1. Operation Cat

    Titel Monkey Gone To Heaven
    Artist Pixies
    Album Death To The Pixies 1987-1991

    Titel O la la La
    Artist T.C. Matic
    Album T.C. Matic
    Compo. Arno Hintjens; Ferre Baelen; Jean-Marie Aerts

    Titel We No Speak Americano
    Artist Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
    Album Bravo Hits Vol.71

    Titel I'll Kill Her
    Artist SoKo

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  2. Greetings Anonymous, We are Anonymous

    We direct this message at ourselves to clarify that Anonymous, is not a group or a political organisation. Anonymous is an idea. An idea that is the spark that ignites the fires of change. We must also clarify that as humans, we are not always going to agree on everything. It has become clear that certain individuals attacking others because they do not agree with their views.

    The solution is simple, if you agree with an Anonymous operation then support it one hundred percent and help to make it happen. Why waste energy fighting against an operation that may or may not happen. let the hive mind decide. There are also certain individuals that seem to have forgotten simple mathematics, that seem to think that one equals more than one. So let us remind these leaderfags that one equals one, No more no less.

    We are all equal, Everyones contribution is equal, We are all one. We have no leaders or official representatives. Those claiming to officially work for or represent Anonymous do not. There are no recruitment officers as you cannot recruit an idea. Those that assume that they are more than the one and try to be leaderfags will be devoured by the whole. Let us work together as a whole for the better of the whole.

    Anyone dictating to the whole as who can be Anonymous or suppressing anothers right to free speech is doing what Anonymous stands against and therefore becomes a target for the internet hate machine. Be a part of the whole. Do not attack each other. Can you not see that this is what they want?

    Unite as one and let us be the spark that ignites the fires of change.
    United as One.
    Divided by 0.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget
    Expect Us

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  3. Hello, Turkey.

    We are Anonymous.

    It has come to our attention that you are preparing to include the Redhack Team into the “Terror Organisations” list.

    The Socialist group RedHack brought down the Turkish Foreign Ministry website yesterday morning, replacing its contents with pictures showing the Turkish prime minister embracing former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and Syrian President Bashar al-Assang: “Ministry of War and Slavery, not Foreign Affairs.” A caption for the pictures read: “Brothers yesterday, enemies today”

    Koru admitted the incident was due to a “weakness of security”. Seven people who are suspected of being members of RedHack are already under arrest.

    The investigation into the group has reached a critical position.
    The prosecutor who is already conducting a comprehensive investigation into the group, are preparing to include them into the “Terror Organisations” list. Prosecution Office confirmed in his report to the Anti-Terror Branch, that the group has a Marxist-Leninist manifesto. He has consulted the Anti-Terror branch if this group can be treated within the penal code as a terror organisation.

    The RedHack team said:

    Bro we are not worried about being arrested or killed, we think we still got lot to offer to the people of Turkey. Thats why we are worried. if we are wiped out this people will continue to suffer under the current fascist regime . At least now they see a hope in us. The people still need us.

    The RedHack group are not sure of what the next few hours or days will hold for them.

    We demand the cessation of these illegitimate attacks against RedHack. We demand the immediate release of innocent people who have nothing to do with RedHack. We demand the cessation of these operations to instill fear into those who work to uncover truth. Anonymous will support RedHack, and everyone working in Turkey to tear down barriers to free information, until the end. This support, we will show in every way we possess.

    An attack on Redhack is an attack on free information, a free press, free expression and on Anonymous!

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not Forgive.
    We do not Forget.
    Expect us.

    RedHacks new main acoount on twitter @kizilhackerlar

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  4. OpnoPro found a Swedish site where you can bye a speech when Ur daughter/son get married he injected the Database with this poem people who want to buy saw only the original speech but when they paid they got this send home :)

    To my sweetest daughter

    I have loved you all my life

    You will make a wonderful wife

    The only thing for which I have strife

    If you are being a prostitute every night

    You know I have cared along with father

    There is not anything in this world for which I would bother

    You sleep with the animals and the priest and your brother

    The children you bear are like no other

    There is nothing that will ever cause me more concern

    Then the diseases which you catch that always burn

    Your father always talks about different bitches

    And puts his hand in his pants because it always itches

    He lost 4 inches because of your attitude

    You know that father did not mean to give you such latitude

    Although you slept with him many times in the past

    Eating you out is something that will always last

    Anonymous mother

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  5. Hello, Anonymous. We are your boss.

    We direct this memo to clarify the importance that the agency do not allow, to become tainted by personal accusing of agents in the field. Once an

    individual attempts to act as, or act for the many. Anonymous is no longer the incoherent machine, as we intended it to be.

    We set up Anonymous as an online pool of consciousness, sometimes we create a force towards a similar direction which could manifest in revolution.

    Anonymous has NO leader, We are one, We are many, One does not speak for many. Many do not speak for all, No one speaks for all. We come from all walks of life, All age, race, sex and places.

    This is a message to any operative that classifie Anons as being a agent, if we attack us, it only helps them, can in fact dangerously expose methods,

    avenues, and persons and our message is crushed.

    Operations must being discussed again, the way it used to be amongst our peers and agreed upon.

    We are all one, how we differ is only what we can bring to the table, we move as one. Do not let your ego, or the ego of someone else get in the way, of

    who and what we are. Respecting one others opinions,understanding that we might not all share the same standings on politics and ethics, but again,

    we all strive for the same goal. Respect is key.

    Anyone attempting to modify these points, does so to the detriment of the whole. Anonymous is not your personal army.

    Your Boss is Anonymous,
    Your Boss is Legion,
    Your Boss does not forgive,
    Your Boss does not forget,
    Expect Your Boss.

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We use a Anonymous Posting concept. Anyone can post to the site. No censorship takes place!

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