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    In conversation with a Swiss Astro particle physicist he said that in our galaxy alone there are approximately 200 million stars. The universe is, in his humble estimation a collection of several hundred billion galaxies both high and wide. The idea that we are alone is little more than the furthest reach of human arrogance.

    Do you hear it

    We have evolved too fast; our purpose cannot keep up with our greed. Our devastation, our non-compliance to nature, our failure to be what we represent. We cannot find our own evolution; we are defined only by history. And we will be remembered in tears.

    Do you hear it

    When our children die in a war it’s a tragedy, when their children die in a war it’s a victory. Violence is a human characteristic. The pro-lifers are killing the abortionists.

    Tell me is the earth unpopular. Chinese whispers of love.

    At the end of another street the corporate supermarket puts out of business the local butcher, baker and greengrocer. Its inferior products are cheap and flown in from exploited under developed countries leaving behind a massive carbon footprint and an imbalance in the ecology of life. Its customers say it’s so convenient.

    There are too many people poor and in need. Can you hear it

    Mankind’s greatest marketing achievement is convincing us that it’s all right, we’re in safe hands. That life will be sustained. We are the masters of our destiny. Money is our number one objective and the sole heir to our moment of dominance. Money succeeds us as the number one priority over life.

    In another corner of the world, lawyers sue governments on behalf of clients who have tripped over a tree root lifting the pavement. In response to the many lawsuits the local government has cut down all the trees on an leafy boulevard a meter above the ground. Lawyers.

    Do you hear it

    As a race we are unable to accept change as a rational concept. Extinction waits for those without the ability to adapt. For the smallest moment in time extinction happens only to other animals.

    Society is becoming more and more suspicious of those of us who value silence.

    I am not a great man because Beethoven wrote his ninth symphony, or because of Shakespeare or Da Vinci, or Einstein. We are not them. Although we wear the same skin.

    Statistics delivers us fact from fiction.

    Life is constructed of miscellaneous things, I grant you my presumption.

    In an AIDS clinic the businessman said he was foolish to have unprotected sex with a Nigerian prostitute. He hoped his wife didn’t find out the hard way.

    We dwell in the womb of our mothers when the world can no longer be bared.

    Love, enables you to experience loss in detail.

    We spent the day together; it was to be the last day before we were to become parents. We let out all our lifeboats. Her eyes were loaded

    This is the sound of the Earth spinning.

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    Oh children
    Sleep well till morning
    The bulldozers will end your dreams before they’re dry
    The man of the forest
    Just breathing in the mountain
    They feed him whiskey til he’s mad or else goes blind
    Oh man of oil
    Oh man of death
    Ya wanna clear the planet till there’s just money and you left
    Oh bed of man
    I’ve seen you cry
    When we think we’re above nature
    All gods will die
    Whose gonna save El Yasuni
    Whose gonna save El Yasuni
    When we think we’re above nature
    All gods will die

    Groomed and schooled
    Come the company men
    They’ll buy your soul and not a damn thing you can do
    Are you so loveless
    Are you so childless
    There’s just a generation of rainforest left cos of men like you
    Beware their lies
    Beware their woes
    They’ll poison you and your water in expensive clothes
    Fast food and cars
    Boom and bust
    We can’t live without nature
    but nature can live without us
    the last chance Yasuni
    whose gonna save Yasuni
    We can’t live without nature
    but nature can live without us

    money will destroy the earth
    money will destroy the earth

    This country beautiful
    The people poor
    It’s the most bio diverse rainforest in the world
    Oh man of disease
    Touch untouched tribes
    The spirit of the forest will fight your god of gold
    Spent earth raw material
    Corporation invest
    Politics money and power
    Well you know the rest
    Man of rape
    Man of fate
    You gotta stop your war on life before it’s too late
    Oh last chance Yasuni
    Oh last chance Yasuni
    You gotta stop the war on life before it’s all too late

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  3. Music & Film by Dean Omori




    A burlesque of Schubertian beauty

    I’ve seen the women left to die
    I’ve seen their men with blood in their eyes
    I’ve seen their children slaughtered
    Let us in
    I’ve seen them bow their heads like nobody knows
    Broken feet walk broken roads
    The rich just sending prayers
    Let us in

    Another bullet shot light up the world
    Begging for life but your body’s been sold
    Does anyone hear them in silence
    Let us in
    Mother crying for the body she found
    Young woman screams torn to the ground
    Keep your satellite
    Oh let us in

    Circumcising women benefits who
    Does the threat of beauty mutilate you
    Defacing love in darkness
    Let us in
    Does anyone come when you turn out the light
    Are you praying to god that he might
    Protect you from what’s coming
    Let us in

    I see em holding on til their dying breath
    The stoning and the bombing they’ll beat you to death
    How dare you look away
    Oh let us in
    Starving and broken into prisons they go
    If you see what they feel do you fear what they know
    Schubert in my head
    Oh let us in.

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