1. Hello everybody !!!

    A few years ago, I attended a very beautiful and inspiring meeting on "Responsibility in the Intercultural Dialogue" in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

    To start our days well, my friends asked me if we could do some little exercises and some Qi Gong (Chi Gong) together in the mornings before starting the work. It would fill us with good spirits and good energies for the day.

    So, we did. One of the things we did was the first part of the Red Sand Palm Qi Gong. You can discover it in this little video. A friend filmed it, so that they would not forget it. And I just came across this footage now, while tidying up my hard disks.

    Qi Gong is composed of two words. "Qi" which means "Breath" and "Energy" and "Gong" which is related to "Gong Fu" (often written Kung Fu) and which refers to a skill, a mastery, achieved through lots of hard work. So "Qi Gong" is the mastery of energy. It is the Chinese way to refer to the Indian "Pranayama" that Yoga students are familiar with, "Prana" referring to the "breath" and "energy", and "Yama" to its control.

    In China, there are different kinds of Qi Gongs. On a basic level, one can distinguish between Qi Gong for life enhancement and good health, Qi Gong for Medical Purpouses and Healing, Qi Gong for Martial Arts and Qi Gong for Spiritual Exploration. These different forms are not fundamentally different. They just put the stress on different aspects and focus on a different intent.

    I learned this Qi Gong during my stay in 2002-2003 at the Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in Siping. We were supposed to practice it every day at least at sunrise and sunset, and if possible at noon. It was a complement to our Baji Quan training. But it also has a lot of value just for general well being and awareness.

    The video explains the first part of this Qi Gong (there are two more parts to it). It also shares some basics and explains a little about the rationale of Qi Gong in general.

    I hope you will enjoy it :-).

    Plenty of good inspirations to all of you !!!


    PS : As you can see, I have very small eyes in this video. The night before was very short !!! It's funny how, quite often, the days we decide to film something with my friends, I am not really in my best of shapes ... An interesting observation that may try to convey that we should always be ready ... and maybe also that we have to accept the "imperfections" of life (see also the last minutes of the video ;-) ). Plenty of good inspirations to all of you !!!



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  2. The Future of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research

    Forty years ago, a U.S.-led global backlash ended the possibility of researching potential beneficial effects of psychedelics and marijuana. Many studies had shown psychedelics to be useful for managing anxiety and depression in terminal cancer patients, for treating alcoholism and opiate addiction, and for catalyzing spiritual/mystical experiences. At the same time marijuana was found to be effective for relieving the nausea and vomiting often associated with cancer chemotherapy. Now that restrictions on research with these agents are easing, a new generation of investigators is continuing these studies, as well as looking at MDMA for PTSD, psilocybin for OCD, and marijuana for MS, chronic pain, PTSD and other conditions. Contemporary research on positive effects of psychedelics and marijuana needs to be carefully designed and conducted to avoid another backlash from anti-drug zealots.

    This video is from Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century, a conference taking in place in San Jose, California on April 15-18, 2010. The conference was organized by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in collaboration with the Heffter Research Institute, the Council on Spiritual Practices, and the Beckley Foundation.

    Medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other health professionals can earn Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education (CME/CE) credits by viewing these videos through the Spiritual Competency Resource Center (SCRC) at http://www.spiritualcompetency.com.

    This video was produced by Teal Sievers of Living Dream Films (http://www.livingdreamfilms.com).

    To learn more about MAPS or to support our work, visit http://www.maps.org.

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    with Sean Riehl

    Expand your horizons and explore the magic of Myofascial Release in this 75-minute instructional video. Myofascial Release is an excellent tool to help free restrictions, increase range of motion and balance structural distortions. It is a useful adjunct to Deep Tissue massage, gets great results, and can be easily integrated into your current treatment protocol.

    Thanks for watching this video preview! Visit http://www.atpeacemedia.com to learn more and to purchase.

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  4. Bad posture is the sneakiest workplace risk there is. Discover the dangers and learn some simple ways to stay healthy during your daily office life in this video! Produced by Flikli (flikli.com | Like at facebook.com/Flikli) and sponsored by Varier (varierfurniture.com).

    We made this video to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a good posture and staying mobile in the office after realizing just how much time we spend sitting down illustrating, animating, and the rest. Team Flikli learned a lot putting this together and we feel healthier for it. We hope you will too. Enjoy!

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  5. Join in the debate on facebook at facebook.com/resonancebeingsoffrequency and sign the petition at ipetitions.com/petition/clear-health-warnings-on-cell-phone-packaging/

    Contact the film makers at james@flatfrogfilms.com

    RESONANCE is a sensational eye opening documentary which reveals the harm we are doing by existing in an ocean of man made wireless frequencies.

    Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency. and Inevitably, it began tuning in.

    By the time mankind arrived on earth an incredible relationship had been struck; a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend.

    Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of wellbeing.

    Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn't exist for more than a second.

    This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed. and disturbed dramatically.

    Mankind has submerged itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and drowning out the earth's natural resonance.

    To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same. But at a cellular level it is the biggest change that life on earth has endured; the affects of which we are just starting to see and feel.

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Qi Gong


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