1. Become the portal

    The December Solstice year 2012, marked the culmination of a great cycle that is simultaneously a new beginning, creating a window of opportunity...a portal that is being organically orchestrated by the holonomic symbiosis of evolution.

    The coming recalibration of Earth ….as She aligns with the holistic continuum has not been instigated by those who have intervened in our evolution; ...labelling various global catastrophes, ...reported in all religious doctrines,... as punishments perpetrated by the 'gods' for misbehaviour, ...as they cover up their failed experiments on the Human race.

    A portal that has evolved from the Prime Organising Principal energetically emanating from the Galactic core, this astronomical event does not mark an anomalous catastrophe resulting from the disarrangement of the original design of the planets in our solar system, nor is it relevant to the religious programming of shame and guilt that has historically rationalized the global genocide that is being prophesied.

    Ultimately the propensity for true evolution upon this planet and within the entire solar system is far beyond the influences of the god impersonators who would have you believe this to be a time of damnation, repentance, salvation, atonement.

    However the significance of this alignment goes beyond the cycles of cosmic order eternally spiralling within the true holistic continuum. For Earth this alignment holds the promise of liberation.

    The displacement of the planets within our solar system, including the destruction of Maldek and the introduction of foreign satellites which scramble the data embedded in the light of our Sun, has rendered Earth a stolen planet functioning in a deviant temporal zone. Although the coming alignment will not create an immediate reintegration into the holistic continuum it will activate the capacity of Earth and Her inhabitants to ultimately realise their place within the integrity of universal holography.

    The alignment of the torsion field structure of the universal holonomic design is eternally in synchronomic motion a space/time continuum which is not a sequential binary signal-response pattern that exhausts a supply of energy resulting in entropy...but a fractally constructing self referencing ocean of possibilities.

    The coming alignment is an opportunity to recalibrate to this holistic continuum.

    It is our Suns symbiotic relationship with the planets within its heliocentric embrace which orchestrates the synchronomic forces of manifestation, its light-informing transmissions pulsing through the holography of the true matrix...its geometry rendering all things simultaneously one and different. The phenomenal aspect of this imminent solstice portal is the transmission of the full spectrum Source Code embedded in the light of our Sun and its ability to initiate the transformation of consciousness.

    The momentum which has culminated in the formation of this portal has been building through the interference patterns of the intricate holonomic weave of co-creative spheres of light information that forms the infrastructure of the galactic holography.

    This great cycle of cosmic tantric friction will not culminate in a day...an hour... a minute but in a moment...in an eternal instant between expansion and contraction, between past and future...a portal into the Immortal Continuum. In a timeless heartbeat the Sun will communicate a seed-code which will ultimately collapse the synthetic mutant matrix that generates the false temporal zone of this fear based reality. This process will be activated and escalated via the resurrection and full function of Human bio-circuitry.

    In an instant of absolute synchronomic alliance the window opens as the photonic seed-code embraces the electromagnetic field of every living entity into a vortex, a conduit to the Heart of Creation, bestowing, in a moment, a calibration to the eternal constant, the Immortal continuum..stimulating within the cerebral cortex the memory of the true Human prior to genetic modification.

    Our Sun, by virtue of its position within the universal holography now takes centre stage within the galaxy. It is reaching a state of total cognition as it deciphers the confluent fields of coherent cosmic codes rippling through its labyrinth of crystalline lenses, its solar flares the exultant response to the acceleration of Source Awareness projected as primordial data from the galactic core.

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  2. This is a video response to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT on Friday December 14, 2012. Lisa discusses what is not being talked about in the mainstream media and who ultimately is responsible and why. This video was made to start conversations about what is not working and asks if humanity has experienced enough suffering in its' so-called comfort zone to have the courage to change. For more videos and resources on Healing, Inspiration,& Conscious Co-Creation please visit http://www.trancendance.co/

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  3. This special edition of "Insights & Observations of a Rainbow Warrior GodDess" is a video response to my friend Christie Aphrodite's Inspirational Video, "Holy Shit I'm Naked...Now What???...Imagine a world without Shame...I invite You to join the World Naked Day Party and "Get Your GodDess On" here http://souljourneysradio.com/time-to-get-naked/ ... or here https://www.facebook.com/groups/502364909785238/...For more Healing, Inspiration, and Conscious Co-Creation visit my website http://www.trancendance.co/ ...Peace, Love, Abundance, & Joy!!!...and Nakedness!!!

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  4. The first installment of "Insights & Observations of a Rainbow Warrior GodDess" by Lisa Vunk, author, poet, social & spiritual activist, Spiritual Awakening Facilitator, and Conscious Evolution Coach. Follow Lisa on her ebsite, http://www.trancendance.co/ , a resource for Healing, Inspiration, and Conscious Co-Creation.

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  5. Chaos is engulfing our planet in these Challenging Transformational Times but we have the Opportunity to harness this energy instead of becoming a victim of it by Consciously choosing Love and Oneness instead of fear and separation. What are you choosing? For more info go to http://www.trancendance.co/

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