1. I began my piece with a simple melody that became my main melody.  I used almost all of the instruments that we were allowed to use because I wanted a piece with many different instruments and sounds.  I added to my piece by just trying out different notes.  I made some random rhythms/harmonies and picked the ones that I liked.  My piece is called Different Winds because I have a few different sections that sound totally different.  The hardest part about composing my piece was adding dynamics.  My favorite part about composing was trying out different types of notes like pizzicato and staccato.

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  2. When I first started composing I started with my chords.  These chords turned out to be my second part of my song or the A section which gets repeated through out the whole song in different ways.  When I finished with my chords I made a melody.  This is the first melody that is heard in the song and it is repeated at the end in the development section.  The title of my piece is Melodica because it is very melodic and flows.  The hardest part of making this piece was making the original chord progression because whatever I made I knew would have to be the theme of the whole piece. 

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  3. When I was composing my piece I used chord progressions to help me. I also had to have background and a main melody. My piece's main melody is the clarinet, although the main melody changes sometimes throughout my piece. My piece also has fast notes. But the background has some half notes. A challenge I had composing my piece, was what I needed to do next. Like when I was composing my piece I couldn't think of what I needed to do for my A, B, and C section. I have learned a lot this year. Like Chord progressions, main melodies and background melodies.

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  4. In my piece I began with a small melody that I hated and deleted the whole thing. Then I restarted, and added new harmonies to a line of melody in one instrument. I wanted the melody to start and end with pizzicato which is when the stringed instruments strum the strings. But I realized that to have a very successful piece there would have to be balanced sound and texture from each of the instruments. From some feedback that I got I wanted the piece to be a string quartet playing my piece, but by the time I made all of my changes I realized that there had to be more instruments than just strings. 

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  5.  This is the 4th piece I have composed, this one, unlike the others was not a sequence of random notes that sounded good together-it had an idea at the beginning and an idea at the end.  With these two ideas I was able to 'fill in the blanks' and feel that I actually composed my piece-and it wasn't just the arrow keys-it was me.  It wasn't a game of what sounded best or what would look best, it was what I wanted it to be.  I began writing my piece with an entirely different idea.  I ended up restarting my piece half way through the assignment.  It was in the process of my erasing my piece when I started to absentmindedly click the mouse on the laptop.  Thus came my new idea.  I wanted the melody to be dark-and rebellious.  I wanted to build tension as I went through the piece and to do so-I have few moments when a few instruments will play first, and then I will bring all of them to play at once.  Once again, my song is about another store.  The store this time is not The Big Gay Ice cream shop, it is Exit 9 , located on 51 Ave A.  This is another one of my favorite stores.  You can find anything from wacky toys to sophisticated handbags and wallets inside of this store.  I wanted the melody to be somewhat of the feeling from when you enter the store.  For example-it's a normal day and then you walk into the store and it is EXTREEMLY exciting.  The challenge that I faced while I was composing this piece was I hated my old idea.  From the start I had the title-but my first idea for my composition was not fitting or working for the title.  This piece is dedicated to Exit 9 Gift Emporium (located on 51 Ave A-10009-NY, NY-212-228-0145)

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Workshop 6


Concert from June 2012

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