1. The latest from 2011 filmed in the making of the last film documentary of best Christian Movie and family and Children who interviewed by: Jeffrey Sunny Baek

    Editor/Actor/Director: Jeffrey Baek

    Jesus' Light-Here Comes The Sun: A Puppet Tales Movie
    (2011 Original in SD version DVD July 24, 2011 and YouTube 10 minutes each 5 or 6 parts splits in original SD version for Thanksgiving November 24-25, 2011)

    (2012 Full Movie on VIMEO.com and Re-released EP Movie Pre-Movie Prelude
    on October 7, 2012 Sunday)

    (2013 DVD Debut Full Length EP Art Album Case has been labeled for sold video for Jeffrey Baek himself and one copy for to Jesus' Light church group members at J'L Grace Korean Ministries International Church August 2013-Fall 2013)

    (2014 DVD Debut Full Length Movie in HD High Definition for WATCH video for releasing on YouTube the Full Movie coming final release next year Early Winter February 11, 2014 during winter season)

    This movie is influenced by:
    "Big Idea's VeggieTales"
    "Sesame Street"

    This movie is based on most story from:
    "Holy Bible"

    also check out now the new music video "Surrender" is now out on YouTube and Vimeo.

    This title is taken by the song by The Beatles
    But this movie is NOT story about The Beatles at all.
    This movie is about true Christian Family of the Combination of the Documentary film of real life of "Jesus' Light church stuff and J'L Puppets and more Christianity-Related story of most church related movie.

    This movie is rated: PG and the worldwide awaited for long to see it.

    (C)Copyright2011, 2012, 2013 Jeffrey Sunny Baek Director's Cut Documentary Film Broadcast Anchor Co., Jesus' Light Inc, HugnJump distribute (distripution), London Beatles UK Abbey Road Studios Records HCTS Company for titled. FBI WARNING
    All Rights Reserved. TM

    Owner/Manager of this film by: Jeffrey Baek and Jesus' Light Staff copyright owner.

    "No copyright infrigement intended"

    Unauthorized copying is a punishable under federal law and copyrighting this movie by its owner will be prohibited the law. tm All Rights Reserved.



    You Can Download this video in the link below for FREE!!
    Go exclusive behind the movie with the interview what is this movie is all about by Jeffrey Baek

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    This video has finally has been finally released to last one debut album official full movie
    In the new experience in 2014 version has been refurbishment something replacement has been edit in recreated in the new cinema Christian Family Documentary Movie party to release into the entire worldwide to the creating in this First Official Translation “Title” and “Description” has first hit English translation by this original motion picture in English and Korean language is still same in this video but Translation Title and Description will be translated into the other countries which is something pending other world countries that’s not same in English speaking as First English hits now premiered to this
    February 12, 2014, Wednesday during Winter Season to be this first open on Vimeo and YouTube to be linked on February in the first in the US United States of America, UK United Kingdom, North America and Europe, with Canada and Australia has been placed this movie also followed by the other countries will be hitting in other countries will be translated for Title and Description except the movie version will be still original content language by beginning uploading for other countries starting March 2014 til depend to the ending as possible as it can be.

    “Here Comes The Sun”
    Performed by:
    The Beatles
    Composer: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
    Beatles music members were: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
    Since it was recaptured in tribute again in the last month of January 2014 when 56th Annual Grammy Awards was announced on TV on CBS2 where two members still alive Paul and Ringo performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, USA
    But this movie even though this titled “Here Comes The Sun” from the titled song by The Beatles,
    But this movie of this story is NOT about THE BEATLES at all but its just a title that more like fitting into this last third movie that related to SUMMER SEASON like for Jesus’ Light Camping Summer Retreat and Summer Bible School stuff and other real actual live of combination of a documentary in Jesus’ Light Church of Life activities, games, and more family in Biblical Church related movie which this is what the story is about what it is!
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    This FANMADE LOGOS inspire fanmade making to:
    Universal Studios Pictures Fanmade Release universalstudios.com for this movie to Inspire to represent to Universal Movies Entertainment and studio of BIG IDEA Productions Inc. to Bob and Larry Publish bigidea.com veggietales.com
    This movie is influenced by: “Big Idea’s VeggieTales”, “Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie”, “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie”
    From this movie creator of:
    “Jesus’ Light’s Puppet Tales The Series (2008-2011)”
    “Jesus’ Light’s Our Love Can Change The World: A Puppet Tales Movie” (2009/2012)
    “Jesus’ Light’s One Way: A Puppet Tales Movie (2 Parts Splits Movie) (2010/2013)
    Creating the most successful of Jesus’ Light Church of Best GKC Grace Ministries International Grace Korean Church in best with Puppet Team Show Ministry of all time!!
    Jeffrey Baek as Daniel the Puppet/Himself
    Veronica Kim as Sarah the Puppet/Mom the Puppet/Herself
    Yuri Jo as Mom the Puppet/Herself
    JJ (Jae-Jun) Han as Himself
    Peter Song as Himself
    Kevin Han as Himself
    Jessica Song as Herself
    Danny Lee as Himself Pastor the Wheelchair
    Kyu Lee as Pastor Lee Herself of J’L
    Cho Mi Ran as aka Mi Cho as Herself J’L Lead Teacher Staff
    John Kim as Himself/James the Puppet
    Chris Sang Phil Lee (aka “Chris Lee) as James the Puppet/Himself
    Julie Koh as Herself the Keyboardist during J’L Praise Team
    Director of Puppet Team:
    Mi Cho (2006-2010)
    Rosa Moon (2010-Present…)
    Director of this movie:
    Jeffrey Sunny Baek
    Edited/Manufactured of this final post-production by: Jeffrey Baek
    Featuring the new songs:
    “Boy Soprano (Defying Gravity Glee Cast version) performed by: “Rohan Ramanan”
    “Today Is The Day by: VBS Kids
    Original composed by: Lincoln Brewster
    “Surrender” (Nothing in this world can satisfy)
    Performed by: (Verses) “Andrew Kim”
    (Chorus) by: “Hayoung Yoo”
    Music Composer, lyrics by: Andrew Kim
    Recorded in his home in Irvine: 2011 Recorded
    “In God’s sight” by: E.D.G.E. Camp Kids Special Thanks:
    Cherry Myung: Who have been filmed me and JJ during Talent Performance for cover “Star Wars” Main Theme by John Williams and "Teacher Maria Hyerim Sung" who trained me and JJ Han how to practice playing "Star Wars" and fans!

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  3. J’L Jesus’ Light-Here Comes The Sun: A Puppet Tales Movie for Spanish
    (Mexico, Spain, "Barcelona, Spain, ", Chile, Peru etc.) Mexico City
    (Barcelona, Spain/Mexico City, Mexico, Chile, Peru) (03. 04. 2014)
    de Jeffrey Baek Plus hace 3 semanas / Licencia de Creative Commons : by sa todos los públicos
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    Siga Jeffrey Sunny Baek FB facebook.com / jeffreysunny.baek
    Este video ha finalmente ha sido finalmente puesto en libertad a una duración de un álbum debut en el cine oficial
    En la nueva experiencia , en 2014 la versión ha sido el reemplazo algo remodelación ha sido de edición en recreado en el nuevo cine Christian Family partido Documental sobre cine de liberación en todo el mundo para la creación de este " título " Primera traducción oficial y " Descripción" tiene el primer éxito traducción Inglés por esta película original en Inglés y coreano sigue siendo igual en este video pero traducción Título y descripción será traducido a los otros países que es algo pendiente en otros países del mundo que no es igual en Inglés hablando como golpea primero Inglés ahora se estrenó con este
    12 de febrero 2014 , miércoles durante la temporada de invierno que ser primero abierto en Vimeo y YouTube para vincularse en febrero en la primera en los EE.UU. Estados Unidos de América, Reino Unido Reino Unido , América del Norte y Europa, con Canadá y Australia se ha colocado esta película también seguido por el resto de países estará llegando en otros países será traducido por título y descripción , excepto la versión de la película será el idioma de contenido original, aún comenzando subir a otros países a partir 03 2014 hasta dependerá al final de lo posible , ya que puede ser .

    "Here Comes The Sun"
    Realizado por:
    Los Beatles
    Compositor: John Lennon y Paul McCartney
    Beatles miembros de la música fueron: John Lennon , Paul McCartney, George Harrison y Ringo Starr
    Desde que fue capturado en el tributo de nuevo en el último mes de enero 2014, cuando 56 ª Anual de Premios Grammy se anunció en la televisión el CBS2 donde dos miembros aún con vida de Paul y Ringo a cabo en el Staples Center en Los Angeles , California, EE.UU.
    Pero esta película a pesar de que este titulado "Here Comes The Sun" de la canción titulada por The Beatles ,
    Pero esta película de esta historia no es sobre el BEATLES en absoluto , pero es sólo un título que más a encajar en este último tercio de película que relaciona a la temporada de verano como para que acampa ligero de verano de Jesús Retreat y esas cosas Summer School Biblia y otra en vivo real de bienes de combinación de un documental en la Iglesia Luz de Jesús de las actividades de la vida, juegos , y más de la familia en la Iglesia bíblica de películas relacionadas que esto es lo que la historia es sobre lo que es!
    No dude en visitarnos en gracemi.com
    Siéntase libre de GUSTARIA , suscribir, y compartir y ser un fan de la página de Facebook en :
    facebook.com / jesuslightmovie
    facebook.com / jeffreybaekofficial
    facebook.com / chrisleeofficial
    youtube.com / jeffreybaekofficial
    Esta Fanmade LOGOS inspirar decisiones fanmade a:
    Universal Studios Fotos Fanmade estreno universalstudios.com de esta película para inspirar a representar a Universal Movies Entertainment y el estudio de IDEA Productions Inc. para Bob y Larry Publicar bigidea.com veggietales.com
    Esta película está influenciada por: " VeggieTales Big Idea ", " Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie ", " Los piratas que no hacen cualquier cosa : A VeggieTales Movie "
    De este creador de película :
    "Los cuentos de la marioneta de la luz de Jesús La Serie (2008-2011) "
    " Luz de Jesús Nuestro amor puede cambiar el mundo : A Cuentos Marioneta Película " (2009/2012)
    " Luz de Jesús Una manera: A Cuentos Marioneta Película ( 2 Piezas Splits Película) (2010 /2013)
    La creación de los más exitosos de la Iglesia Luz del Best GKC Grace Ministries International Iglesia coreana Gracia de Jesús en mejor con Títeres Demostración del equipo del Ministerio de todos los tiempos !
    Jeffrey Baek como Daniel Títere / Él Mismo
    Verónica Kim como Sarah Títeres / Marionetas mamá / Ella Misma
    Yuri Jo mamá como el espectáculo de marionetas / Ella Misma
    JJ ( Jae -Jun) Han como él mismo
    Peter canción como él mismo
    Kevin Han como él mismo
    Jessica canción como Ella Misma
    Danny Lee como él mismo Pastor Silla de Ruedas
    Kyu Lee como Pastor Lee Ella Misma de J'L
    Cho Mi Ran como alias Mi Cho como ella misma J'L Lead Personal Teacher
    John Kim como Él Mismo / James Títere
    Chris Sang Phil Lee (también conocido como "Chris Lee) como James Títere / Él Mismo
    Julie Koh como ella misma al teclista durante J'L Equipo de Alabanza
    Director de Títeres del equipo:
    Mi Cho (2006-2010)
    Rosa Luna ( 2010- Present ... )
    Director de esta

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  4. Dae Seung Kang’s 60 Years: Joy Team Live at 3 Locals Tour (Official Full Movie)
    Dae Seung Kang’s 60 Years: (Dunstan Kang) Joy Team Live at 3 Locals Tour (Official Full Movie)
    This video has first time official DSK Dae Seung Kang’s Joy Team Full Show A Short Film
    In Live Folk Music Concert Release Show of this best OC and LA County Policy Content to touring the first at Garden Grove, California, United States of America Live, Grace Ministries International Church campus backyard garden area outside at near by Grace Korean Church
    kbs.co.kr Korean Broadcast News
    ytv.co.kr YTV News to Inspire
    Special Thanks:
    Dae Seung Kang as the Lead Instructor of Jangu and Booke in Korean Traditional Drumming group performances on live with best golden chiming gong and wildest and speedy and professional talent that he started since 1985 in Seoul Korea on the news and Dae Seung Kang’s birth was since September 15, 1952 since last year just has been announced to this year for his last year birthday became his age of 60 years old for the last Joy Team group joined from 2011 through 2013 and throughout the lives with best asian Korean Folk Culture in Ancient Legendary Live Hits music for the best performers of their hard-work.
    Dae Seung Kang, Jeffrey Sunny Baek, Pastor Jinhee Kim, JJ Jae-Jun Han, Jessica Song and etc…
    Special Thanks also to: Hee Sun Sin who has been supported to Dae Seung Kang and his group fellow students with the Joy Team students disabilities some and staff as the something has been recaptured film taped that will live on the long journey for the best 27 minutes run and will never forget as after Joy Team people left the group from Dae Seung Kang as He has back to his own students without Joy Team has discontinued active in Late June 2013 and now we are presenting this movie to show tour for the worldwide phenomenon with the BEST MTV Music Television and Epic Music Video
    mtv.com epicrecords.com Inspire
    Special Thanks to also: LA18 Prime News on Live
    LIKE & SHARE @ at


    mtv.com To Inspire

    Best Korean Culture Group Joy To The World Team Korean Asian Drumming Traditional performances short live film in this best for MTV official release promo trailer for March 2014 to release by lead legendary teacher by: "Dae Seung Kang" aka Dunstan Kang
    So come out and support us of our group.
    For the fans, families and friends can watch us and its our FREE show events on Live.


    Thanks for all your support everyone.

    But before that we would like to share this recent taped video that we have been performed our 3 shows in last year 2012 ago:

    1. Senior Center @Garden Grove, CA -May 9, 2012, Wednesday OC Orange County
    2. Garden Yard for JOY saturday school OLYMP @Grace Ministries International campus, Fullerton, CA-June 16, 2012, Saturday, OC Orange County
    3. Korean Bell of Friendship @San Pedro, CA, Monday-Tuesday, December 31, 2012 and midnight January 1, 2013, L.A. Los Angeles County

    Thank you and enjoy.

    강대승 장구 공연 선생님 사물놀이

    Dae Seung Kang the legendary teacher of Jangu Staff with golden Gkanggari chime gong.

    Celebrating for "Mr. Dae Seung Kang's 60th birthday since last year back in September 15 and before soon in September 15 2014 when he turns his age of 61 and as we know we are making history of legacy Korean Classic Medley Melody performances for Dae Seung's 60th Birthday anniversary still his age right now as about to release YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo that will begins in March 2014 and continue to other regions translation from April through September 14, 2014.


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  5. J'L Jesus' Light Here Comes The Sun A Puppet Tales Movie
    Starring: Jeffrey Sunny Baek, Yuri Jo, Chris Sang Phil Lee, JJ Jae-Jun Han, Peter Song, Veronica Kim, Jessica Song and John Kim Song: Surrender/Nothing In This World Can Satisfy by Andrew Kim and Hayoung Yoo
    JJ (宰君)瀚视自己

    糜祖( 2006-2010年)
    罗莎月亮(2010年 - 现在... )
    杰弗里BAEK :这最后的后期制作中通过编辑/制造
    罗汉Ramanan “:”男孩女高音(无法克服的严重欢乐合唱团演员版)表演者“
    “今天是一天: VBS童装
    “投降” (在这个世界上没有什么能满足)
    (诗篇) “安德鲁金” :表演者
    (合唱)借: “ Hayoung柳”
    记录在他的家在Irvine : 2011记录
    “左边,右边,在神的眼中”方式: EDGE营童装
    李宇春:谁是我最好的知己好友谁是美好的时光在耶稣之光教会( 2006-2009年)和同一狼群以及Northwood高中( 2005-2009年) ,以记住最好的友谊永远不会忘记和一起做傀儡
    约瑟夫金的耶稣的光船员:谁放的歌: “太阳出来了”只是在介绍的时候木偶上升中的最后一天,星期六2011年7月10日
    这与教会有关的电影是: “基督教” , “宽容”和“信义”不分年龄人人共享。
    ( 07/08-10/2011 )
    耶稣的光集团教室,恩国际事工的教会,富勒顿,加利福尼亚州, OC奥兰治县地区
    喜瑞都中心,喜瑞都, LA洛杉矶县
    © Copyright2014耶稣的光®公司, Facebook.com /耶稣的LightMovieOfficial广播有限公司™
    保留所有权利。联邦调查局反盗版警告:未经授权的复制将被处以联邦法律。 ™
    “没有侵犯版权打算” ™

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HugnJump The Official Site Movie

Jeffrey Baek



JSB Productions inc.

JESUS' LIGHT Releases movie on OCT. 7, 2012 on Vimeo for FREE!

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