1. 'Soccer In Space' by TRALALA BLIP Live at the BBFF 10/03/11


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  2. Esquemáticos is a series of works that link hand-made embroidering with the symbolic representation of analogue circuit diagrams.

    The project is an exhibition of large schematic drawings that have been hand-sewn with a conductive thread and electronic components, so that the circuits are fully functional machines that can be operated by the public.

    There are 5 sound pieces, each measuring 300 x 150 cm:
    i) A 555 integrated circuit creates sound oscillations in response to the public's drawings with graphite pencils.
    ii) An electronic organ has 8 push-buttons that correspond to the musical scale.
    iii) A heart-rate sensor activates an LED light and a loudspeaker to the rhythm of the pulse of the participant.
    iv) An audio sensor connected to a relay that turns on an old radio or a turntable.
    v) A breathalyzer measures the alcohol level in the breath of the participant and converts it to an ambulance siren (tequila is optionally provided to help the public activate the work).

    These pieces are accompanied by several projections on worktables, showing the process of creation of the works.

    This project attempts to overlay the abstraction of technical drawings with functional technology, creating formal and procedural connections between them. We seek to couple the slow task of embroidering, --surrounded by stereotypes of gender, class, craft and cheap labour-- with the low-tech aesthetic of old-school analogical circuits and electronic components.

    Esquematicos is inspired by many artists at the intersection of manual labour and schematics, like the chaotic knitting of Elenor Kent, the drawn resistances of Joyce Hinterding, the hand-made circuits of Laura Kikauka, and the wearable installations of Leah Buechley, Barbara Layne, Benoît Maubrey and others.

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  3. Using contact mic in Ableton Live and Max for Live, translate different vibration frequencies to midi notes.

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    "limbic" ist ein Visual Music Clip zum Thema emotionaler Verarbeitung von Musik im limbischen System und den daraus resultierenden Reaktionen am Körper, den sogenannte Chills. Musikalische Attribute wie die Verletzung von Erwartungen, der Beginn von etwas Neuem, ein neuer Einsatz oder wiederkehrende Muster führen hierbei bewiesenermaßen häufiger zu Chills. Diese können sich u.a. in erhöhter Herzfrequenz, zuckende Gesichtsmuskulatur, schwitzigen Händen oder eben der bekannte Gänsehaut äußern. Inwiefern Chill-Erlebnisse Bestandteil der evolutionären und/oder kulturellen Entwicklung sind wird im Film thematisiert.
    "limbic" entstand im Rahmen der Fachprüfung Bild 2 bei Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling und Andreas Kolinski.
    Musik: Johannes M. Arend (jmarend.de). Konzept und Realisation: Manfred Borsch (mfred.net)
    ________ _ _ _____ ____ ____ _

    "limbic" is a Visual Music clip which reflects the emotional processing of music in the limbic system and the resulting reactions of the body (the so-called "chills"). It has been proved that musical attributes like the violation of expectations, the beginning of something new, a new cue or a recurring pattern are more often leading to chills. Those can be expressed, among other things, through a higher heart rate, twitching facial muscles, sweaty hands or even the well-known goose bumps. The film discusses how far chill-experiences are part of the evolutionary and/or the cultural development.
    "limbic" was produced as a Video 2 exam for Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling and Andreas Kolinski.
    Music: Johannes M. Arend (jmarend.de). Concept and realization: Manfred Borsch (mfred.net).
    ________ _ _ _____ ____ ____ _

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  5. Thanks to Akai and StoreDJ, I've managed to get my grubby little hands on an APC40 before the official release date. I strolled down and collected it yesterday, and went straight home, set the camera rolling and filmed my first experience with the unit.

    Watch the video as I plug it in and get straight into it!

    To learn more, or buy your own, visit


    I am spending lots of time with it over the next few days, and I will show it off at the official Ableton Live 8 launch in Melbourne on Thursday night ( cosm.co.nz/launch ) ... so if you are in VIC, head on down.

    Visit TomCosm.com for many more videos, tutorials and free Ableton live packs.

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