The Making of Shadows Light

  1. This will be known as the day we decided to take an unnecessary risk! Dusty and I were without the help of our beloved crew for this day.

    Our mission:
    To capture arials of Lexington and to follow the talents car as he drove down the highway.

    Of course all of this is fine and dandy but think about it . . . . . . . how easy do you think it is to shoot from an airplane?


    Our requests to get a helicopter were downed by our minimal budget but luckily officer Don was nice enough to let us accompany him in his piper as he broadcast the local traffic from above.

    Was this a really cool experience that not everyone gets to partake of?

    Did I almost shit myself before we landed?

    So put up your seat backs and tray tables to their full upright and locked position and enjoy the flight!

    Music: "Get Free" by The Vines

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  2. This will go down as the day the sh$% hit the fan. Of course, nothing would convey that better than if you were actually there. It was our camera that was partially responsible for the hiccup but not entirely. This was the day that all the repressed frustration from the crew just made it's way out into the ears of production and well ya know . . . . . tears were shed, wrists were slapped and in the end we got to see the sun come up. The only thing missing from this day was Tom Cruise running in the room and saying that "WE" complete him.

    But seriously, this was the day we decided that if one of us goes then we all go. That's the crew motto we live by. But since that didn't happen it only delayed our day and pushed us into the wee hours of the morning only to be greeted by the bellowing of roosters and the sizzling sound of bacon cooking on the skillet for breakfast.

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  3. This episode in the "Making of Shadows Light" saga will serve as the milestone of the series. Of course, this is where I discovered the importance of taking proper care of my DV tapes. Let this serve as a lesson to all of you out there. Just because you've captured an image to tape doesn't mean it's invulnerable. From here on out is where subtitles are REALLY gonna play a major role because without them, it's gonna start getting REALLY hard to understand what we're saying. 8 DV tapes of footage later, I've come to appreciate taking proper care of unreplaceable memories.

    So in this episode, other than breaking the strip club cherry that both Dusty and I possessed at the time of shooting, we learned that black men get excited around stripper poles, zebra and leopard skin indicates erotica and that black lights never lie.

    Of course nothing makes this night more memorable than Dusty trying to pretend that he's a professional ;) even though he's from Tennessee.

    The day we waited for finally arrives and is it at all what we were hoping for? Watch and find out!

    Music: "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppellin

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  4. Nothing makes working on an independent film more worth it more than the day you see some green . . . . . even if it's just a little bit.

    In this episode we learn the importance of safety waivers, the Atkins diet and what to look forward to when we get to shoot at a strip club in two days!

    Oh yeah . . . it was also technically our first special effects shot. Of course that's all fine and dandy but what excited me is spending some of that hard earned cash with some (hopefully) beautiful ladies in a few days.

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  5. Sometimes mother nature can really be a bitch! And it's not like she does it on accident, she does it intentionally just to make your tired and lazy little tail work just a little harder. Having said that . . . . . we were 1 flying house away from ending up in Oz with the tornado that just HAPPENED to whip it's way through Kentucky!

    Of course, Dusty couldn't have predicted this one and even if he did, we probably wouldn't have believed it.

    This night started in triangle park and ended up at 'DiMartino's New York Style Deli,' which just happened to be our favorite spot considering how many times we ended up there.


    This episode was edited in 2004 well before the unfortunate death of Steve Irwin. However, if he was still around I'm sure he'd wanna tackle Marc as well!

    Music: "40 Feet" by Franz Ferdinand & "Bossa Nova" by Elvis Presley.

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The Making of Shadows Light

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This series of webisodes that we've put together are about a little independent movie we worked on in 2004 in Lexington, Kentucky. This was our first movie after attending film school and we wanted to share the everyday shenanigans that we endured while…

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This series of webisodes that we've put together are about a little independent movie we worked on in 2004 in Lexington, Kentucky. This was our first movie after attending film school and we wanted to share the everyday shenanigans that we endured while making it. This is great for all you independent filmmakers out there that most likely have shared in our pain at least one time or another.

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