1. New work here ---> vimeo.com/gioacchinopetronicce/pictures

    La musique nous rapproche sur TecoutesQuoi.com

    "Sublimer la place qu'a la musique dans nos vies et l'évidence des liens invisibles qu'elle tisse entre nous à chaque instant. Ce sont précisément ces liens que nous souhaitons dévoiler et vous laisser explorer.

    Nous nous sommes ainsi tournés vers le talentueux réalisateur Goacchino Petronicce, connu pour sa sensibilité aux émotions provoquées par les sons chez l'humain.

    "T'écoutes Quoi ?" souhaite re-inventer la rencontre en ligne pour en faire une expérience positive, empreinte de créativité et ouverte à tous.

    Nous dédions cette première vidéo à tous ceux sans qui rien de tout cela n'aurait été possible : Nos familles, nos amis, Sylvain Wallez, Camille Andriamahatratra, Romain Sauvaire, Marc Rougier, Celine Lazorthes, Cedric Giorgi, Thomas Nicholls, Emilie Paumard, Ludovic Coutant et ses parents, Stéphanie Bouchet, Nadia Dhoukar, Florence Kovalevsky, Alba Clara Hinojosa, Patrice Bart-Williams, Mr. Troy, Sayem, Dream Koala, Bastien Labelle, Charles Liebert, Julien Zanni, Negev Cohen, Guillaume Garnier, Pauline Froger, Mathilde Soler, Jessica Jugganadum, nos premiers alpha testeurs et tous ceux que l'on aurait pu oublier et qui croient en nous. Merci."

    Maxime & Mathias, fondateurs de "T'écoutes Quoi ?".

    Crédits :

    Crée par Gioacchino Petronicce.

    Musique par Rhian Sheehan.

    Remerciements :

    François Muller, Chloé Cardinaud, Camille Martin, Emilie Bonin, Marin Queyraud, Marlène Tronchoni, Alain Granel, Fab From Toulouse, Joana Markezana, Toulouse in Bikini, Klakson, Charlie Sales, Hélène Hiquily, Morgan Sanichanh (Shynoh), K.D.S, Boris Mounet, Léa Ningres, Mathias Beugnon, Maxime Guedj, Miles Prower, Iris Syzlack, Gilles Larroze, Christophe Durand, Pierre Diaz Goujon, Thomas Lafon, Mona Lisait, Guy, Le Bikini, La TIC Valley, Clément Burali, Amadeus piano, Clémentine Rettig, Laurie Aubert, John Coktez.

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  2. Este es el primero de 3 trailers de Primavera Fauna, el festival Made in Chile


    Dirección y diseño: Telefunken
    Arte: Ed Milla
    Filmación: Telefunken
    Locación: Cerro San Cristobal - Santiago - Chile
    Music Track: DNTEL Rock My Boat (Ft. Mia Doi Todd)
    Camara: Canon 7d, Canon 50mm 1,8 - Sigma 105mm.


    Primavera Fauna

    Sábado 5 de noviembre, 12:00 pm.
    Desde las 12:00 del día hasta las 05:00 de la mañana.
    Espacio Broadway (Ruta 68, kilómetro 16)

    Escenario Internacional:
    - !!!
    - The Raveonettes
    - Rory Phillips
    - Round Table Knights
    - Dntel (aka Jimmy Tamborello/The Postal Service)
    - Lo-Fi-Fnk
    - VHS or Beta
    - UFFIE
    - Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone)
    - Geneva Jacuzzi

    Pool Party Stage ( Djs ):

    - Flight Facilities
    - Jacques Renault
    - Jimmy Edgar
    - Vicente Sanfuentes
    - RAC Djs
    - Toomy Disco
    - Diegors
    - Julián García-Reyes
    - José Delpiano
    - Matanza Dj Set

    Escenario Nacional:

    - Gepe
    - Dënver
    - Astro
    - Protistas
    - Intimate Stranger
    - Fernando Milagros
    - Mecánico
    - Fakuta
    - MKRNI
    - El Sueño de la Casa Propia

    Preventa 1 $22.000 (más recargo por servicio Punto Ticket) hasta el día sábado 15 de octubre.

    Puerta $25.000 (más recargo por servicio Punto Ticket).

    Beneficio Socios Club Fauna:

    $18.000 (más recargo por servicio Punto Ticket)

    Venta de entradas por Sistema Punto Ticket (En todas las tiendas Ripley, Cinemark) y en puntoticket.com

    Venta sin recargo en Arizona Recambio (Joaquín Montero 3083, Vitacura) y Disquería Sonar (Paseo Las Palmas)


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  3. Please share this with friends and people you love InvisibleParents.eu
    Launched: Nov 5th 2012

    Directed by Mike Buonaiuto
    Music: 'In Your Arms' by Craig Sutherland

    Voiceover: Kate Hollowood / Sound Disposition
    Cast: Garry Mannion | Jessica Hopes | James McGregor

    Editor / Director of Photography: Arthur Lewin

    Executive Producers: Amber Christina Phillips / Gregor Schmidinger

    Behind The Scenes: Sam Milletti / Michael Sweeney

    Web Design / Development: Bradley Hall

    Online Marketing:

    For help or advice:
    ILGA-EUROPE ilga-europe.org/
    NELFA nelfa.org/
    BAAF baaf.org.uk/

    All Out
    MEP Michael Cashman
    Pink Parenting
    The Finnish Rainbow Families Association
    Famiglie Arcobaleno
    New Family Social
    Brooklands Museum
    Coalition for Equal Marriage
    Institute of Social Ecology Vienna (SEC)
    Gay Times
    Pink News
    Gay Star News

    Crowdsourcing Sponsors:
    Katharina Dietl
    Manuel Duenfruendt
    Nathan Berger
    Scott Christian
    Dermot Scully
    James Baston
    Paul Groothuis
    Jason Dean
    Manuel Cabral Morais
    Tuomo P Railo
    Caz Bailey
    Taina Tervonen
    Jamie Starboisky
    Gregor Schmidinger

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  4. --- Catch all our videos first at facebook.com/theconference.org ---

    Undercover Wheels is pleased to welcome Dustin Werbeski to the team. Watch out dog!

    Dustin is the resident photographer at Powerhouse Studios in Barcelona, Spain. When he's not busy shooting photos of your favorite pros, he leads by example, usually outskating them.

    This section was shot between October and February 2011.

    Filmed and Edited by Richie Eisler.

    ...with additional filming by Jordi Mestre, Simon Dorabialski and Josh Glowicki.

    Mark Mothersbaugh: Kite Flying Society
    Bike For Three: All There Is To Say About Love

    How did you become involved with Undercover?

    I don’t even know how many years ago it was, but I do remember my first set of Undercover wheels. I clearly remember instantly falling in love/victim to the obsession I have with them. Since then, I doubt that I have even given any other wheels the opportunity to be in my frames for more then a single session. The very first time I rode UC’s was when I was handed down a used set from Richie E. Yet with their very first low quality core’s which had been numerously cracked by their previous owner, I still choose to ride them over my once thought to be adequate wheel brand. Because the quality of the urethane was so superior, that even with cracked cores, they allowed me to roll twice as fast as the last. And that grip! It was obvious why I kept taking all the second hand UC’s I could get. Until through a couple of friendly connections, I began to get flown the continual fix I needed for my addiction to the best quality of wheel possible.

    What are your thoughts on the wheels?

    Umm, I think I just answered this question with my first answer. I dig them. A lot!

    How long have you been skating? why do you skate?

    For just over the last and best 10 years of my life… Those years have so deeply and intensely moulded my body and brain, that they have unquestionably made me who I am today. So much so, that a single day can not pass, without a single blading related thought or idea finding itself entering my mind. But, I’d bet on average there are multiple hundreds of them a day. So with it being so naturally wired into my being, I really feel like I don’t have a choice anymore. For as dumb as it may sound, blading is just as much a part of me as my beating heart.

    What was it like to shoot this section?

    It was a dream. I’ve always wanted to skate Barcelona. The city seems to be designed for my style of skating. The endless perfectly hilly, smooth, tight, interwinding, cement city streets, completely infested with unfathomable “skate spots” on every street corner, in every park and every courtyard, made with such unique design, that they appear to be waiting for interaction. It’s a picturesque skating paradise. I look forward to the summer ahead, and the blading to be done and documented. Cause although this one was a pleasure, I now look forward to skating even more of my own style of spots, and not the ones which I am led to, usually with the purpose of photographing other skaters and their amazing talents. I am appreciative of these opportunities, as I have enjoyed the crews and sessions so far, thus producing the tricks seen in this edit.

    So what’s the story with that lady?

    We were playing on this little pad, when this woman in a biohazard uniform came around squirting syrup all over the scene. It’s the most interesting spanish skate stopper attempt i’ve seen yet. The spot was a sticky mess on arrival, maybe from past success, or probably failure of shoeing away us who find a different use of this object worth fighting over. I thank her for actually assisting me in getting the clip, which was made possible with that little extra slip.

    -Dustin Werbeski

    Powerhouse Studios: powerhouse.theconference.org

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  5. Don't worry Hipsters, i love you, but not all that glitters is triangles.

    The editing is a little rough along with some of the mograph stuff, but in essence, this was really just a test of the ramp focus abilities on my new camera and to see what I could make if I only had an hour to do it.

    AE / Canon T2i kit lens
    Song: Au Revoir Simone - Tell Me Clock Opera Remix

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autistic reference


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