1. Sit-Ups per Minute

    A. Start - Lying on back with knees bent, feet held down, place hands on the front of the shoulders.
    B. Action - Sit up until elbows touch the top of the leg
    C. Finish - Return to start position and repeat. How many in 60 sec?

    *Coaching Cues- Keep Hands on Shoulder, Keep Hips on the ground

    Benefit: The 60 second Sit-up Test gauges your muscular endurance, an ability necessary for any individual who’s activity lasts longer than 30 seconds at a time

    Purpose: The Sit-up Test is a great marker not only for muscular endurance but also core strength and mental toughness. How hard are you willing to work to squeeze out those last reps?!

    Caution: Due to the ballistic nature of the action make sure you maintain proper form while fatigued and do not “bounce” off the floor

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  2. A. Start - Hands on ground just outside shoulders, feet together, flat back (modified on knees when needed)
    B. Action - Bend the elbows until you tap your chest on target 3” off the floor
    C. Finish - Extend your arms to return to start position. How many can you do without stopping?

    *Coaching Cues - Make sure elbows are locking and hips are not sagging

    Benefit: Maximum Push Ups are the classic test for relative upper-body pushing strength. The proper body alignment and ability to “max-out” means a strong core and heightened determination are also needed
    Purpose: Push Ups are a very safe and efficient way to test and develop your upper body with the goal being to increase your number after every Endurance and Strength Phase
    Caution: Go modified when necessary (on knees or elevated surface for the hands), if shoulder/wrist/hand injuries exist you can adjust depth and grip

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  3. A. Start - Hang from a bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder width with your palms facing out
    B. Action - From a dead hang and minimal lower body action, pull until the chin is above the bar
    C. Finish - Return to the hang position and repeat. How many can you do?

    *Coaching Cues- Ensure full ROM, NO KIPPING!!!!!

    Benefit: Maximum Pull-ups are the classic test for relative upper-body pulling strength. Whether you’re doing sets of 10 or fighting for your first one, there is a great feeling of accomplishment getting your chin over that bar!

    Purpose:With poor posture being such a common problem in today’s society, strengthening the pulling muscles of your back is key, constantly retesting your Maximum Pull-ups is a great way to track this progress

    Caution: Go modified when necessary (using a band or a foot spot from a friend), avoid excessive kicking during the movement

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  4. A. Start - Feet shoulder width apart, barbell supported by the upper back and hands
    B. Action - Keeping chest tall, natural curve of back Squat to the point that thighs are parallel to the ground
    C. Finish - Drive through the heels to return to standing position, record maximum weight for 5 perfect reps. ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER!!!

    *Coaching Cues - Must hit full ROM (parallel) each rep with proper joint integrity, ALWAYS SPOT!

    Benefit: The ability to stabilize a weighted barbell on your back and perform the most primal movement pattern, the squat, is an amazing indicator of total body strength

    Purpose: The 5 Rep Maximum Back Squat challenges your joint integrity, core stability and lower body strength, making it a cornerstone exercise and testing tool for any strength program

    Caution: Progress properly so that you are competent with a load that is challenging at around 5 reps before testing, ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER!!!!!!!

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  5. A. Start- Lie on a flat bench with hands slightly wider than shoulder width gripping barbell
    B. Action- Lower the bar till it taps the chest.
    C. Finish- Press back to start position. Record maximum weight for 5 perfect reps. ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER!!!

    *Coaching Cues- Don’t bounce weight, ALWAYS SPOT!!!!

    Benefit: Just because the phrase “how muchya bench?” is comically uttered in every gym in the world doesn’t mean having a high 5 Rep Maximum is a bad thing!!!

    Purpose: The Bench Press is like the squat of the upper body and a phenomenal method to tracking Absolute Upper Body Strength, something that helps at the beach as well as on the athletic field

    Caution: Progress properly so that you are competent with a load that is challenging at around 5 reps before testing, ALWAYS HAVE A SPOTTER!!!!!!!

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Benchmark Exercises

EZIA Athletic Club Nantucket

Specific exercises used to gauge areas of fitness including, the hexagon, pro agility drill, bench press, and 1000 meter row. These exercises form the foundation for our fitness assessments.

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