1. Today, I have up and coming young golfer Ryan Burgess in the Lab for some golf specific training. He is on the road to realizing his professional golf career aspirations. Ryan is a very smart young man, and a talented athlete and golfer, he is gracious and well spoken. Above all, Ryan has a tremendous work ethic in the gym and a very positive outlook. With these qualities combined, you might start to see the makings of a real trend setter and trail blazer amongst his peers. In this workout we will be focusing on fitness skills related to approaching the ball, back swing fluidity, down swing power, follow through mobility and overall core strength/power and ability to disassociate hips and shoulders. Try these exercises for yourself and share them with a friend. Please let us know what you think online!

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  2. In the late 1900’s snowboarding began gaining popularity propelling the sport into the 2000’s. Through board technology and advancements in design, the snowboard has become an efficient piece of sports equipment for recreational and professional use. To improve performance and decrease injuries as the sport continues to grow, snowboarders have been turning to performance coaches for snowboard training to prepare them to outlast the competition. Professionals in the field analyze the sport specific movements required by snowboarders and create strength and conditioning programs related to the movement patterns needed for the sport.

    Jussi Oksanen, one of the world’s best snowboarders, has been snowboard training at EZIA Human Performance to continue staying healthy while becoming a more fierce competitor on the mountain. Jussi says, “…snowboarding is progressing quite fast, tricks are getting bigger and the falls come in a lot harder, so you got to be on your game.” At EZIA we train athletes to excel past their competition through sport specific training, positively impacting the athlete’s abilities. Within the video you will see Jussi performing different snowboard training exercises as described below:

    Long Jump:To master the kicker-take off and jumping onto boxes and rails while descending down the mountain, learning to do a standing long jump is beneficial to train the body to be explosive and powerful. Stand with feet hip width apart. From here swing arms back, sitting hips back (like into a chair), and forcefully throw arms forward while jumping forward, landing softly into a squat position. For snowboarders who are just starting, practice jumping straight up and landing in the same spot into a half squat. Landing soft is a key aspect of this exercise.

    Rotational Box Jumps: Rotational twists and turns midair can be trained with rotational box jumps. This exercise will challenge the core musculature to control and rotate the body similar to when on the slopes. Stand next to a tall box (or on ground or short box if you’re a beginner) with feet positioned hip width apart. Swing arms behind you, sitting into a squat position and explode upwards. While in the air, use upper body and core to torque body into rotation turning 180 degrees. Land softly into a squat on top of box facing the opposite direction.

    Depth Jumps: Landing hard off a big jump or rail slide can put the athlete into an unsafe position resulting in injury due to impact. Learning to perform a depth jump will help snowboarders land with proper technique. Stand on a tall or short box depending on ability level. Step off the edge of the box while holding onto a medicine ball. Land on the forefoot of both feet and quickly sit into heels allowing hips to sit back naturally, absorbing the shock. The goal is to land softly with minimal impact.

    Indo Board Balance: Rail slides are common on the slopes and doing indo board exercises can perfect snowboarder’s rail sliding balance abilities. To perform this exercise, balance on an indo board with feet positioned near the ends pointed slightly outwards. Bend knees to get into an athletic stance while holding onto a medicine ball. Move the medicine ball to different points in space while adjusting body weight on the board to maintain balance.

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  3. Ian is one of the best big wave surfers in the world. Today he is training at EZIA HP for the few days a year when the swell gets really big, like 60 feel high or more! We are going to do 5 basic exercises together, one surf specific exercise for each of the primary movements required in surfing. The surf specific movements we will train are paddling strength, duck diving strength, pop-up speed and timing, coordinated bottom turn, hit-the-lip rotational power and stability in the tube... Watch the video to learn the exercises and do them yourself at home!


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  4. Cory Freeman is at EZIA HP to train for his Motocross season today. Cory likes to train hard, and train smart. He says "You can't expect to gout there and win without any hard work. Nothing comes easy, you gotta train, you gotta work your ass off. Then you will take it to that next level!" Cory likes to go as fast as he can, for as long as he wants... so we are all about speed and explosiveness in his workout today.

    Together we are doing 5 basic exercises that are specifically geared towards the major movements of his sport. Try these exercises on your own, realize that you barely need any equipment to do them all. Learn the each exercise in the circuit slowly, then once you have got the hang of them try 3-4 circuits as quickly as you can, safely.

    Sports movements: Exercise Name: Notes:

    Starting Single arm Snatch I said power clean in the video, but his shoulders where tight so we did a snatch, it's more challenging too

    Cornering Split lunge with med ball Split your legs front to back fast, swing the ball or heavy object side to side in the opposite direction with vigor

    Whoops Box Blast Light feet, powerful hip action, like a piston that takes a pounding effortlessly. Be nimble, be quick.

    Big Air Tuck jump Take approach steps, explode over a large object, sail through the air and remain weightless at the peak as long as possible. Land soft!

    Landings Full body depth drop Sprawl to all fours, absorb weight softly, don't bottom out, spring back to your feet like a cat.

    We have a lot of respect for Cory, and Motocross athletes everywhere - who have a tremendous work ethic and athletic drive to be at the top. It is absolutely one of the most intense and physically demanding sports in the world, plus the risks and the rewards are at an all time high. Don't mess around, take your career and your body seriously. Call us or email us at EZIA for a more complete training program, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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  5. James Adams, a Professional Triathlete is here at EZIA to do an endurance sport workout or triathlon workout. You can do these six easy exercises at home. First, make sure to start off with a quick dynamic warm-up like all of our athletes who train at EZIA. Below are two sport specific exercises for each portion of a Triathlon: swim, bike and run.

    Swim Training Exercises:

    Straight-arm pull down: This exercise strengthens large muscle groups your back, lats and shoulders and also your rotator cuff that consists of the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles. The benefit of strengthening the rotator cuff is that you will increase your shoulder stability and help avoid injuries from occurring. By changing the resistance of the band you can increase or decrease the difficulty level.

    Opposite arm and leg pike: Target your external oblique muscles and stabilize your core as you go through a swimming arm/leg movement. To increase the difficulty of this exercise you can include ankle weights. If you feel pain or are struggling with this exercise you can break it down by sitting and supporting yourself with your hands while you bring your legs into your chest.

    Cycling Training Exercises:

    Single leg deadlift and row: Reach and row, and you will feel this activation in the back of your hips. By contracting your legs as you are fighting for stabilization you will work your hamstrings and glutes. While performing the row you will be targeting your lats, mid trap, rhomboids, erector spinae, and biceps brachii. This exercise will also help you with core strength as well as your stability and balance. If this exercise is too easy for you, increase the toughness by performing this on a foam block and increase the weight you’re performing the row with. If you are struggling to keep proper form, perform the movement without any resistance.

    Step up with a medicine ball: This will create hamstring and glute power and strength, just like when you are cycling on the bike. Make sure you are performing this exercise in a fluid movement. It helps to keep a rhythm to maintain a good pace. To make this exercise harder try different variations with the med ball, such as, overhead press or a mason twist. If you’re looking to train more explosively you can perform this without a med ball and alternate legs back and forth exploding out of each step. To decrease the difficulty just perform the step up without the med ball, decrease the weight of the med ball, or you can decrease the height of the plyo box you are stepping on.

    Running Training Exercises:

    Resistance band skips and runs: Use resistance bands either with a partner or tether the band around a post. Practice skipping to rehearse your running mechanics. Go into high speed, high knees and practice your gait mechanics. Try to keep your knees punching forward and your elbows driving back.

    Lateral hurdles: This running exercise forces you to get your knees up, speeds up your reaction time, and forces you to move laterally, something triathletes frequently lack. Go down and back as fast as you can, time yourself if you can. To increase the difficulty of this exercise you can change the height of the hurdles or the distance between each one. Also, you can perform this exercise bounding on one leg instead of two. If this exercise is challenging and you want to break down the movement just start out walking over the hurdles until you get the technique down.

    James says, “Triathlon training is a lot more fun with training partners. Find a group like the EZIA Bike Club where you can meet other athletes and you will be a lot less intimidated to take on 3 sports at the same time”.

    You can find out more about our cycle club and purchase EZIA Bike Kits on our online store.

    What makes EZIA Human Performance unique is simple. Your ESP Program is all about you, no matter if you are in San Diego or São Paulo. We have the distinction of offering Performance Coaching and Small Group Training amidst Physical Therapists and wellness professionals. Whether your goal is to correct a specific condition, lose weight, create an active lifestyle or improve your sport performance, our team helps you to achieve results. For more information, please call (760) 804-1700 or download our free iphone app in the app store.

    - See more at: http://eziahp.com/triathlon-training-workout

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