (by Petula Clark. Her being my hons to us is)

    That you call me up whenever you feel lonely
    That you tell your friends that I'm your one and only
    That you kiss me now as if you really mean it

    Those 2 are #2 and 3 on^PL4.
    The 4th video is me as the Bride of Christ in class L127D, but it's better if you see the 1st to the 7th video which is DAMN I WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER. That song shows I’m a good match for Hons because we both dream rescuing guys starving for sex and both want revenge on girls who won't do that. The lyrics sounded so much like “Our Mother who art in heaven” (Abba), that I said “I’VE GOT 3 WIVES!!!”. I didn't know I had that in me but my hons did and knew how to get it out of me. On the other extreme is the radio show “What evil lurks in the hearts of women? The Shadow knows”. That’s at 2 min in #165 at^PL4 showing how God can trick girls into telling on themselves like this title to class 193 vimeo.com/96548839 YOU REALLY TIPPED YOUR HAND LADIES.

    I found out my hons we're women in 1996 but they kept that secret for over 4000 years that the Bible has been around. I say in #4 at^PL4 how patient they were to wait so long for me which is why I was in shock that porn would mock our happy ending in #6 at^PL4 with the porno Skanki Melanie Rios. All of this confirms that God used all her wisdom, power and patience to save up for a very big wrath of God on women at the end of the world, (to permanently demote them I hope).
    Another example is

    So when people want to stare
    I know I don't really care.

    God has always been that easy but just tipped their hand when I put all these pieces together in July 2014. After mocking the marriage that God waited so long for do you think women might be in trouble? That was 11-2014 and a year later they went bad to worse at #4 on^PL9. But far worse is Revelation 6

    10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” [In #99 vimeo.com/36995187 @ 23 min I say these are heroes asking God to pay back the women who did this to them.] 6:11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been, (I might be the last 1).

    After killing Her heroes and stealing credits for sex all these years I think women are in for a God sized revenge. “God knew it was going to be a one man show to expose all these DAMN LIAR WOMEN at the end of the world, sorry girls that’s going to be your name: DAMN LIAR WOMEN”, (from class 185 vimeo.com/45458168 @ 2:20).

    Since Gianna played Abba so well I looked up her porno F…Team 5 Vol 2 to see if the porn business could do another good sync with Abba and me. BangBros porn was 86ed but I gave them another chance to be decent because this was an opportunity for the porn business to do something special with God. But the “too cool for GOD Munsters” mocked HER and me without mercy so BangBros made the same mistake again, (except it accumulates like in ^Rev 6:11^). The evil porn business is so stupid I don't know why I bother wasting my breath on you. [As of 1-18-16 I haven't recovered my affection for the porn business in 2 yrs = rw834am.] One thing nice about it is it confirms how much porn=THE FBI= the rest of the women at^PL5, it’s my version of what's left to do of the apocalypse.

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  3. The first three minutes is from the movie The Pentagon Wars, (see the thumbnail or the first 10 minutes of class 161 at vimeo.com/33034450). It's about the money wasted ($14 billion) making the Bradley fighting vehicle which is also a sign of how much money the FBI has wasted trying to kill the 1, (me). Read my 5-11-17 update about this that even includes DISBANDING THE FBI, (after hearing like @ 2^min), at the links to Tumbler, Google, Cross.TV, etc at my profile at vimeo.com/user8696549.

    This class L1c is mostly about Psalms 118, “This is a day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”. It’s just like anybody who needs a compliment for a job well done so to does God need good feedback. This is also about the price to pay if you do just the opposite, like I explain the #611 means “never under estimate The FBI or evil women’s ability to ruin a good time”. Except it’s much worse for the FBI to be this evil after we'd suffered 2.5 years of doldrums in Hawaii. I say how glad I was that we were finally passed those doldrums in class L113 @ 1 min vimeo.com/50390744.

    I show a commercial that might explain how some guys won the Medal of Honor and that showing proper respect for heros is good luck for having a nice day. (That’s explained better in class 169 at 1 to 15 min @ vimeo.com/30629125).

    I mention other classes where I tell how evil the FBI has been to me but now I’d like to say where to find them: it's in classes
    #15 @ 4:06 hours
    #173 @ 1:22, 1:50 and 2:07 hours
    #193 @ 41 min @ vimeo.com/96548839
    #182a1 @ 32 minutes and all of class
    #202 @ vimeo.com/76738051 where I show five times the signs of the FBI disgracing the US flag as parallel the cause of the tsunami that hit Japan 3-10-11. Also all of class L122 vimeo.com/53781905 is about the FBI harassing me. Classes 15, 173, 182, and 202 are at viddler.com/playlists.

    In class L5a vimeo.com/35287281 at 1:05 to 1:20 hrs is how THE FBI stole the beach from me, ruins the view from my window, broke my motorcycle, emptied my bank account, and more dirty tricks and my warnings to them to not cut short my stay on earth. At You Tube I explain how the FBI ruins porn that I want to watch and the price to pay might excuse me to go to heaven early in the music video CUTS LIKE A KNIFE in the description and in the playlist PL2 at youtube.com/channel/UC3-RWtlOIS_k_TbVkYj_c5Q/playlists. I got signs this was not "over kill" to expose the mean as hell, illegal and unmerciful bullies at the FBI that are 100% controlled by women, (I explain how women = THE FBI at my YouTube playlist PL5, ^same link^. ).

    THE END of my classes is best explained @ vimeo.com/50116128.

    The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER at L124 vimeo.com/63452028.

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  4. Rated R, 4-5-12. This class L94 is about the porn made at ExploitedCollegeGirls (ECG) and Frank Sinatra's song LOVE AND MARRIAGE because they donʼt "go together like a horse and carriage" anymore because itʼs obsolete, (it's smart and safe to 86 love but it's still okay to gamble at vimeo.com/47612248). Since ECG is in Arizona I listened to the song BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh0J8U0YlK-oXRvTImDAAbwR because it sounded like women have gone too far and caused God to 86 love from marriage. This L94 summed it up as Tina Turner's song WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?, (@ 65 min). IT'S AN OFFICIAL WARNING FROM HEAVEN TO NOT FALL IN LOVE and this class confirms itʼs true and how much itʼs going to stick. That's why I picked this thumbnail^ (@ 5 min) because it's me to ALL women:
    YOU JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE SO SMART DIDN'T YOU?. It's also me to the stingy California girls in the 1970s:
    YOU JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE SO SEXY DIDN'T YOU?. It's due to the hard-core training we could've got from heaven on my behalf. I explained the big breakthrough in porn when they finally got girls to do ATMs, swallows and 3 sums of 2 ATM girls per guy at L127F vimeo.com/110693022:
    God was so clever to let me suffer the bad treatment in porn from 2004 to 2014 until I finally found out that awesome breakthrough in porn was all on the one's (my) behalf. Because I was so humble about it @ 1 to 9 min which compounds the sin of porn to flip me off and mock me as "you're so vain" trying to steal the credits for that improvement in porn. If heaven did this on my behalf when I was in my 40s how much more would they have done it when I was in my teens, especially because the 1970s was THE BEST TIMING for the permission for wild sex to catch on and become popular, (@ 1:13 to 1:24 hrs in L114 vimeo.com/48280365). But the girls were, (and still are), PLANNING TO OUT SMART GOD, (damn that’s stupid!), and that's why “drumstick ice cream cones” also means DUMB-STICKS to women for all the ice cream they threw away. Except losing LOVE in MARRIAGE is a much greater loss in this L94 plus YOU TIPPED YOUR HAND LADIES and now your horns are showing at 193 vimeo.com/96548839 and at my Bible notes below.

    At 2 minutes I portray George Washington as the commander warning Don Giovanni as New York City of the impeding 911 disaster if he doesn't change his evil ways in the movie Amadeus. Don Giovanni bullies and uses women just like John Malkovich does in the movie Dangerous Liaisons (@ 30 min) and like ECG does in the story that follows.

    At ECG I watched women try to get into porn through a guy who boasted of leading them on with false hopes, (@ 25 min & 1:16 hrs). I had to skip listening to how he talked them into having sex because I couldn't stomach the blatant lies he would tell them. I found out it can be hard and heart breaking for a girl to get into porn except when I saw Mia Lina (@ 22 min) at XVideos I realized she became a porn star so quick and easy due to what God described as a "devils rally" to support my ex wife Rori against me. I refer to The Powers That Be as "the forces of evil" or "May the Force be with you" as they say it in Star Wars. The forces of evil rallied to help Mia Lina, (who backstabbed her husband like Rori did), to "prove" that crime pays and to contradict what they knew I'd say about her in this L94 and at page 26 to 28 of my 5-12-12 Bible notes at plus.google.com/112169018563727718967/posts.

    This L94 includes how I fell in love with the east coast, (also in L109 vimeo.com/49352072), and became a "part of your world" (NYC) as Little Toot as a dream come true for The Little Mermaid at 40 to 69 min. Then God tricked the staff at Vimeo into tipping their hand with "mock the one" staff photos that caused me to fall out of love with New York City. It's just like the reunion that Liza Minnelli canceled with Robert De Niro in the movie New York, New York in 9 min of class 176a at youtube.com/watch?v=tyaHJ8J0e9Y&list=PLVDkjTNqYqh3B5HXd3OxOqQqcDX3Kbktr&index=108. Being that evil is very unattractive, it's like your old Top of the Sixes restaurant at 666 Fifth Ave, it’s like those big red sixes are the heart of NYC. Then it got confirmed when NYC got branded as a “sick city” 12-2014 in what I wrote at youtube.com/watch?v=s5Ha5aRGDlg&list=PLVDkjTNqYqh1adV--hsXO4URt459OGRo0&index=5.
    It's similar to how women have caused God to 86 love from marriage in this class L94.
    I heard NYC didn't like what I wrote about them at class 206 @ vimeo.com/76811342. I also heard heaven was pleased with what I said to NYC and "the south and the Civil War, I'm sorry you were wrong as hell just admit it and GET OVER IT" @ 9 to 11 minutes in this L94.

    The Bottom Line of my classes is THE POWER OF PRAYER in L124 @ vimeo.com/63452028.

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  5. I mention PlayLists PL2 to PL12 and they are all at youtube.com/channel/UC3-RWtlOIS_k_TbVkYj_c5Q/playlists.

    This class 103 starts with a defense of my calling to watch porn. I show supporting evidence from NOAH and KING DAVID who CONSENTED to MichaelAngelo portraying them naked and then MichaelAngelo defending the nudity that he painted in the Sistine Chapel. I show an amazing “ordinary magic” history lesson from our founding fathers giving us the USA AND permission from heaven to enjoy sex in the real world verses the unrealistic prude versions. It’s like when I was embarrassed to tell the masturbation story in L127k vimeo.com/123961509 @ 6 min and then I noticed the size of L127k was 413 MB which is the number for Thomas Jefferson and it was like God saying “if he can endure the embarrassment of this class 103 @ 11 min then you can endure L127k”.
    I use me as a parallel to MichaelAngelo when I'm fighting the prude versions of the Bible like this from Matt 5:27 to 30.
    "You have heard that it was said, 'YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY'; 28 but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
    30 "If your right hand makes you stumble, (especially masturbating), cut it off and throw it from you; for it is better for you to lose one of the parts of your body, than for your whole body to go into hell.
    I finally had the boldness to say that Jesus was just setting a trap for hypocrites to fall into and challenging the rest of us to use our brains, (at 36 min in 161 vimeo.com/33034450).

    Any Christian who knows how heaven communicates AND has an open mind about how heaven will stretch you to be more tolerant of other people and cultures SHOULD agree that there are many divine signs in this 103 to confirm what I’m saying is true. Except for those who go to THE CHURCH OF THE POISONED MIND, (read 179 @ vimeo.com/91198654). That’s when the people who don’t go to church can hear and obey God better than the people who do go to church. For proof of that read and see the public applaud God's plan to SAVE OUR CHURCH from Dudley Dorights at PL2 & PL12^.

    @ 12 min is an explanation of the 911 disaster by comparing New York City to a Ms Right for me.
    @ 19 to 24 min is the movies Lonesome Dove, AIRPLANE, Wall Street and FOOTLOOSE that helps explain a cause of the 9/11 disaster. It's also a sign between God, the church and me, here's what I said ^about it^ at
    class 188 @ vimeo.com/90157927.
    The reason I used two songs from the Southern Rock Gold album in both 192 & 194 is because I know Southern Baptists are not big on dancing or rock'n roll. I think the divine signs are so big and so many that they and George and Laura Bush may have to concede they've been overruled.
    ^That was before I made PL2, 3, 11 and 12^ that exposed how evil church has been in opposing God, (next @ 39), rock'n roll and me.

    @ 35 to 49 min is signs about me and Alaska starting with Brian Johnson.
    @ 39 is Jesus mocked by Herod is EX-posed as Alaska and even the holier than thou church, (if the shoe fits wear it), at
    179 @ vimeo.com/91198654 :
    I believe the song "YOU GOT IT ALL over him" is God's way of rubbing it in how bad the church has sold out against God (@ 2 min) and it defends me because I didn’t. That was mega confirmed at PL11 & 12^.

    @ 41 min is three examples of me as "the one that got away" marlins. She's the same porn girl (Naomi) in #199c xvideos.com/video11501659/mike_overson_199c_is_1_2_porn_then_talk_of_porn_too_low_and_predict_another_911_oj. It's rated X and she's doing ATMs synced to Lynyrd Skynyrd's song FREE BIRD (@ 1 min), it's so parallel to my home on the lake and in THIS 103 that FREE BIRD describes me leaving Alaska AND the checkmate that I got on all women.

    @ 46 min are “see parallel” signs that Vietnam vets had a calling parallel to the greatest generation in class 99 vimeo.com/36995187 @ 58 min but much more so at PL7^.

    @ 1:41 I explain the Lord deceived me about dying a premature death because humans can't comprehend God's wisdom and sometimes God has to trick you into doing God's will and it's a test of your friendship with God of how gracefully you can take it, (= rw222pm which means George Washington's birthday). That’s a sign that the American Revolution was a VERY big test of friendship with God because God tricked them into a David verses Goliath fight against England. I explain it in class 182 at PL7^ and in L97 vimeo.com/45990216 (@14 to 19 minutes), where I say "God broke the bank spending every miracle he could to help this country (USA) get started..." and I prove that in the first 37 minutes of class L109 @ vimeo.com/49352072 and BOTH include THE NEXT ENERGY CRISIS & a cure.

    Class 186 vimeo.com/32431714 was made due to the difference between God's definition of a premature death and mine.

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These videos are sort of sermons from a disabled prophet of God on welfare. I've gotten signs that heaven likes to keep things simple and low budget and that I filled the billing for it. The best proof of that and crash course summary is classes 99 &…

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These videos are sort of sermons from a disabled prophet of God on welfare. I've gotten signs that heaven likes to keep things simple and low budget and that I filled the billing for it. The best proof of that and crash course summary is classes 99 & L123 except they are over 1 hour. These are 15 minutes or less: L5b, L124 or 171.

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