1. This is from the January 01, 2013 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut! I did accidentally stop the recording when switching presenters, but there was only one more new feature (Drag and Drop) that I was going to go over for the recording.

    The Forum thread with the questions for this Webinar can be found here:
    forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29732/january-1st-webinar-over-what-questions-or-topics-do-you-have - New Make the Cut 4.3X version being used.

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:01:40 Bryan demos taking a “print and cut” raster jpeg image into MTC using pixel trace. He demonstrates several different methods. 1st method shown is regular pixel trace and texturing path.

    00:07:25 Bryan demos 2nd method when you get too much detail and using the eraser tool to remove portions

    00:11:25 Bryan demos 3rd method using Node Editing with the pencil and Bezier tool

    00:13:00 Bryan explains 4th option would be to take image to a PNG file with a transparent background and an alpha channel by taking it into an outside graphics program like Gimp, Inkscape, Illustrator, etc.

    00:15:00 Bryan demos 5th method by bringing full image with pixel trace and then using that to draw the outline of the shape needed by “tracing” it using the pencil or the Bezier Tool

    Note: While working with images you may find it necessary to turn on or off the High Resolution of the Image. In MTC 4.3.X the high resolution is off by default. To change go to the menu Help ---Advanced---Advanced Settings and turn “off” the image caching to get High Resolution on or turn back off and return to low resolution (check mark means image caching is on, no check mark means off.)

    00:22:06 Bryan reviews creating score lines for the image used above

    00:30:40 Working with and manipulating layers (also see MTC Webinars from 12/11/12 @ timestamp 01:14:55 and 12/18/12 at timestamp 00:52:18)

    00:45:05 Exporting an Image with layers to an SVG or other file type for use outside of MTC

    00:48:05 “Print and Cut” of a Design on the Front and Back side of paper. Bryan explains two ways to try and do this as well as some caveats to trying this.

    01:02:20 Bryan reviews the new feature of selecting one single shape in the trace window when you have multiple images on the screen (hold down the control key, left click and then drag selection box around image to trace; do the selection BEFORE doing anything else)

    01:08:38 Bryan reviews doing a pixel trace from your scanner without scanning and saving the image to a file on your computer 1st

    01:11:48 Dealing with watermarks when doing a pixel trace of an image

    01:14:30 Scanning, pixel tracing, and then printing – image should be the same size as the original unless you scale it or change the size in some way

    01:18:50 Shadowing feature was changed in MTC 4.3.X – Bryan explains how to inset a shadow with the new version (Note: if using a negative number and get an error “parameters produce no shadow layer data” means you are trying to use a number that is too large and will not work, this is not a bug or problem with MTC) (Also see Andy’s explanation and demo of new Shadowing Feature in 12/18/12 Webinar at beginning)

    01:26:05 Bryan reviews issue when adding lines that “touch” even though not created that way or may be even put on separate layers, Bryan explains why it happens and how to work around it (see also 9/11/12 Webinar @ timestamp 01:36:02 where this similar issue was discussed)

    01:39:00 Julie gives a demo on tracing in a box from a PDF file that wouldn’t come in cleanly as seen in this thread: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29764/heart-box-template-and-instructions#latest

    01:45:18 Julie reviews her tutorial on using Basic Shapes in MTC to create other objects and shapes (see also this thread by Quailridge who followed Julie’s demo and tutorial: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29949/made-using-basic-shapes#latest)

    02:04:00 You can now shadow (for the most part) an open path

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  2. This is from the December 18, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!
    The forum thread with questions for this Webinar can be found here:

    NOTE: BETA OF MTC 4.3.+ was released and the first part of this Webinar is Andy covering the new features and changes made in this release. For full details of the changes and things covered see this thread (including additional changes made after this Webinar): forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29466

    00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:38 Shadow changes: MTC 4.3.0 allows you to specify a precise shadow width in inches, cm, or mm. The Miter feature allows the user to set a limit on the sizes of the corners to eliminate huge spikes in the shadow.
    07:33 Texture Snapshot: This tool removes all of the layers, and produces a single design as a textured shape with a single cutting line around the selected shapes.
    10:07 Textured SVG Export: SVG files are now exported and imported with color and textures.
    14:30 Fix for the problem caused by a Microsoft Windows security update that interfered with OPF fonts showing in MTC.
    15:39 Gallery Downloads: Selected designs from the Gallery open on the virtual mat with File name automatically without first having to name and save the file. SVG files import from the Gallery with Color and with layers.
    20:12 Rotate Textures: When a design on the virtual mat includes a texture fill, you can now rotate them by right clicking on the image, select Change Color/Texture/Line, Select Texture or type Ctrl+Shift+O to open the Choose Texture window. Check the box to Rotate the associated path at the bottom of the window.
    21:54 Rotate by Setting: You can now rotate in increments other than 15 degrees. In the Help menu under Advanced > Advanced Settings, see the Rotate By section in the lower right corner of the window.
    24:06 Selective Tracing: Select a part of a design to trace. Open or paste the image you wish to trace. Hold the Ctrl Key, then click and drag to select the portion of the design you wish to trace. Should you wish to change your selection, use Ctrl + click to remove the selective tracing.
    27:17 Raster PDF Import: If the PDF file you are trying to import does not include any vector images, no images will show up in the preview window. There is now a message at the bottom of the window to click for the option to trace the image. The software finds the image, and opens the Pixel Trace window for you to select your desired trace settings.
    29:07 Multiple Font Import: You can now select and import multiple fonts at the same time (similar to how you can import many different SVG files at the same time).
    31:05 Edge Align: Select all. From the Edit menu, select Align and Space, Align, and Edge Left, Edge Right, Edge Top or Edge Bottom to align one shape to the selected edge of another. The shortcut for the Align options is Ctrl+Right Click.
    35:21 Optimizations and bug fixes: Bezier node tool now creates neutralized lines after they are drawn. Pixel Trace Scaling: When sliding the scale in the pixel trace dialog, the size shows up dynamically as your are scaling.
    39:10 Discussion of the App cleaner for Mac users only.
    41:10 Win 7 and Win 8, no uninstall is necessary
    41:54 Shadow feature is accessed by using the Shadow Layer icon, (Ctrl+H), or from the Shape Magic menu.
    43:00 Projects with Multiple Pages: Right click on page tab and select Make Visible to be able to view the page contents when on another page.
    45:18 Rotate Image with color or texture fill.: Select, right click, select change color/texture/Line, and select Texture to access the Texture window.
    47:05 Rotate by increments reviewed again.
    48:23 Cameo plugin for Mac is not ready yet. Cameo requires specialized drivers. None of the plugins have been updated yet. Try using the File>Print option to cut to the Cameo to see if it will work from the Mac.
    52:43 Bryan demonstrates Layering, lock and unlocking layers, and center points.
    54:30 Ordering pieces on the same layer.
    01:02:33 Review Texture Snapshot feature.
    01:09:43 Texture vs. plain image
    01:18:44 Discussion on line thickness.
    01:40:00 Printing part of a design as a texture, and cutting part of the design.
    01:44:00 Design using Conical Warp not cutting correctly because selection of the complete design has portions off of the mat.
    01:52:13 Resizing images with Texture fill: Hold down the shift key, and drag a corner of the design to resize. In the Choose Texture window, you can scale with the slide bar to scale images and lines.
    01:55:25 Plugin update plans: There are no plugin updates with this software update. There is no option to pause a Zing during cutting except to turn off the power, which can be done safely. This will not likely change, since the cutting information is already sent to the cutter, and the machine has no pause button on it. The Zing cutter buffer is 25 mb, the largest available. Eclips plugin is not available yet.

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  3. This is from the December 11, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

    The forum thread with questions for this Webinar can be found here: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29272/december-11th-webinar-over-what-questions-or-topics-do-you-have

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:01:00 Bryan shows how to pixel trace a jpeg file in order to create a “paper piecing” using a Kermit the Frog letter A as discussed in this thread: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29256/getting-started-with-layers-and-need-help

    00:23:15 Bryan explains “resizing” and “moving” an image on the mat; how to check to see if layers are “locked”; How to take the Kermit Letter A image from above and make it into a “print and cut”; Rotating or changing the shape of an image with texture (note: this was recorded before the changes made in MTC 4.3.3 Beta release later in the week); print and cut alignment and methods to help in getting the best cuts and whether or not it matters if you are in landscape or portrait

    00:48:40 Bryan discusses using node editing to widen a narrow area on an image (also see Webinars from 9/13/11 for MTC release of 4.0 features where Andy demonstrated in detail using the node editing tools introduced in MTC 4.0)

    01:05:19 MTC “File Viewer” only works with MTC files thumbnails. Does not work with other file types like SVG files (You can find SVG file viewers to download, some are free some cost $. Also see timestamps @ 01:10:52 and 01:33:25)

    01:09:12 Zip Files don’t work with MTC File Viewer either but Bryan shows how to see the images using the “preview pane”

    01:10:52 Does it matter which SVG File Viewer you use? No (note that some won’t work with Windows XP – see time stamp @ 01:33:25)

    01:14:55 Bryan reviews using layers in MTC, how they work and why you might want to use them (Also see the 12/18/12 Webinar at time stamp 00:52:18)

    01:33:25 Follow-up on SVG File Viewer XP Not supported with Viewer Bryan suggested

    01:36:30 Bryan shows two places to find the “color menu” for coloring an image

    01:39:30 Issue using the eraser tool – sometimes it distorts the image – Bryan demonstrates the issue and explains some ways to help reduce that problem by turning off auto simplify welds before using the eraser tool

    01:44:48 Files in the MTC Gallery labeled for use with MTC 4.3 are for testing purposes – MTC 4.3.+ was not yet available at time of this recording but is now)
    01:48:00 Julie gives a demo on taking holly leaves and wrapping them around a circle so that they don’t overlap or look lopsided

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  4. This is from the December 04, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

    You can find the forum thread with questions for this Webinar here: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29095/december-4th-webinar-what-questions-or-topics-do-you-have

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:00:45 Bryan demos how to make a simple “gift box” with a separate top and bottom to the box (based on dimensions provided by user in Question Thread)

    00:33:30 contrast mat does not use more computer resources then other virtual mat choices in MTC

    00:35:54 User was using MTC 4.0.4 on her Mac and had multiple instants of the same font showing in her font listing. This is a problem that has been fixed. MTC 4.1.0 or higher should not have this problem (see also timestamp 00:44:10)

    00:38:30 Bryan addresses a User’s question regarding how the Silhouette Software handled embedded raster images and whether or not MTC could do the same. (Short answer no, it is on the list of improvements that is being worked on).

    00:44:10 Returns to question regarding problem with multiple listings of the same font showing up in the Mac version of MTC. Fixed in 4.1.0 version

    00:45:20 User wanted to know what the official release of the Mac version of MTC under Wine is and updating it. (Presently it is 4.1.1, you could do a manual update but Andy is suppose to be upgrading the DMG release to contain 4.2.0 at some point)

    00:46:31 User wanted to kow how to cut around a drawing when the blade and pen’s center point is different diameters (does not apply to silhouette machines)

    00:51:00 User has new plotter that he is having trouble connecting and communicating with MTC. Bryan provides things to check in order to troubleshoot and check including trying plug-ins released for other cutters

    00:59:00 Bryan discusses that if your cutter is not one presently listed as supported by MTC and it doesn’t work with other cutter plug-ins, you can try to use via a “print driver”

    01:01:10 Bryan explains how to limit the undo/redo in MTC 4.2.0

    01:02:10 Bryan explains setting the number of “auto saves” in MTC 4.2.0

    01:03:38 Viewing MTC Thumbnails (note this is a separate program download from MTC its self and requires Windows Vista or higher, does not work with XP – Bryan and Andy explain why)
    01:06:45 User asked about having a 1 key click for a “repeat last cut” option. Bryan reviews how you can presently do a “repeat last cut” with short cut keys

    01:10:20 Susan (SusanBlueRobot) demos how to create a “pop-up word card with the words “Merry Christmas” using a “shelf” pop-up mechanism. (See also MTC forum thread here: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29198/platform-pop-up-card-as-demoed-on-4th5th-december-2012-mtc-webinar#latest and Susan’s Blog post here: susanbluerobot.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/platform-pop-up-card-as-demoed-on.html

    01:30:40 End of Susan’s Demo

    01:30:45 User wanted to know how Susan toggled between MTC mat and the picture windows she used to show her card

    01:32:55 Bryan demos how to cut a shape out of an actual photo using MTC (user wanted to cut an oval out of a 4x6 photo)

    01:51:00 User wanted to know how to delete the “background” from a photo (note: this is best done outside of MTC in a photo editing program)

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  5. This is from the November 27, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut!

    The thread for the initial questions covered in this Webinar can be found on the MTC forum here: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/28866/november-27th-webinar-what-questions-or-topics-do-you-have

    00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks

    00:01:07 User wanted to know if she could cut StampinUp Glimmer Sheets on her KNK Zing; Bryan referred to this thread by SandyMcC on the MTC Forum: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/28885/knk-zing-settings-during-the-season-of-bling

    00:04:37 User wanted to know how to do a pixel trace on a .jpeg without getting the “white line” or box outline on the image. Sample image was provided in Webinar thread. (See also original thread on image here: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/28922/white-line-around-image)

    (NOTE: Bryan noted the large size of this file and suggested that you want to use 4.2.0 to handle large graphic files such as this one. If can’t upgrade to 4.2.0, then he suggested reducing the file size if at all possible with an outside image editing software program by resizing and then bringing it into MTC.)

    00:27:00 User wanted to know if there was a way to delete files shared on the forum. At time of this Webinar answer was no. HOWEVER, Please note: this has now been fixed and you can delete files you have shared on the forum. Please see this thread by Andy: forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/29065/mtc-forum-fixed-attachement-editing

    00:28:15 User had a question on why “dashed lines” from another file type not importing into MTC as a dashed line. Bryan explains why this might happen and how to fix it.)

    00:35:37 Request to show how to make a “box” with MTC. Bryan noted he was not going to review how to create a “box” in MTC in this Webinar. He noted the “type” of box impacts how to make it. He also noted that several past Webinars have covered making different types of boxes. Finally, he is waiting to see if Rob at ScrappyDew is going to create a tutorial on box making based on thread request on the forum.

    00:37:30 Bryan reviews the various functions, buttons, and options in the “Layers Property Box”

    01:04:05 User asked Bryan to explain difference between “Texture” and “Bitmap” for a “Print and Cut”. Bryan explains they are the same thing and reviews the “texture” feature.

    01:10:37 Bryan demonstrates using MTC to create your own digital paper

    01:12:30 Bryan demonstrates another method to rotate images with textures (See also SandyMcC’s method and Video link Bryan refers to in the Webinar here: forum.make-thecut.com/discussion/comment/340456/#Comment_340456)

    01:38:47 Bryan explains how to setup the number of “Undos” – he explains how to do in MTC 4.1.1 and below and then how to do in MTC 4.2.0 and above

    01:41:00 User had couple of questions on using ECraft with MTC; Trying to “print and cut” – not easily done – no laser alignment or optical eye, hinge method or “cut and print” method only options and neither provide good results; 2nd question was problem with ECraft stopping in the middle of a cut

    01:51:36 Bryan reviews how to set MTC and virtual mat default settings so that MTC always opens with those settings

    01:53:50 How to delete a custom mat you have created

    01:55:27 How to bring in a WPC file into MTC; Bryan refers user to see Julie’s written tutorial, “V1.05_WPC_SCUT2ToPDF_MUTC.pdf,” found in the MTC_Tuts Yaho group found here: groups.yahoo.com/group/MTC_Tuts/files/06_File%20Conversion%20Techniques/ (Basically you export out of the WPC program as an EPS file and then import the EPS file into MTC)

    01:57:00 User wanted to know how to make round Christmas Ornaments. Bryan suggested checking prior Webinars where this has been discussed. He showed how to find the “timelines” for each Webinar in order to find particular topic of discussion. He also discusses how to find images that are good to use.

    02:03:30 Bryan shows how to figure out rectangle size for cone shape based on numbers provided by a user

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