1. 1-3 05-24-2009 raw Islam World Domination Pt. 2

    The raw footage of this weeks Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Mid-East Bible Prophecy Update by J.D. Farag. This is part 2 of what looks to be a three part Update teaching, which JD dedicated to our sister in Christ, Lynnette, who succumbed to cancer and went home to be with the Lord. JD looks at Islam and it's desire for World domination and how it fits in with Bible Prophecy.

    Muslim Imam Israel Middle East Bible Prophecy Iran Russia Iraq Tribulation Rapture Second Coming Jesus God Truth Life Death War Peace Heaven Hell Eternity Justice Judgement Armageddon End Times Last Days Eschatology

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  2. Glad News Muslim Friend God Loves You

    A video of a teaching by Samy Tanagho at one of our first ever Mid Week Bible Studies on Thursday nights here at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe. Samy teacher and author of the book :Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend" teaches about Jesus the goodness of God and His love for all peoples including Muslim. Talking about his book and the need of Muslims to that God does Love them and they don't have to do anything to earn that Love, but He wants them to just come to Him and have a relationship with Him thru the only Way (the Truth & the Light) Jesus the Christ which God Himself has made for us! He also admonishes Christians to spread the good news, share the love and eveangelize, particular those here in the United States of America, where we spend 50 Billion dollars per year to re-evangelize (or innoculate against the Gospel?) Paople who have already heard of God's great Love for them as revealed in Jesus the Christ!

    God Loves Muslim Friend Middle East Bible Prophecy Update Evangelism Truth Jesus Heaven Paradise End Times Last Days Rapture Armageddon Tribulation Jewish Judaism Christianity Islam Persia Russia Iran Iraq Turkey Jerusalem Salvation

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  3. Mid-East Bible Prophecy: Libya in Bible Prophecy

    Our weekly Middle East Bible Prophecy update. This week we talk about the last days and what the Bible has foretold about Americas role in the End Times events. It also looks at the current fall of our morals and influence & power as well as our dollars slide in the global markets. This teaching, along with all of JD's weekly Mid-East Bible Prophecy Updates, was originally presented & recorded on Sunday morning before our regular Sunday chapter by chapter & verse by verse Bible teaching. This one was recorded on April 20th of the year of our Lord 2008. These Teachings are also seen on Olelo & heard on KLHT radio 1040 AM or at http://www.klght.org or they are downloadable in there entirety from our web site.

    Ethiopia, and Libya, and Lydia, and all the mingled people, and Chub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword.
    (Ezekiel 30:5 KJV)

    Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
    (Ezekiel 38:5 KJV)

    Mid-East Bible Prophecy Last Days End Times Armageddon Israel Palestine Libya Beast Tribulation Judgement

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  5. Prophecy teaching Frank T for JD (in Israel) Frank's 4 teachings on the end times Bible prophecy "evidence that demands a verdict" for Bible prophecy of end times. Decide for yourself, is the time now? Calvary Chapel Kaneohe 11/30/08AD

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Aloha Bible Prophecy

Aloha Bible Prophecy

Our Pastor/teacher of most of these videos/teachings/ studies, on Mid-East Bible Prophecy, is an Arab, was born in Beirut, Lebanon & is the 1st born son of a "palestinian" & an Egyptian. He moved to the U.S. around the age of 1. He is an outspoken Christian…

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Our Pastor/teacher of most of these videos/teachings/ studies, on Mid-East Bible Prophecy, is an Arab, was born in Beirut, Lebanon & is the 1st born son of a "palestinian" & an Egyptian. He moved to the U.S. around the age of 1. He is an outspoken Christian & is pro Israel (as you'll see. The COMPLETE, audio (MP3) versions of these teachings are available for free download from our website (see the link below) or by contacting us. Many of the videos are also broadcast on Olelo (our local cable stations) http://www.olelo.org. Many of the audio teachings are broadcast on our Radio show "In Spirit & Truth" which is broadcast on KLHT 1040AM & http://www.klight.org Monday thru Friday at 12:00 Noon & Saturday at 10:30AM.

This Channel "alohabibleprophecy" is an outreach. It's intent is to reveal the Truth. To draw people to the Truth. The Truth of God as revealed directly to mankind thru the book God wrote to mankind (the Holy Bible) as well as the Truth of who God is as He showed Himself to be when He came down among us in Human form (i.e. the bodily form of His Son, the Jewish Messiah, Jesus (Yashua - in hebrew means God's salvation, or salvation of God, or even God is salvation). So come on in & learn the Truth that will set you free. Just so you know up front.

I'm a Christian trying to spread the Truth of God, His Son Jesus & His Holy Word the Bible. We believe that one of the best proofs for the existence of God is the prophetic foretelling of future events before they occur in His Holy Word. God Himself states that this is proof that He is God and challenges any & all pretenders to His throne to offer there own prophecy which will come true, as proof of their claims in the Bible in Isaiah 44:7 & 45:21, etc. It is also the means God has given for telling if a so called "prophet" truly speaks for Him or not, i.e., if His prediction truly do come to pass. Here is a prophecy from the Bible which is being fullfilled today, which you may be able to verify just by looking into your own heart (no chance of revisionist history or different interrutations there eh?) if you are honest, or maybe look around you. Keep in mind this seemed unlikely at the time this was written, I included the whole chapter below, I dare you to try the last 2 sentence and see if it is true READ - 2 Timothy 3:1-17
More prophecy which has come true:
Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, 53, 61; Psalm 22; 2 Peter 3; Daniel 2, 9:25-26
and many many more.
Personally, I spent most of my life as an atheist & agnostic after having been brainwashed by our countries "education" system into believing the lie that God does not exist & we are too "rational" to believe in such "fairy tales". It was actually a prophetic dream or vision in which God showed me what would shortly come to pass in my own future which led me to realize He did really exist & inspired me to begin study and seeking the truth of the real reality that is based in Him and His Creation of the entire universe & matter & energy & time (matter requires energy & time, as the particles move & so need space to move in & time in which to do it) out of nothing at all by merely speaking a command to bring them into existence. I now am dedicating my life to trying to live for Jesus, God's son & my personal Lord & Saviour & to do everything in my power (and with His enabling, as only He can transform the heart & life & open blind eyes and raise the spiritually dead (or worse demonically oppressed) to try to help others to see the Truth of the Reality of God, & the soon return of His Son Jesus the Christ to bring judgement to the world. Please put your trust in Him & give Him your Life wholly, completely, sincerely & honestly, today, before it is too late. So please keep have a little faith & keep an open mindand remember - Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
(Matthew 7:7-8 KJV)

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