L:ED  ( Laboratory for Experiments in Digital)

  1. Phygitalide est une nouvelle approche de la digitalisation de l’espace.

    Phygitalide, c’est une chrysalide où le physique et le digital se rencontrent. Cette chrysalide se matérialise par une scène qui suit les mouvements des utilisateurs (participants à un événement, performers, etc.) pour générer des visuels. La nature des déplacements, ainsi que les sons, permettent de faire évoluer les couleurs ou les formes, de faire apparaître de nouveaux éléments graphiques (des éléments abstraits ou concrets, des mots...), de déclencher des effets audiovisuels…Aussi, cette installation transforme l’espace de façon à ce qu’il réagisse à la présence des corps. Ceux-ci deviennent alors autant de surfaces sensibles qui contrôlent l’environnement. Ces corps augmentés deviennent des instruments interactifs, sur lesquels va s’effectuer toute l’évolution audiovisuelle de l’espace.

    Cette installation va à rebours des perceptions négatives communément répandues sur les espaces digitalisés qui envahiraient nos vies, isoleraient les gens ou contrôleraient le monde. La nouveauté fait peur et le “tout digital” peut légitimement inquiéter. Toutefois, cette installation veut rappeler que le numérique est avant tout une technologie qui recèle également un immense potentiel onirique. Phygitalide vise ainsi à sublimer un espace digitalisé en matérialisant les mouvements physiques de façon sensible, vivante et poétique.

    Installations ludiques, performances artistiques, shows, animations… Phygitalide s’adapte à tous les contextes !

    Plus ici : ledigitalab.com/fr/portfolio-item/phygitalide/

    Musique : Frankum

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  2. Video of a dance performed by Mackenzie Fagras using L:EDigitalab digitalized stage : "Phygitalide".
    This dance was performed during the premiere of "Phygitalide" (or in plain english Phygitalide), an installation created during a residency at the Laboratory in Spokane (USA).
    The public restitution of "Phygitalis" took place the 17 th august 2017, at the Saranac Art Project of Spokane.

    Filming by Deirdre O'Toole and L:EDigitalab
    Concept, scenography and creative code : L:EDigitalab
    Dancer: Mackenzie Fagras
    Music : Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix) - Nina Simone

    Phygitalis is a Chrysalis where the Physical and the Digital realms merge. This stage space tracks the movements of its performers and generate visuals from them. For this show, Phygitalis has used the movements of tango to immerge its dancers into a new digitally augmented world. Then, a contemporary dance has been performed. To finish, the audience has been invited to play with the installation during an "open stage".
    Watch the video here : youtube.com/watch?v=fbEi3QJ9jQk&t=67s

    When we say it was a premiere, we could not use a more accurate word. We started working on that device from scratch three weeks before the show, when we came to participate in the Laboratory’s summer residency. We were new to most of those technologies. It’s the first time we worked with the Internet of Things. The laboratory residency gave us the possibility and all the help we needed to learn and experiment. Eventually it already enables us to think forward to several new art and entertainment devices, installations, performances and shows. Indeed, Phygitalis is not intended to work only with dance : our goal is to design a platform to help all professionals involved in performing arts working together. We hope our device allow choreographers, composers and visual artists to work together and create new pieces of performing arts in a totally collaborative way.

    This work made possible in part by funding from Spokane Arts' SAGA program.

    Special thanks to Alan Chatham.


    Phygitalide is a new approach to the digitization of space.
    This creation goes against the negative perceptions of digitization and moreover digitized places. Digital tools are said to invade our lives, isolate people and control the world around us without us realizing. Novelty rightly scares people who can feel concerned about “over digitization”.

    This installation aims to remind that digital is only a technology after all and which also has a great oneiric potential. Thus, Phygitalide sublimates its digitized space by materializing the movements of its performer in a sensitive, vivid and poetic way. To do so, this installation transforms the space in such a way that it reacts to the presence of the bodies. They become sensitive surfaces that control their environment. These augmented bodies become interactive instruments which shape the audiovisual evolution of the space they temporarily inhabit.

    More here : ledigitalab.com

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  3. A synesthetic experiment : generative patterns evolving with sound.

    Music : "Hanna" movie soundtrack, by the Chemical Brothers

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  4. "Datasmog", a performance by L:ED : l-experiments-digital.com/portfolio-item/datasmog/

    With :
    Music : Exomène (exomene.com/)
    Performer: Elena Ramos (elena-contorsionniste.com/)
    Visuals: Dorianne Wotton (dorianne-wotton.com)
    Filmed at the 6B
    Lately, human beings seemed to reach the maximum amount of information they can process, their attention constantly drained by advertisement, social networks or e-mail notifications. Because of this information overload, mankind seems on the verge of a massive cognitive dissonance : too much information leads to overchoice, too much sollicitations leads to continuous partial attention which both leads to poor choices or analysis paralysis.
    But on the other hand, it seems that people are already evolving to integrate these constant datastreams into their lives: nomophobia, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) are signs that our brains are reconfiguring to filter this data glut with a poor signal to noise ratio into something valuable.
    Datasmog aims to illustrate this current change by depicting the immersivity of nowadays digital practices by, on the one hand, drowning a living being into digital streams of images and sounds, and, on the other hand showing the permanence of the immersed self and the way it reacts and integrates that streams. To do so, Datasmog is blending together several techniques like contorsionism, contact juggling, live visuals and live music into a new kind of performance. Datasmog, using music and VJing to represent datastreams and contorsionism to represent the inner self, shows how a human being necessarily evolves to take into account its surroundings now including digital and data streams. Contorsionism represents the plasticity required to apprehend the information as well as the tensions born by the gigantism of the data streams.
    At the very heart of L:ED’s approach lies the will of making bridges between artistic practices through digitization to illustrate mankind on the edge of both physical and digital realms. After having successfully explored the dynamics between dance (Side by side) or performing arts (Digital Primitive) with digital arts, L:ED proposes a new show by now including fine arts to its audiovisual performances.

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  5. Edited video of the performance "Matilda", during the restitution of an artistic residency at Le 6B (France).
    Matilda" is a digital lullaby in the form of a multidisciplinary generative performance. Matilda is a piece in 4 parts about the awakening to consciousness, the developpement of the personnality, its individuation and ultimately the keeping of sanity.
    Matilda mixes corporality, visuals and sounds to elaborate a complete performance, where dream and reality intersect, where the personality gradually embodies itself to reach its full potential. But, confronted to the outside, will Matilda's personality stay consistent, sound and safe? The piece is immersive so the viewer can give vent to his imagination and bring his own interpretation to the creation.
    Music and soundscape : Exomène
    Visuals and stage design : Dorianne Wotton
    Dance : Sophie Blet

    Matilda arrives at the world, she discovers herself and then meets the otherness. Body, image, sound, dream and reality intersect when Matilda gradually emerges from the limbo to face the world. Will she emerge victorious from her conquest of existence?

    Sound experiments, visual explorations, interactive and generative projections, scenographic research ... Matilda is an immersive and holographic work in four parts which successively tackles self-awareness, development of personality, individuation and finally the conservation of mental health. The bodily, visual and sound elements are mixed to create a performance, where dream and reality intersect, where individual personality is incarnated progressively until its climax.
    The construction of the personality of Matilda is done in the meeting of choreography and scenography. The visual representation of Matilda's dream and memories is based on the transparency and the repetition of the images thanks to a succession of translucent screens distributed over the whole stage space on which the performance, treated visually in real time, is reprojected. Besides the oneiric dimension, this system also allows to play on the perspectives and the effect of depth by a distortion of the projections.

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L:ED ( Laboratory for Experiments in Digital)

Dorianne Wotton Plus

L:ED is the Laboratory for Experiments in Digital, co-founded by the picture slayer Dorianne Wotton and the soundsmith Exomène.

Along with their own works, the two partners Dorianne Wotton and Exomène are collaborating since 2004 .Their work extends…

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L:ED is the Laboratory for Experiments in Digital, co-founded by the picture slayer Dorianne Wotton and the soundsmith Exomène.

Along with their own works, the two partners Dorianne Wotton and Exomène are collaborating since 2004 .Their work extends to the areas of photo, music, video, digital arts and multimedia performance.
Their more recent works are « Synæsizer » (digital art installation), « Glitch-O-matic » (digital art installation) and « X-Peri-Mental » (audiovisual live act), "Side by Side" (augmented performance), "Mirage" and "Echoes" (interactive installation).

The members of L:ED are all artists (video, audio, photo, music, illustration, dance, theater, ...) who have hybridized their practices with digital. But we have also been and remain professional in the fields of communication and digital marketing (consultants, designers, developers, ergonomists, project managers, business analysts ...). We are artists with both feet on the ground : your needs and requirements are key elements for us. Therefore, your goals are always at the heart of the digital creations we realise for you and we know instinctively how to insert them within your overall communication.

Finally, in our vision of digital art, it takes more thant a computer to make a work digital. The digital still have unsuspected depths we want to explore with you.


We turn your digital experience wishes into reality by designing and realising your projects with you or by proposing ready to use installations.

For all your events both professional (trade fairs, conventions, seminars ...) or festive (parties, festivals, entertainment ...) we create with you the means to make your brand, your product or yourself shine in the digital age. Digital workshops, interactive installations, immersive video mapping, digital shows and performances, vjing, motion design… we do everything it takes to reach our mutual goal : make people remember you.

From design to implementation, we take care of your project at each step.

- We conceptualize a digital experience within its environment

-We realise this digital artwork, produce its contents and develop the interactions

-We implement and set it up in the chosen environment

Website : l-experiments-digital.com/

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