1. This was a bit of a love job... Each year the Surf life saving people would ask me (via and Ad agency) to do there TV commercial to collect donations for there cause. I would produce these for bare cost... charging nothing for my and my staffs time. This particular TV Commercial (can't remember what year it was now?) was a bit of fun, as we had helicopters and to shot from and a hundred or so volunteers came down to join in.

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  2. This was a Crazy TV ad to shoot, India, Mubia ! Need I say anything more... Ill have stories for ever... Crew were great. People were great, but just chaos all around me. 5 people to do what 1 person would do in a normal shoot in the western world. Crazy to see, but great to see that people working. You then end up with 100+ crew running madly around you, trying to please. Even though India is a mad place to shoot. It's worth going over to try your luck. You could go home a broken down nervous mess.. or punching the air knowing that you got out alive with a job well done.
    Shot on the RED EPIC camera.. I think one of the first in India at that time... Know body new what they were doing with it, but me... But it saved me. I doubt I could have shot this job in the time I had with any other camera. It saved my life. I was bought in by production company 100 frames. They did a great job pulling it all together. Thanks Prashant. :)

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  3. This SURF LIVE SAVING AUSTRALIA Tv commercial was designed to show Australia what it would be like if the community did not support the SLSA... I heard later that it was pulled off air because it was too scarey. ??
    They asked.. I delivered... :)

    The next ones we did were very happy..

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  4. This is a Directors cut. The only reason I decided to do a directors version was because I did not get the opportunity to show TVS what I could actually give them. As TV commercials usually have many other people deciding it's direction and fate.
    This was a great job to be apart of. The Ad agency and clients are wonderful to work with. The client especially wanted me to do the ad...and to do the best I can with what I was given. This was bare bones shooting at its best. When I usually do commercials of this nature I have many specialized tools to aid me... in this case.. I had a camera and lights... Basic gripping kit... but not much more. So I really had to dig deep.
    The Ad was partly shot in Bangkok, but due to the bikes not turning up on time, we all had to jump into a plane to India to finish off the bike section of the shoot. In total I only had about 20 hours to shoot all of this, in two different countries. I shot using the RED EPIC cameras with some of the oldest and ugliest lenses I've ever used. They were rubbish !... tight focus, focus out, soft edges, terrible things. I'm really surprised we got shots as good as we did. The RED EPIC camera saved our arse thats for sure.
    This commercial was 100% finished in my laptop in full 2k Cinema resolution just to prove a point that you can get great results from as little as a Laptop and a RED EPIC.
    The Indian TVC production company "100 Frames" did an amazing job in pulling together a very crazy production. Great work Prashant ! - Thanks McCanns and TVS.
    Ross Batten did the sound ! It really bought it to life.

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  5. Shot Queenstown New Zealand, Sydney & Brisbane Australia over a 7 day period.
    Was a very fast and busy shoot but a lot of fun.

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Director Bio

Originating from a very successful career as an advertising photographer, Mark Toia was coerced into directing TVCs by his clients. Their desires were to bring his exceptional photographic eye to the small screen, and he has now become

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Director Bio

Originating from a very successful career as an advertising photographer, Mark Toia was coerced into directing TVCs by his clients. Their desires were to bring his exceptional photographic eye to the small screen, and he has now become one of the most sort after directors in the advertising world.

Being pursued by advertising agencies and production companies globally; He has a lengthy list of repeat business with the world's largest companies that most could only dream of.

With countless industry awards & accolades to his credit, Toia is without a doubt, a director sitting firmly on the "A" list. His ability to deliver a stunningly artistic story full of drama through to shooting a fast and furious action piece, is only a glimpse into what he can deliver.

Where Mark succeeds most is with his clear understanding of visual communication. He knows what visually sells products and this is why clients keep coming back to him again and again.

Toia's prowess and success is due to his ability to reinvent himself over and over again. He's always looking for new inspiration, constantly finding new technologies to aid his work and learning new crafts to help create images that have compelling screen presence, not to mention more on-screen value.

Toia is becoming a quintessential trendsetter that creatives around the world want to be a part of.

His passion is still to capture an image that compels and speaks without words. His legendary cinematography skills, vast post-production experience, joined with his ever evolving mind and machine like work ethics make him the perfect choice for any job. This combination puts him squarely at the forefront of today's television production industry.

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