EE-0, 2018
2 channel version for video installation

In EE-0, the Greek myth of Arachne is re-contextualized in a poetic script, taking an imaginative leap from antiquity into science fiction. Skewed and subverted storylines from classic mythology are combined with anecdotal episodes found through field research in and around Prizren. Ideas of repressed ancient female knowledge and power is probed by story-ing of local urban myths, customs, and current sociological, ecological, and cultural phenomena. The video is carried by the performer, who is seen enacting text in a theatrical setting, and her gradual transformation into the spider-character of Arachne. Reacting to the specific site of production of EE-0: Kosovo, Europe's youngest nation-state, the idea of becoming is explored through the idea of genesis, transformation, metamorphosis.

EE-0 is the first episode of the Europa Enterprise project and is based on the project's methodologies and concepts of research and new, feminist, readings of established myths and reconsiderations of the meaning of cultural heritage and the production of artifacts for the future. EE-0 is ground zero for the further development of the Europa Enterprise project founded by Andreja Dugandžić, Jelena Petrović and Lala Raščić. Europa Enterprise is a base for artistic research in which performative, discursive, narrative and audio-visual formats are created based on new readings of Eurocentric myths and regional legends and legacies.

EE-0 is a site-specific video shot at Lumbardhi Cinema, Prizren and was commissioned by KADIST and Lumardhi Foundation, as a part of the three-year project "Not Fully Human, Not Human at All." It will premiere as a 2 channel video installation on September 22, 2018 on Lumbardhi Cinema's interior and exterior screens.

Directed and produced by: Lala Raščić
Written by: Lala Raščić and Andreja Dugandžić
Concept: Andreja Dugandžić, Jelena Petrović, Lala Raščić
Actress: Lala Raščić

Voice in Arachne’s Chorus: Andreja Dugandžić
Cinematography and light design: Ivan Slipčević
Editing by: Lala Raščić
Post-production and additional editing: Redžinald Šimek
Sound design and mix by: Hrvoje Nikšić
Sound recording by: Hrvoje Nikšić, Lala Raščić, Ivan Slipčević
Costume design by: Citoyenne K – Marijana Kramarić

Make - up design by: Lala Raščić
Production assistants: Duda Bajrami, Alba Çakalli, Lekë Lleshi
Commissioned by: Ares Shporta/Lumbardhi Foundation and Emilie Villez/Kadist Foundation
For: Not Fully Human, Not Human at All
Curated by Nataša Petrešin Bachelez

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