1. Thanks for all the love for this video, I'm really glad many have appreciated it or related to the process of trying to capture fleeting moments.

    A mini doc, though perhaps unusually told. It's about my recent trip to Norway, some of the same footage as my previous video but this one explains a little about why I go away once a year to film something tricky.

    Thanks to Kessler for making the Pocket Dolly, electraDRIVE motor and Oracle controller for the timelapse dolly shots. Canon for making the 5D mark 3, great for landscape low light work. Panasonic for making the GH2 with it's lovely video quality in such a small camera and for being discrete enough to photograph out the plane window really easily. Final thanks to Tom Lowe at Dreamcore for Timescapes which inspired me to get out there and get some good timelapses.

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  2. The whimsical journey of a mysterious vending machine dwelling creature who explores the shadowy corners of Tokyo after dark.

    Kaiju (怪獣 kai-jū) is a Japanese word that means "strange beast," but often translated in English as "monster".

    We'd love to connect with anybody who enjoyed the film, and encourage you to send our little kaiju out into the big bad world. Continue to check back on the official Facebook page for updates on the film and a limited toy release! And then go download the addictive song adapted from the Kaiju theme, 'Sleepwalking' by Papi Kiki. soundcloud.com/papikiki/sleepwalking


    Writer/Director: TWiN (Jonathan & Josh Baker)
    Lead Actor: Tei Ryushin
    Producer (Japan): Sayaka Ito
    Editor: Ben Suenaga

    Rabbit Animation.
    Animation Direction: Nick Losq
    Lead CG: Chris Clyne
    Character Rigging: Kiel Figgins
    Animation: Jeremy Chapman, Nick Losq, Chris Clyne, Christina Lee, Eugene Kim
    Compositing: Nick Losq, Chris Clyne, Sam Cividanis

    Character Design: Morten Rowley, supervixen.net
    Music Composer: Jack Milas, nylonstudios.com
    Music EP: Mark Beckhaus
    Sound Design: Joseph Fraioli, jafboxsound.com
    Colorist: Tom Poole

    Special thanks to Douglas Howell, Eric Filler and Joby Barnhart @ rabbitcontent.com

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  3. creatingfreedom.info

    From birth onwards our minds are a battleground of competing forces. The outcome of this battle determines the society we create. This is a film about the cultural, educational, and commercial forces that shape our identities, often in ways that limit both our personal and political freedom.

    Featuring: Howard Zinn, Vandana Shiva, Steven Pinker, Tony Benn, Michael Albert, George Monbiot, Nick Davies, Daniel Dennett, Bill Fletcher, Kathleen Taylor, and Jeff Schmidt.

    Produced & Directed by Raoul Martinez and Joshua van Praag
    Conceived, Written & Edited by Raoul Martinez
    Narrated by Nicholas Woodeson
    Cinematography by Joshua van Praag
    Original Music by Peter Raeburn

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  4. It is hard to explain this video so I will just quote Ivan Saric who is a writer and lead role :

    "There's an old joke in my country.
    Guy looks up at the sky and says: "God, why can't I win the lottery?"
    God replies:" Because you never bought a ticket, you idiot!"
    I've been watching Jon Stewart / "The Daily Show" for eight years now. Since day one I was completely blown away by the show. I wanted to be a part of it but for obvious reasons and the fact that I live thousands and thousands of miles away I couldn't just walk up to him and ask him for a job. But the idea of working with Jon Stewart side-by-side was something that was bugging me all along. So I finally called up some of my friends, and we shot this video. Posting this online was the hardest thing because to be honest, I'm f*cking scared. Some comedian from Croatia is trying to get a job on the most successful TV show in America? That sounds like a really, really bad joke. But if I hadn't done this, I would have regretted it, so I posted it online.
    If you like it that's awesome! If you don't ... WTF, man! Like it, come on!
    The idea of this video is so ridiculous it might work, I had to try.
    I made my own lottery ticket and just by clicking on it you helped me a lot!
    Maybe if this video goes viral Jon will see it, be amazed by my awesomeness and I'll get the job. Or he will see it, think I'm an idiot and I won't get the job, either way is fine by me (no, it's nooot!)
    When I get the job I'm going to buy you a bagel! Thanks for watching! And its gonna be a really nice bagel, not some old sh*t that's been lying around in the store for two days and nobody wanted to buy it... If you see me in the street and say:" Hey man, I watched your video and I posted it on Facebook and Twitter!", I'm going to buy you a bagel! F*ck that, I'm going to buy you two bagels! Now I made myself hungry... I have to go. "

    360.000+ views on Youtube : youtube.com/watch?v=sBGZTqXVz8M

    Job applicant/Writer : IVAN SARIC
    DP/Director/Editor : MARKO BUTRAKOVIC
    Sound guy : VALENTIN VEJIC

    Tech info : 2x Canon 5dmk3, Steadicam Pilot, Sachtler SB18, Liber tr320 dolly, B1_RIG, Canon optics : EF 24mm 1.4L, EF 35mm f1.4L, EF 50mm f1.2L, EF 85mm f1.2L, EF 135mm f2.0L, EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS II.
    For closing aerial shot we used our B_X8:H UAV, more details here : facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151540887889101.1073741825.788719100&type=3

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  5. At 6’7” and 215 pounds, Deontay Wilder always imagined he’d be making a name for himself on the football field or the basketball court. After the birth of his daughter Naeiya, his dreams took an unpredictable turn. She was born with severe spina bifida and doctors told Deontay that she would most likely never walk.

    Torn by the news, Deontay immediately abandoned his dreams of being a professional athlete and began to work multiple jobs to pay for the surgeries and medical care Naeiya required. After a year of tirelessly working to support his daughter, a miracle occurred. Through a friend, Deontay discovered a hidden gift that would change his and Naeiya's lives forever; boxing.

    With Naeiya as his inspiration, Deontay has rapidly risen through the ranks in the boxing world where he is widely considered the next great heavyweight contender. Fueled by love and compassion, Deontay's boxing has afforded him the opportunity to provide his daughter with the best medical care possible. Naeiya is now able to walk on her own. One step at a time, Deontay and Naeiya continue their fight and journey toward greatness together.

    From the beginning, this project has been defined by a single word, passion. Our entire team felt it was our duty to share Deontay and Naeiya's story`as it further instills our belief that lives can be changed when you give of yourself for the good of others.

    Production Company & Creative Collective: Variable
    Creative Development: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici, Miller Mobley

    Executive Producers: Jana & Miller Mobley, Marcus Tortorici, Henry Busby
    Directors: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici, Miller Mobley
    Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
    Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca

    Post Production: Variable
    Editor: Salomon Ligthelm
    Assistant Editor: Daniel Stewart
    Titles & Motion Graphics: Maha Mohtaseb
    Colorist: Khalid Mohtaseb
    Composer: Ryan Taubert
    Sound Design: Salomon Lighthelm


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