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  1. A visualisation of the northern European airspace returning to use after being closed due to volcanic ash. Due to varying ash density across Europe, the first flights can be seen in some areas on the 18th and by the 20th everywhere is open.

    The flight data is courtesy of and covers a large fraction of Europe. There are a few gaps (most noticeably France) and no coverage over the Atlantic, but the picture is still clear.

    The map data is CC-by-SA and contributors.

    This CC-by-SA visualisation was produced by with support from

    UPDATE: New 1080p version with different view, more data, and CO2 burn rates:

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  2. ITO’s update to our original 2008 animation, showing four years of edits to between 2008 and 2011. OpenStreetMap is a wiki-style map of the world, built by 750,000 registered contributors. This animation shows how the project has grown, displaying a white flash each time data is added or updated by a contributor.

    Seeing the four years together illustrates how rapidly coverage has expanded. Europe saw a lot of edits in 2008, and activity has continued to increase steadily. Areas with little coverage in 2008 such as Latin America, Africa and especially Asia have seen dramatic increases in subsequent years, with growing mapping communities generating many more edits. In America, a bulk import of data (TIGER) dominated in 2008, while the following years show the growth of a vibrant mapping community.

    Individual year versions are also available: 2008 (, 2009 (, 2010 ( and 2011 (

    This animation was produced by It is licensed CC-BY-SA and can also be downloaded if you are logged in. The music is 'Open Electro' by Vincent Girès' and can be downloaded from

    Developed with support from

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  3. An animation showing edits to the project during 2008. OpenStreetMap is a wiki-style map of the world and this animation displays a white flash each time a way is entered or updated. Some edits are a result of a physical local survey by a contributor with a GPS unit and taking notes, other edits are done remotely using aerial photography or out-of-copyright maps, and some are bulk imports of official data.

    OpenStreetMap started in 2004 and the rate of contributions is accelerating with four times as many people contributing to the project in 2008 compared to 2007. During the year, edits were made by some 20,000 individuals and there were bulk imports of data for many places, including the USA, India, Italy and Belarus which are clearly visible in the animation. (

    This animation was produced by It is licensed CC-BY-SA and can also be downloaded if you are logged-in. Various stills are available from The music is 'Open Electro' by Vincent Girès' and can be downloaded from

    ITO World provide free online support software for OpenStreetMap ( and also provide online mapping services to organisations and individuals.

    Developed with support from

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  4. A visualisation of the response to the earthquake by the OpenStreetMap community. Within 12 hours the white flashes indicate edits to the map (generally by tracing satellite/aerial photography).

    Over the following days a large number of additions to the map are made with many roads (green primary, red secondary) added. Also many other features were added such as the blue glowing refugee camps that emerge.

    A lot of these edits were made possible by a number of satellite and aerial imagery passes in the days after the quake, that were release to the public for tracing and analysis.

    Read more on our blog -

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  5. A visualisation of the airspace network in Europe, from data by and .

    Red flights are ascending, blue flights are descending. The vertical scale has been magnified 40x.

    There are some dark gaps where there should be flight paths, put the source data does not yet have coverage.

    Closeup of London:
    Closeup of Paris:

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