1. "The Astronomer" - This lyrical documentary features excerpts from an interview with Professor Tom Burns of Ohio Wesleyan University and Director of Perkins Observatory. The film has screened in Greece, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, New York and other locations, and gained a significant online following in 2015.

    // Original Score by Jósep Gíslason.

    // "The Astronomer" on SPLOID, Gizmodo's "Blog of delicious brain candy."
    // sploid.gizmodo.com/a-passionate-speech-that-will-teach-your-kids-how-the-u-1689353986#

    // April 2015: “The Astronomer” opened COSMOS 2015, Midlands Astronomy's annual conference, held in April of this year in Athlone, Ireland. William Bean wrote to me: "We opened with the film last Saturday. Great reaction whole room speechless. Got everyone in the mood."
    // January 2015: “The Astronomer” screened at 28th Stuttgarter Filmwinter Expanded Media Festival on 17 January, 2015 in the Patenfilme (Godmother/Godfather) program. The film was selected and championed by Thi Bui, vimeo.com/ducthibui. *Suttgarter Filmwinter Mission: “The Stuttgarter Filmwinters is an international prestigious festival of short and experimental film as well as of new media. The festival is a lab for new forms of perception and conveyance. With it's strongly multimedia and border-crossing focus, Filmwinter attempts the cinema of tomorrow.”
    // Pre-show entertainment, December 2014 - January 2015, Gateway Film Center, all screenings of INTERSTELLAR. gatewayfilmcenter.com
    // Opening Film, 2014, COSMOS Premiere, Gateway Film Center, gatewayfilmcenter.com.
    -- Panel discussion with Professor Tom Burns of Ohio Wesleyan University, Director of the Perkins Observatory and Dr. Michael Stamatikos, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at The Ohio State University at Newark and a NASA-affiliated Astrophysicist, and Phil Garrett.
    // Official Selection, Lunacon 2014, lunacon.org, New York Science Fiction Society
    // Official Selection, 2013 Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival thephilipkdickfilmfestival.com
    // Official Selection, 2013 ISFFA, International Science Film Festival of Athens (Athens, Greece) caid.gr/?page_id=549
    // Official Selection, 2013 Film Festival of Columbus filmfestivalofcolumbus.com
    // Opened for GRAVITY, Gateway Film Center, October 7th, 2013 + talkback with Professor Tom Burns, Professor and NASA Astrophysicist, Dr. Michael Stamatikos, and Phil Garrett.
    // Curated Exhibition: "Ad Interim: Process Oriented Works From The School Of Design Arts At CCAD" September 19th through October, Shot Tower Gallery at Fort Hayes. fthayes.com/fthayes.com/Gallery.html
    // Columbus Moving Image Art Review, Fall 2012 movingimageart.wordpress.com/cmiar-artists/

    // Scientific Literacy Matters
    // Astronomical Society of East Texas (ASET) asetexas.com
    // Candlelight Stories, the blog of photographer/filmmaker Alessandro Cima candlelightstories.com
    // Magnolia’s Atlas malagolasatlas.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-astronomer-film-by-phil-garrett.html
    // Sorekara 2.0 sorekara20.blogspot.com/2012/12/phil-garrett-astronomer.html
    // Ain't It Cool's Saturday Shorts, February 16th, 2013: aintitcool.com/node/61020

    Video Background
    // Interview conducted at Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio, Friday, 11 May 2012.
    // Directed/edited by Phil Garrett, shot by Alan Weisenberger.
    // Special Thanks to Prof. Tom Burns.
    // Project creative inspirations include the works of Caral Sagan, Terrence Malick, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Harlan Ellison, Jason Silva, Eliot Rausch, my fellow MFAs, Ridley Scott, Biosphere, Damon Lindeloff/Carlton Cuse, and many others.

    *This is a non-commercial mashup/teaser/experimental film incorporating or inspired by:
    / Keiji Iwai Photography keijiiwai.com vimeo.com/keijiiwai
    / Sander van den Berg vimeo.com/user5612068
    / Michael König vimeo.com/michaelkoenig
    / NASA jpl.nasa.gov
    **Under Creative Commons:
    / The Luminous Landscape vimeo.com/lumland
    / TSO Photography vimeo.com/terjes

    "The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean...
    Some part of our being knows this is where we came from.
    We long to return… And we can.
    Because the cosmos is also within us.
    We're made of star stuff.
    We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."
    - Carl Sagan

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  2. A video that describes my perspective about art and creative careers, and how these people's actions affect others and society in general. It's a personal work and it was a one man job with a T2i.
    I hope you like it.

    Directed and written by Guilherme Twardowski.
    Narrator: Lyell Gillies
    Music: "Prelude No. 22" by Chris Zabriskie (chriszabriskie.com)

    A huge thanks to Lyell.



    Some people can see our profession without a purpose
    Something not too important to the world
    "That is just entertainment".

    But I have to disagree

    We have an active role on our society
    it may not seem that easy to see on the surface,
    but we actually influence in a subtle way.

    We help to create and recreate the way humanity think,
    act, and interact with our world.

    We express ourselves and show different perspectives to the world.
    Making people stop to question their values and beliefs.

    So yes, we change the world,
    We help to build the path between today and tomorrow.
    And with our imagination we inspire and feed the future
    We are one step ahead of our time.

    We think, we feel, we hear, and see different

    We are Artists
    We choose to inspire,
    We choose to Create!



    Algumas pessoas podem ver nossa profissão sem um propósito
    Algo sem muita importância para o mundo
    Que é apenas entretenimento.

    Mas eu tenho que discordar.

    Nós temos um papel ativo na nossa sociedade
    Que pode não ser tão fácil de observar
    Mas na verdade influenciamos de uma maneira sutil.

    Nós ajudamos a criar e recriar o jeito que a humanidade pensa,
    age, e interage com o nosso mundo.

    Nós nos expressamos e mostramos diferentes perspectivas para o mundo. Fazendo as pessoas pararem para questionar suas verdades e valores.

    Então sim! Nós mudamos o mundo
    Nós ajudamos a construir o caminho entre o hoje e o amanhã.
    E com a nossa imaginação nós inspiramos e alimentamos o futuro
    Nós estamos um passo afrente do nosso tempo

    Nós pensamos, nós sentimos, nós escutamos e enxergamos diferente.

    Nós somos artistas!

    Nós escolhemos inspirar,
    Nós escolhemos criar!

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    Exploring some of the ideas of John Markoff's "What The Doormouse Said", about the co-mingling of the counterculture movement of the 60's and the early computer revolution.. Is google the first psychedelically informed superpower?

    EDITED BY: PyroVesten

    Jason Silva at Festival Of Dangerous Ideas - Sydney Opera House, 2012.

    Please feel free to share/use this video or parts of it in any way you wish.

    This was an audience question following "We Are The Gods Now".

    This video was made for personal pleasure and falls under Fair Use.

    Thanks Sydney Opera House, Festival Of Dangerous Ideas, Jason Silva, Alexandra

    Footage: @Alexandrama11, BBC, Cambridge University, freehd, Google, IMAX Hubble 3D, internet-map.net PyroVesten, Ivan Dimkovic/SpikeFun, microworldsphotography.com, NASA, Opte Project, ProvidenceFX, videezy.com

    Images: NASA, PyroVesten

    Audio: Funkadelic

    Best viewed: With an expanded associative net.

    # vimeo.com/52772505 Uploaded 15.7K Plays 21 Comments
  4. Follow me on twitter! @JasonSilva - twitter.com/JasonSilva

    This video was created by Jason Silva and shot and edited with my friends at Bravo Media, and is non-commercial and for educational and inspirational purposes only. Full credits and clip attributions can be found below. This video was inspired by three big ideas:

    1) The ideas of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey who has written of "THE BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE OF BEING AWESTRUCK". Basically, our ability to awe was biologically selected for by evolution because it imbues our lives with sense of cosmic significance that has resulted in a species that works harder not just to survive but to flourish and thrive...

    "Humphrey refers to consciousness as a magic show that you stage for yourself inside your head, which lights up the world and makes you feel special and transcendent... this magical theater provides a reason to live, a love of occupying the present moment, and a desire to sustain it into the future, that over time has proved stronger than anything else, and accounts for humanity’s swift and triumphant success--

    Humphrey says “being enchanted by the magic of experience, rather than being just an aid to survival, provides an essential incentive to survive.”

    "We relish just being here. We feel “the yen to confirm and renew, in small ways or large, our own occupancy of the present moment, to go deeper, to extend it, to revel in being there, and when we have the skill, to celebrate it in words..”

    Our desire to understand brings exquisite pleasure... and feeds our exploratory voyage, our scientific inquiry, our technological development, and even our poetic self-regard..

    More: online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703858404576214771893335998.html

    2) The Stanford study that found that AWE is clinically good for you, expanding perception of time, increasing compassion and empathy and promoting well being:

    More: theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/07/study-awe-inspiring-experiences-change-our-perception-of-time/260138/

    3) Ross Andersen's rapturous meditation on the ontological awakening of our psyches provided by the Hubble Space Telescope: "At first glancing the Deep FIELD “one might mistake it for gemstones scattered across black velvet, but a closer look reveals that each smudge of light, 2,600 in all, is a galaxy dense with billions of star-fired worlds, pinwheeling in deep time. … To that point, astronomy had imaged objects only four billion light years away, and poorly at that. Here a telescope reached 11 and a half billion light years into space and delivered an image legible to the layman: an unprecedented expansion of human vision."

    More: lareviewofbooks.org/article.php?id=331

    **Music by John Murphy - "Kaneda's Death Pt 2" from Sunshine Soundtrack

    **Featuring Stock Footage from Shutterstock
    Still images courtesy of THE IMAGINARY FOUNDATION - imaginaryfoundation.com/
    And clips from Knate Myers' "ISS at Night" featuring NASA images: vimeo.com/45878034

    Camera: Liam O' Sullivan
    Edited by Jess Betz and Jason Silva
    Shot and edited at BRAVO MEDIA - bravomediainc.com/

    # vimeo.com/46264514 Uploaded 477K Plays 95 Comments
  5. RADICAL OPENNESS - An anthem on the power of IDEAS created by @JasonSilva at Therapy Studios.

    Presented at TEDGlobal 2012 - blog.ted.com/2012/06/26/exploring-openness-in-radical-video-jason-silva-at-tedglobal2012/

    Follow me on Twitter: @JasonSilva | twitter.com/JasonSilva

    More of Jason's videos: VIMEO.com/JasonSilva

    Email: info@thisisjasonsilva.com

    Inspired by the ideas of TED, Chris Anderson, Richard Dawkins, James Gleick, Matt Ridley, Steven Johnson, Kevin Kelly, Ray Kurzweil, Imaginary Foundation and many others.

    Dedicated to those who believe in IDEAS WORTH SPREADING!!

    Special thanks to BRUNO GIUSSANI, European Director, TED Conferences.

    Selected stock footage courtesy of Shutterstock. Still images provided by The Imaginary Foundation.
    Music composed and performed by Bix Sigurdsson.

    More Videos:

    Beginning of Infinity - vimeo.com/29938326
    To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns - vimeo.com/34182381
    Imagination - vimeo.com/34902950
    Abundance - vimeo.com/34984088

    Jason Silva profiled in The Atlantic: theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/04/a-timothy-leary-for-the-viral-video-age/255691/

    # vimeo.com/38260970 Uploaded 282K Plays 89 Comments


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