1. The Miracle Planet 1: Evidence For Creation On Earth

    Space … An endless void, whose secrets are still unknown to science … A flawless system of billions of galaxies and the stars, planets, comets, asteroids and clouds of gas and dust, all moving together in perfect harmony …

    Pluto … The furthest planet from the Sun … A world of rock and terrifying cold: Its surface temperature is around minus 238 degrees centigrade! Under the influence of that freezing cold, even the thin atmosphere of this planet is turning into a block of ice … A dead mass of ice …

    Neptune … Another frozen planet: Surface temperature minus 218 degrees centigrade. The atmosphere, consisting of hydrogen, helium and methane, is poisonous to life. The high levels of poisonous methane give its atmosphere a blue colour … This is a deadly world, raked by terrible storms moving at up to 2,000 kilometres an hour …

    Uranus … A dead planet, largely consisting of rock and ice … It takes Uranus 84 Earth years to orbit the Sun … Its atmosphere of hydrogen, helium and methane is fatal to life …

    Saturn … This is the second biggest planet in the solar system… It is particularly well known for the system of rings encircling it… These rings are made up of gases, rock and ice… The planet itself is composed entirely of gas: 75% hydrogen and 25% helium… Its density is less than that of water.

    Jupiter … The biggest planet in the Solar System... Also a gaseous planet… It is 318 times the size of Earth… This large red mark is a storm large enough to hold two of our Earths … There is no land on it … An insane cold … terrible storms that last for hundreds of years … A magnetic field that could kill any living thing … A dreadful and frightening planet … And Jupiter’s satellite, Io, covered in volcanoes … It acts as an electrical generator as it moves through Jupiter’s magnetic field, developing 400,000 volts across its diameter.

    Mars … Its atmosphere is a poisonous mixture with high levels of carbon-dioxide … Its surface is full of craters caused by striking meteors, and deep valleys hundreds of kilometres long … A ball of red rock ruled by violent winds and sandstorms that go on for months …

    Venus … Unlike the freezing cold of the other planets, Venus is a giant “oven” of burning temperatures … The temperature on its surface is enough to melt lead: around 450 degrees centigrade … It has a heavy atmosphere made up of a thick layer of carbon-dioxide … The atmospheric pressure on this planet is equivalent to that found on Earth at one kilometre below the sea … Its atmosphere is covered with layers of sulphuric acid kilometres high … The planet is therefore constantly subjected to lethal acid rain. Nothing can live in such an atmosphere.

    Mercury … The nearest planet to the Sun … It spins around its own axis very slowly … Since its days and nights are very long, one face glows red, and the other freezes … Such an environment would be fatal to any living thing …

    As this short journey has shown us, eight out of the nine planets in our Solar System, and all their 53 moons, are incapable of sustaining life. Each one is dead, a mass of silent rock and gas. However, one planet in this system, one that we have not looked at yet, is very different from the others. Because all its features, from its atmosphere to the make-up of its surface, from its temperature to its magnetic field, and from its elements to its distance from the Sun, have been created in the best manner for sustaining life.

    That planet is our Earth …

    Unlike its neighbours in the Solar System, the earth is a planet full of life. There is a most harmonious balance of life in the sky, on the land and in the seas. Millions of animals, plants, insects and sea creatures, all with different structures, colours and features, live together on this special planet. This great equilibrium on Earth and all the living things on it are proofs of the existence of God and the artistry of His creation. God invites mankind to consider these things in one verse of the Qur’an:

    It is God Who created the heavens with no support—you can see them—and cast firmly embedded mountains on the earth so that it would not move under you, and scattered about in it creatures of every kind. And We send down water from the sky and make every generous species grow in it. This is God’s creation... (Qur’an, 31: 10-11)

    The survival of life on Earth is as great a miracle as its creation. That survival has been brought about by very special conditions ideally designed for life. Even the tiniest alterations in these conditions could lead to terrible disasters. Yet in the absence of any intervention from outside, no such thing will happen. The Blue Planet was miraculously created with an unimaginable number of special features to maintain life on it. Thanks to these features, and unlike its neighbours, it offers an extraordinarily beautiful place in which to live.

    During this film, we shall be looking at some of these miraculous features of the Blue Planet, and seeing how they totally invalidate the materialist thesis of “chance,” we shall witness the great wisdom and might with which God created our world.

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  2. This is a very good documentary about Allah's creation.

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  4. In the one and a half centuries that have passed since Darwin's day, giant steps have been taken in science and technology. Scientists discovered the structure of the cell. They saw with surprise that the cell has a system so complex as to have been unimaginable in Darwin's time. This great documentary reveals this design in the cell with sophisticated computer graphics.

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